23.07% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 10: Dark Forest part 5. Wait what happened after we teleport-ed?

Chapter 10: Dark Forest part 5. Wait what happened after we teleport-ed?

Gray fell from the ceiling. He landed in a vat of pink goo or so he thought. It was the remnants of some type of shards. Egg shells to be exact. He landed in the nesting area of a Pokemon.

'Where the hell am I now? Ori where am I ?' Gray asked as he spits up the gunk he swallowed. "Oi Ori answer me dammit. Damn little creature left me." Gray looked around trying to find heads or tails of where he was.

Behind him, a silhouette turned into that of a little person.

"Mister you broke an egg. You are in trouble." A childish voice said.

Gray looked over to the side. He saw a little girl with short hair. The strange thing about the child, her eyes looked hollow. The clothes she wore was quite old looking. Especially by today standards.

"Eh, it was an accident. Don't you think it will be ok?" Gray said as he climbed out of the eggs. Cleaning his self off he made his way over to where the little girl was. "So how do I get out of here? For the better part where am I? What is this place? Who are you?"

"Hehe, you ask a lot of questions mister. I don't think it will be ok. There aren't that many of those left. You get out of here by going that way. This is Viridian Forest silly. This is Levanny'es nest. I am Illia, Illia Juniper." Illia said brightly. The girl started to dance around a bit.

"Ok settle down. I have no idea why you are here. But it looks like you know what you are doing. 'Gotts remember kids do all kinds of stuff in Pokemon. Nothing weird about this.' Ending his thought Gray took a look at himself.

He noticed all his gear was gone. His Pokewatch didn't work for some reason. His backpack was gone. For some strange reason, his Expokeball didn't work.

'What the hell is with this place. I need to get out of her this place is starting to give me the creeps.' Gray broke from his thoughts. "Ok Illia, the name is Gray, Gray Saint. I am out of here." He said as he made his way to the first exit.

"Bye, bye Gray. If you see my sister tell her where I am." Illia waved. "Her name is Aurea."

"Will do. Bye." Gray continued on his way. 'I really don't like this at all. I better speed up. This forest keeps messing with me. I don't think I will ever come back here. I wonder why no blue bubbles have popped up.'

An hour or two later he came across a search party. He ran up to them as soon as he could. Sliding down the small hill he couldn't believe his luck to come across normal people. Noticing the old clothes he stopped a good distance away. What are the chances of him running into another group of bad trainers?

"Hey, can you tell me where the nearest town is?" Gray asked while rubbing his head. "I seem to have gotten lost."

"Viridian Town is back that way." One of the men pointed. "Before you leave have you seen this girl around anywhere?" The man then put a picture in front of Gray.

In the picture there where two older men. At the bottom there where five little girls. A blue haired girl that was dressed like Officer Jenny, a pink haired girl that looks like a Nurse Joy. A red-brown hair girl that he couldn't tell who. But the other two looked familiar. One was Illia. The other he guessed to be Aurea.

Pointing Gray answered at the man. "Yeah, this girl I have seen. She was in the nest. I think she called it a Levannys nest or something. That was a few hours ago."

The man grabbed his walkie talkie. Speaking into it he said very urgently. "Everyone she was spotted at the Levanny's nest. Get there as soon as possible." The man then looked at Gray. "Can you show us exactly where this was. Please, we have to get to her soon."

"Uggh yeah sure," Gray said as he leads the group uphill. 'This better not be one of those she is dying thing. I will be super pissed.'

"Thank you very much, young man." The man said.

'What the fuck is happening. First, that Pokemon goes inside my chest. Then it teleports me. It then leaves me without any help at all. I think I should retire already. I have gotten in more trouble in the last few days than my entire life back home.' Gray was lost in his thoughts as he arrived back in the nest. He led the group straight to the eggs.

"She was around here somewhere. I fell from up there into those eggs." Gray said as he pointed at the eggs and the hole in the ceiling.

"Are you sure about that? The eggs are fine." One of the search party said. "You couldn't have landed here?"

"Could have sworn I did," Gray said shrugging his shoulders. He looked around trying to find something. Noticing it, he pointed towards the area he saw the girl. "Here this is where I saw Illia."

"Huh, Illia. We aren't looking for her." The man from before walked up to Gray.

"What the heck? Then who are you looking for? That's the girl I saw earlier. But here eyes were all weird looking." Gray said as he sat down. He started to feel extremely fatigued.

"We are looking for Aurea. This girl." He said pointing to the other girl in the picture. "Why would Illia be here?" The man face immediately became ashen. "Don't tell me she went to search for her sister? Damn it!" The man grabbed his walkie talkie and started to rush everyone.

"Mayday I repeat! Mayday! Illia is in the forest as well. Please, everyone, search harder.

"Ok what the hell is going on here?" Gray asked as even he started to get worried. 'Great not some kid on an adventure. Actual trouble. Lucky me.'

The man in front of Gray tensed up. "The twins Illia and Aurea have high aura abilities. Legendary Pokemon call to them for help. Their father brought them here to Viridian town to get away from the trouble of the city. The girls started to get stressed out from all the people asking questions. With the stress building up they started to get sick. Especially Aurea."

"Well, let's see what we can do to help find them," Gray said as he and the man ran in a direction. The rest of the search party went in different directions. "Tell me more about the girls."

"Aura users are so rare. With there being twins the community went crazy. Then the problems that showed up." The man said shaking his head. "If the girls don't use their power they get sick. If they use it too much they get tired. It gets worst when there emotions get out of control. It has been troublesome, to say the least, to keep them safe while giving them a childhood as well."

Gray started to use his aura power to help find the twins. "Ah, shit I have found their location. They are not alone and one of them is injured we should hurry."

"You're an aura user? Who are you?" The man asked.

"Not important. Saving them is more important right?" Gray said as he expanded his power.

Both arrived on the scene too late. One of the girls was unconscious bleeding. A group of green Pokemon floated around them. The girl who was awake kept clinging to her sister crying.

"Stop the search party. We found them. One casualty." The man said over the walkie. As he walked over to them.

"I'm sorry! Come back don't leave me!" As expected the child was losing control of her aura.

"We are sorry but she will not make it. You should let her come with us." The green little Pokemon said as she floated around the girl.

"Wait she needs to go with us. We will take her and give her a proper burial. It is a lot better than letting her go with you weird little Pokemon." Gray said as he reached for the unconsciousness girl.

"Don't touch my sister!" The girl said as she hit Gray with a large Aura Blast. Gray pushed his aura to its maximum effect hoping it would stop the incoming force.

It did not. The child's power tore right through his own.

Gray body flew into the wall. The Green little Pokemon eyes started to glow. As they leered at Gray.

"You do not belong here! Return now!" They all said in one voice.

Back in the present.

Next thing Grey knew he was in front of Professor Juniper+ Levanny. Time went slowly as he felt himself just riding in his own body.

(You are not to tell her about me.)

'Well fine then. Tell me why later. Why the hell did you teleport me here? Especially with this damn monster. Explain to me what happened and now. I can't remember after I broke apart into pieces on this side. I remeber what I did on that side.'

'We were ambushed after the teleportation. I miscalculated your strength and type. The psychic connection I felt was between you and the one called Empress. I thought it odd you did not share the same aspects of the other gender.' Mew transmitted.

'Wait what was that last part?' Gray asked as he started to tear Sabrina free.

'I thought you were a female. But I was incorrect. After I resided in you, I learned of my mistake. Your Poke soul seems quite.. different. What is it?' Mew asked. She was quite curious.

'Um, I have no idea. I haven't finished going over the manual to use it. Any suggestions.?' Gray thought to her.

'At this time no. It is best you leave. This place is dangerous. I will show you, all that transpired up to our capture when there is time.' Mew transmitted. From her tone, things were quite serious.

"Sabrina, can you help me with this stuff? The faster we get this done, the better. You can't have given up already?" Gray asked her, Between the dream or whatever it was he started to hate Viridian forest more and more.

"I am exhausted fool. I have been searching for Mew and dodging all the crazy Rangers." Sabrina said slightly upset.

"Rip" Sabrina was completely free now. A little worse for wear but ok.

Looking at her she looked quite intimidating. A fairly tall woman. Her hair was cropped and a dark black. The noticeable thing about it was the pink streak down it. She had a weird battle attire on. Black combat boots, black gloves and a whip on her side. Her top, mini skirt, and stockings were crimson red.

"Woah that is not what you were wearing the other day. How the hell do you get anything done in that? What do you count on people getting distracted from your get up?" Gray asked as he stared. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Shut up you little creep! This is all I have left of my clothes! I didn't want to dress like this!" Sabrina said a little angry. Her cheeks had a small tint of red to them.

"Right...ok. Time to go like yesterday," Gray said as went he to go grab Tricia. He didn't bother looking back. This was Sabrina she could handle her self. But Tricia she needed full medical attention.

Gray ran down a hallway and just kept moving. Mew continued to give directions through the connection.

'Go there. Jump in that lake. It should help her and revitalize you.' Mew said.

Without a second thought, Gray dived in. He could feel his strength returning. But also something else enter as well.

"So Sabrina are you ready to get out of here? I know I am." Gray asked.

"We can't leave without everyone else. I haven't a clue how you knew about this place," Sabrina said waving around in the pool of water. "But we have to go help the others."

"Oh my God, why? Can't we just leave this cursed place?" Gray grumbled.

"Because its the right thing to do. Trust me I would rather leave to. I have lost Pokemon and have watched people die. I haven't found a Mew, but some kind of crazy pyscho stuff going on. I wanna go home and just rest and bury my Pokemon inside Lavender tower. But I can't just leave the other people. So after we recover. We go and help them. Deal?" Sabrina looked to Gray with a serious expression.

"Fine, fine. Just stop pouting already!" Gray said as he checked over Tricia. Never in his life did he wish he was smarter than what he was now. 'A doctor would be able to see what's wrong with you.'

"So who is the girl that you couldn't leave behind?" Sabrina asked as she swam over to them. "You were in a hurry to leave but didn't leave her? Sibling or Girlfriend." Sabrina asked slightly curious.

"Someone who saved both me and my Pokemon's life. A friend." Gray said as he relaxed trying to recover.

"I wish I had a friend like that.' Sabrina said quietly as she floated to the other side.

'I was mistaken the one called Sabrina may be able to help. I will continue to watch her.' Mew said.

FrozenTide FrozenTide

Sorry for the late update. Had to write this chapter up after I reread the last one. Didn't realize a whole paragraph was missing. This chapter was made to fix that one.

Anyway, the dark forest took way longer than it should have. I have to do at least 3 more chapters to tie it togethor correctly.

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  • tomaz


    FrozenTide. Thanks for the chapter. And Post more Chapters, Please.

  • Deal_With_It


    What's MCs full name? I think the last name changed at some point Really enjoying the story

  • WolfLord


    What the hell going on he's jumping around the last couple of chapters Origin teleported the mc to Jennifer I think which we missed the first half of the conversation then he somehow escapes finds the Ranger that helped him before he fuses her with her Pokemon runs back gets captured rescues another Pokemon trainer end-of-chapter and then suddenly he's in another Forest goes around there not questioning anything gets hit with Aurora blast and gets back with the psychic trainer this is very disjointed it's like he copied and pasted from the somewhere else and forgot certain parts. If this continues I'm just going to drop it story should go beginning middle and end and if it's going to time jump and flashback and then go back to the present it all needs to be clearly stated in the narrative so people can actually follow what's going on

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