32.69% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 15: That night.

Chapter 15: That night.

"You are a terrible patient young lady." A nurse Joy said as she grabbed Tricia and lifted her up onto a gurney. "You can talk to your friends later, Now it's time for your shots and second checkup."

"Ehh, I don't want to I am fine. Gray, Sis, help me!" Tricia said as the Chansey wheeled her to the back.

"Bye, bye have fun," Gray said. Looking around and not seeing anyone else he asked an officer where a decent sized Hotel would be.

"There is one right outside the PokeCenter. Usually, Trainer who need extra room go there. Aren't you the young man named gray?" The officer asked at the end.

"Huh Yes, I am. Why?"

"Professor Juniper left this for you. Also here is your bag. Thank you for your help with the incident." The officer said. Leaning in he whispered, "be careful, heard Lance is looking for you. He's raising a big ruckus about something or another. Professor Juniper and Sabrina told me to pass it on."

"Right. Thanks, officer." Gray said shaking his hand.

Getting that information Gray made a quick walkthrough of the Poke center looking for anyone he might know. Marc and Christian where nowhere to be found. Even Sabrina had disappeared. Gray left his contact info at the desk for Tricia and left.

After the parting at the PokeCenter, Gray looked around the town right quick. Finding the hotel near by, he went in and booked a room. Arriving in the room he was about to release the Pokes but decided to wait. Sitting on the bed he started to go through what could be left in the bag. Marking off the personal effects he separated it into a pile to return. Keeping the Pokeballs, medicine, berries, and TM's. Around seven that night he had finished.

He started to make food for the Poke's. After releasing them he noticed Empress was upset. The others were somewhat happy. He glared at the Growlithe, which in turn caused it to look away.

'You almost died ya know!' Empress transmitted. 'Are you that stupid? Why didn't you run away? Why did you keep me in the ball?! I could have helped!'

Before Gray could respond his Abra had teleported into him. She had head-butted him right in the chest knocking him down.

"Kuff!, Damn that hurt. You have a hard head for a baby." Gray said looking up. Seeing Abra on top of him crying unnerved him a little too much. "Calm down ok." He said stroking her head. "I was already dead beforehand. I was just brought back to life afterward before fighting that corrupted Celebi. I am very stupid yup. Running was not a real option at that point. The exball would have protected you. The Expokeball would have kept you safe."

'That doesn't explain why you didn't let me help!' Empress transmitted angry. A few of the items started to float in the room. Her psychic powers had risen a great deal in the forest.

"Because you are a baby that's why. I may be a heartless bastard but I was not about to send my baby Pokémon against that thing." Gray said sternly but softly as he stroked her head. "I even made sure Pyron didn't get into a real battle with it only providing support."

'Not fair.' Empress said pouting. 'If you don't train me more I will be stuck as a baby longer. If I battle I get to grow faster!' Wiggling her tail around showing her excite me to fight.

"Ok. I will train you tomorrow well. I will train everyone tomorrow actually." Gray said looking around the room. "Ok, I need you to go deliver this to the Poke center."

Releasing Empress to drop the rest of the goods off. Gray conversed with the other Pokémon and set up a resting place for them.

Looking at the Scythor he hesitated. "Ah before I forget would you rather stay with us or return to the forest?" Gray asked as he looked at her backchecking on her wound from before.

'I will stay with you. Your group is interesting, to say the least. I don't mind helping you train the others. However, I would rather relax more. Will that be a problem?' Scyther said.

"Hmm no. Having you as a straight training type Pokemon won't be too bad at all. Welcome to the team assistant coach." Gray said as he sent out his hand for a shake.

Scyther stretched out its blade and shook lightly.

Reaching back over to the bag he grabbed some broken pieces of rock.

"This is never meltice. It will strengthen your body and help keep you cool. I have ground some up into bits and mixed it with your food. These pieces are too big to grind right now." Gray said handing them over. I figure the cool feeling should help with easing any discomfort you may have.

Gray moved over to Pyron and set up a basket with firestone pieces underneath coal. It wasn't lit mind you. Just enough to give a warm nest.

Around 8 he had a visitor outside at the window... Going out to the balcony he was somewhat surprised to see Sabrina.

"So what's up?" Gray said tightening his robe some.

"Can we talk for a moment?" Sabrina asked as she hovered over the balcony. Gesturing for her to come down Gray walked inside. He sat down by the table and looked at her to ask her questions.

"I will get straight to it. Are you apart of Team Rocket?"

"No, I am not."

"How about team Aqua/Magma?"

"I am not a part of any of those organizations. Nor am I a part of any new ones that may have popped up recently." Gray said as he leaned in the chair. "Is that all?"

"That is the important stuff. What are your plans for the future?" Sabrina asked after taking a slight breath.

"I will continue to do the Gym Leader challenge. Raise my Pokémon and live my life." Gray said as he looked her up and down. 'Why are you so nervous? Could it be someone put you up to this? Then again you are one of the most powerful psychic in the world. It would be stupid for them to try anything.'

"Which Gym are you headed to next?" Sabrina asked staring intently.

"Pewter I think. Then I do not know after that. Will spend most of my time training my Poke Soul and Fusion." Gray said not looking away. "I hate guessing games so if you have something to say you better say it."

"Will you do something for me?" Sabrina asked as she walked to the balcony.

"Depends on what it is.

"Stay safe. People to trust are rare for those who went to the otherworld."

"Hmm, the same could be said about you. You look like you are in trouble. If you need help give me a ring. Oh, can you help me with some psychic training? I can offer a little aura training in return." Gray said as he stood up walking to the balcony as well. "There is no reason not to stay in touch. Unless you want to keep this strictly business?"

Reaching his watch hand out, Gray tried to exchange info with Sabrina.

"Let's keep this strictly business," Sabrina said as she turned around smacking his hand away. Turning back she jumped over the balcony and teleported away.

"How mean. Hehe. Such a prima donna." Gray chuckled as he returned inside closing the glass doors as he did. When Sabrina made contact with his hand she opened a Psychic link.

'To think you are watching that heavily. You shouldn't put up with that. Well, that is my response anyway.' Gray transmitted.

'You have a point. But it is not like I can help it. To keep my status I had to maintain certain obligations. If there was a better way I would do it.' Sabrina transmitted back.

'Why not give this lifestyle up. Travel as a Trainer is being a Gym Leader that great? Let that Fighting

Gym in the city take completely over. No need to contest it anymore. Shit, take the Ace Trainer challenge. I am pretty sure you qualify. You also wouldn't have to answer to League champions, Ex league champions, Gym Leaders, or even certain officials.' Gray transmitted.

While he waited for her response he checked on his Pokémon.

Empress was curled up on the bed on a pillow. Snoozing and muttering something. She had grown to the size of a four-year-old. She weighed the same still. She now walked on two's unsteadily. After a few tries earlier she decided to just go back to being carried by Gray.

Pyron was sleeping on the floor in a basket full of coal and pieces of broken up firestones fragments.

He had now buried himself completely in the basket.

The Growlithe had slept near Pyron. It did its best to avoid Gray's gaze. It slept peacefully without a care in the world.

Scyther had opted to rest inside her Pokeball. She claimed it calmed her a lot more than the room did.

"I need more Pokémon. A balanced team will help out. But then again I can raise the ones I have to a higher level. Things for later." Gray said as he checked his Poke gear for messages. Misty still hadn't replied back yet. "Hopefully she is ok. Time for some shut eye for myself. Tomorrow I will stop at the Hospital and check on the others. Then it's back to my own tasks."

As he started to doze off Gray felt a pulse on his mind.

'If I join the Ace Trainer challenge.. are you ok with me being a rival. The Ace League will not tolerate its Trainers being soft on each other for competitions.' Sabrina transmitted somewhat hesitantly.

'Not a problem! I will do my best to crush you!' Gray transmitted chuckling. 'Anyway, you should get to bed yourself. To much stress is bad for a woman at your age.'

'I am 25! You jackass!' Sabrina transmitted somewhat angrily.

'Eh? Say what?' Gray asked puzzled.

'What do you mean Eh? I was transported during the cataclysm. For a signal day or so not remembering jack when I came back. How do you think I feel not remembering ten years of my life? I was told I didn't age a day. Bastards like poking and prodding me even more so!' Sabrina transmitted.

'Ah, didn't know. Calm down geez. Yelling won't change anything.' Gray transmitted. 'Next time we meet tell me about it.'

'Huff, your right getting angry won't fix anything. Are you serious about not knowing what happened?' Sabrina transmitted.

'Uh huh, I know a little myself from what another Trainer told me. But that is a conversation for another time I am getting sleepy.' Gray transmitted. 'I have used too much energy I am going to bed now.'

As soon as Gray nodded off a bit he was awakened by a new presence. Opening his eyes he saw Ori floating above him.

'So creepy. What is it now Ori?' Gray transmitted using his aura with a little psychic energy. "Guess I can use this time to train.'

'Nothing too important. However, thank you for helping my friend and the other Pokémon. I just stop by to say that. Also to ask about the one called Sabrina. Do you think I should reside in her soul while I recover?' Ori asked.

'Eh, I don't see a real reason why not. She is the strongest Psychic I know of. Plus you should be able to help her I think. Why ask me though?' Gray transmitted as he leaned back against the headboard.

'Because I have rested inside your soul for a bit. It is really comfy by the way. Extremely spacious which is rare. 'Ori said as she floated around the room. She stopped at each of the Pokémon for a moment. Returning she sat at the end of the bed. 'Your Pokémon are all healthy and cleansed you study more as a breeder and as a Pokémon doctor. It will help in the future.'

"Eh..right. That requires smarts. I am from the working class you may need to pick someone else Gray transmitted as he rubbed his chin. 'Good luck with Sabrina though. If you don't pick her then.. that is unfortunate.'

Standing up Ori reached her tail out touching Gray on the forehead. 'You will do fine. Your psychic abilities will take the place of raw intelligence. It will work a little like your aura abilities giving you instinctual understanding. Don't fail me, I seldom choose wrong.'

Ori then disappeared.

'Eh… alright then.' Gray blinked then noticed a bubble appeared.

(Blessing Of Ori?? Received.)

(Base stats have increased.)

(New Profession Unlocked Pokémon Doctor.)

(Empress has absorbed the blessing of Ori??. Increase in body stature. Mutation taking place.)

(Scyther has absorbed the blessing of Ori??. Change in body stature. Mutation taking place.)

'Crap might as well go through this and assigned all my points. Need to do the Pokémon as well.' Gray thought to himself.

Page 1. Trainer/Breeder Level 5 Gender Male Health 48


Hit Points 6/6/12

Attack 6/5/11

Defense 6/3/9

Special Attack 6/1/7

Special Defense 6/1/7

Speed 6/4/10

Aura 6/10/16

Breeding 9/2/11

Physic 3/1/3

Pokémon Doctor 2/2/4

Points 0/25 Bonus 0/10 Total 0/35

Page 2. Moves:

Melee Aura 2-12 + Attack + Aura

Range Aura 2-8 + Special Attack + Aura

Aura Defense 5-10 + defense + Aura

Aura Barrier 2-8 + Special defense + Aura

Physic Melee 2-12 + Attack + Physic

Physic Range 2-8 + Special Attack + Physic

Physic Defense 4-16 + Defense + Physic

Physic Barrier 1-8 + Special Defense + Physic

Page 3. Poke Soul Rank: Intermediate

Level 5 Health

Hit Points 15/6/21

Attack 12/5/17

Defense 10/3/13

Special Attack 13/1/14

Special Defense 11/1/12

Speed 13/4/17

Base Points 0/4 Bonus N/A Total 0/4

Page 2. Moves

Hurricane Dmg 13-40

Razor Wind Dmg 12-36

Taunt Effect: Enrages the target.

Roost Effect: Restores half of Health

Scary Face Effect: Opponent movements slow down.

Page 3.1 ability

Dark Aura: Chance of dealing increased damage.

Cruelty: Chance of dealing 5 damage on an attack.

Pressure: Enemy is suppressed.

Telepathy: Allows communication with allies.

'So the points I gain in my Pokesoul goes to its base. The second bracket itself is the points I spend on myself as a Trainer. The third bracket is the added value. The Pokesoul uses its own base value with the combination of my applied value. Glad it's not the other way around.' Gray thought to himself as he flipped through the pages. Looking at the Pokémon values he sighed.

"Ah," sorry Empress. You are right. Your stats won't get better till I train you more."

Page 1. Abra Level 8 Gender Female Health 42

Hit Points 4/4/8

Attack 3/0/3

Defense 3/1/4 Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Special Attack* 12/2/14

Special Defense* 7/3/10

Speed* 10/2/12

Points 0/7 Bonus 0/5 Total 0/12

Page 2. Moves

Teleport: Moves x distance based off physic power.

Head-butt: Dmg 12-22

Page 1. Pyron Level 17 Health 45

Hit Points 4/2/6

Attack* 5/2/7

Defense* 4/5/9

Special Attack 4/1/5

Special Defense 4/2/6

Speed* 6/7/13

Points 0/16 Bonus 0/3 Total 0/19

Page 2. Moves

Tackle Damage 9-16+ Attack Range Close in 5-30feet

Fire Whirlwind Damage 3-18 + Special Attack Range 30 feet by 30 feet

Gust Damage 7-14 + Special Attack Range 5-30

Quick Attack Damage 7-14 + Attack + Speed Range Close in 5-30feet

Page 1.Scyther Level 23 Health 69

Hit Points 8/4/12

Attack* 12/4/16

Defense 9/4/13

Special Attack 7/2/9

Special Defense* 9/4/13

Speed* 12/4/16

Points 0/22 Bonus 0/0 Total 0/22

Page 2. Moves

Quick Attack - Dmg 7-14

Focus Energy - Increase the likelihood of crit.

Pursuit - Dmg 7-14 If an opponent is retreating 12-26

False Swipe - Dmg 7-14 cannot reduce a character lower than 1.

Agility- Increase Speed by 2 up to five stages.

Icy Wind- Dmg 10-20

Ice Beam- Dmg 12-30

Growlithe Level?? Health ???

'This Pokémon is starting to be a pain in the rear end.' Gray thought. Closing his poke gear he turn over and went to bed.

In the room, most of the Pokémon had awakened and were lost in their thoughts.

Empress kept muttering how strong she will be. No one will threaten her trainer or her family again.

Unknown to her Ori's energy had increased her mental fortitude. This caused her maturity to accelerate as well as control of her physic power to become easier to control.

Scyther had released herself from the Pokeball and moved to the balcony. She curled up and basked in the moonlight. Underneath it, she began to glow and mutate. Her scythes retreated into her forearm giving her bendable claws. It mimicked the makeup of a human but made of chitin like a bug.

On the side of the forearm, a one-inch gap appeared that could release the blades again. The legs took on a more human appearance and shrunk a little. Another set of cicada wings appeared under the others.

Growlithe looked around at the two Pokémon in fascination. 'Was I wrong about this human? Only time will tell in the future.' He thought to himself as he moved closer to the Pidgey in the basket. 'This one is growing in strength. It has a strong connection than that Abra. But why is that?'

After awhile Growlithe went back to sleep.

Over at Celadon City. Sabrina was talking to League officials.

"Are you sure about this? There is no turning back once you start!" An older man said.

"I am sure. I don't want to be a traveling Gym Leader or a regular Gym Leader anymore. If I stay like this I will never be able to change my ways." Sabrina said as she turned in her Gym Leader belongings. As well as a recorder. "This is all the information I was able to gather on Gray. Take it. Tell Lance get someone else to do his dirty work next time."

"I am sorry Sabrina. But things have changed while you were away." The old man said with his head lowered. "What will you do know?"

"I am taking the Ace Trainer challenge. Thinks to a friends advice I know even more so it's the only real option for me." Sabrina said as she teleported away.

"Did you hear that?" The old man said looking to where Sabrina teleported away.

On the desk, in front of him, a speaker came on.

"We heard it all. It is a pity. But your granddaughter has done enough for the League. What she does now is up to her. Are you ok with handing over the Gym back to the Martial artist?" the voice said.

"No, I am not. But I have a proposal. Let them take the role for the normal League challenge. We will turn into the Ace gym leader challenge." The old man said.

"That... I will let them know. You are a very doting Grandparent you know that? But it should pass with no troubles. I will have my Grandson deliver her Ace trainer I. Making him do it will solve a lot of trouble." The voice said.

"Thank you. I can always count on you, Sam." The old man said.

"Um. No problem. But tell her to be careful. Lance is a die-hard league activist. He might cause trouble if this isn't handled correctly." Sam said. Over on his side, he was looking over Professor Juniper and her sister. 'This is astounding. I wish I could get the results faster.'

FrozenTide FrozenTide

Made the chapter a little longer happy reading. Finally free from work for the next two days yay!

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    The Celebi is inside professor juniper little sister. I havent found a way to really write how people are born with poke souls or acquire then yet

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