33.33% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 16: Morning talks

Chapter 16: Morning talks

The next morning Gray was awakened by a nudge to his face.

"Wake up. If you don't get up I am going to fling you out of the bed." It was Empress poking his face.

"You should let him sleep, dudette," Pyron said circling the room.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Empress said haughtily.

"Are you still mad he didn't let you during that battle?" Scyther said walking into the room from the balcony. "He did it to protect you. You know that. Stop taking it out on Pyron."

"Grr why you. You know what…whatever." Empress said as she started floating. "I am gonna mediate." Closing her eyes she did just that. Within a few moments, she stopped. "Hey, why do you look so different?" Looking at her with one eye cocked to the side she was surprised at the changes. "Where did this power come from?"

"I do not know. But it is easy to move around so nothing really different to me." Scyther said flexing her fingers. "I should be able to fight differently in the future now but no matter. This new form is just a means to an end. The good news, it all feels natural. So I am fine with it."

"That is good." Growlithe said standing up. He had observed their interactions the entire time. "You were blessed by an ancient Pokémon." Shaking his head he continues, "As for why she did It.. it was due to your Trainer over there. She did it as thanks for his help."

"Well, that isn't fair dood. Why not me too. I don't feel any different. How about you?" Pyron said flapping his wings in indignation.

"She did not bless us. Most likely due to differences in our physiology. I wouldn't worry about it too much. The boost she would give you wouldn't help at all. Once weak always weak." Growlithe said as if it was a matter of fact.

Empress cocked her head at that. She felt angry from hearing him say it. 'Who does he think he is? Our Trainer caught him. So he is definitely special!'

"What did you say?! Say that again you coward!" Pyron yelled. Little fire streaks generated under his wings. I was in the midst of that battle. All I saw you do was spit a little fire here and there."

"You heard me, weakling." The Growlithe said as he stared at him like he was a fool. "No matter how many blessings you get you will always be weak."

Before Pyron could launch an attack they were both separated by a dark mass of energy. The balcony door slid open as well.

Empress was quite angry.

'I hope she isn't going to do what I think she is doing.' Scyther thought to herself. She was just about to intervene but Empress beat her to it.

"Stop now!" Empress said commandingly. "That fire from your wings will cause the alarms to go off. Calm down and sit. As for you…" Looking over with her eyes glowing darkly she flicked her wrist at the Growlithe flinging him outside. Flying over the balcony. "You left my Trainer by himself in a terrible situation. Pyron is right you are a coward."

"Awrro. You will pay for thisss!" Growlithe yelled before he couldn't be heard anymore.

The sounds of a splash could be heard outside.

"Hmpph g..ood rid.. ance." Empress managed to say before passing out on the bed. A physic ripple that she set up with they started talking fell.

"Is she ok dood?" Pyron asked landing on the bed.

"She will be fine. Just tired. She used too much energy too soon." Scyther said looking at Pyron.

"Don't let what he said get you down. Training will help you become stronger trust me. I use to be really weak at one point."

"What did who say?" Gray asked sitting up. "What are you all up to?"

"Aaaww. Why am I so sleepy?" Stretching and flexing his fingers Gray stopped when he saw the look of his Pokémon.

"What the heck happened to her? What happen to you? Pyron why are you upset?" looking upset a little Gray picked up Empress and gave her a once over. "Seriously answer my questions!" A bubble popped up.

(Empress is extremely fatigued. Provide nourishing food for the mind.)

"How did she get like this?"

(Overuse of Physic/Dark energy.)

Getting up and going to his bag Gray reached in and pulled out some medicine. "This will have to do till later." Prying her little mouth open he poured little drops inside. Enveloping her in his aura he felt some of the pain leave Empress and go into him. This gave him a little headache.

After three minutes of this Gray relaxed.

"To answer your questions. Our state was caused by a visitor you had last night. That is what the Growlithe said. That same Pokémon had called Pyron weak and that he would always be so. This, in turn, angered Empress that she used her powers on him." Scyther said casually.

Gray caught the look in her eyes.

"Where is he now?" Gray asked looking around the room. Not finding him he was slightly worried. 'I guess it doesn't count as me failing him if I didn't cause his demise.'

"He was flung out the window. I do believe he is ok. There was a splash of water down there. If he is able to swim everything should be ok."

"Wow." Gray stood up shocked. He went over to console Pyron. "Don't listen to that nonsense. Remember what I said in the forest. Me and you will be the best. I will train you hard enough you will crush legendries like they are tacos." Walking over to the balcony Gray looked down to see the Growlithe was sunbathing. He looked to be perfectly fine.

"See he is ok. Go out and do some exercises I will have food prepped later on ok?" Tossing Pyron into the air he watched as he took flight.

"No problem dood. I am gonna train hard and work up a big appetite."

Walking back inside Gray checked over his belongings and looked at Scyther as he sat down on the bed.

"So.. are you ok? This would be our first conversation in a non-stressful situation. Have the changes hurt you in any way?"

Scyther moved her body around. It feels perfectly fine. I do believe I can even revert to my previous self to store energy more. But I do enjoy this form. What are your thoughts?"

" If it doesn't hurt you.. do whatever. But I would like you to revert back for now at least till we go to the PokeCenter and get you checked out along with Empress here. Or is this usual?"

"It is usual. I am not the first of my kind to 'mutate' as your kind calls it. But I will go to the Pokémon center if you wish."

"If you are fine and this is usual I won't subject you to an unneeded checkup by someone. However, I will get Empress checked out I am still learning in my studies and I don't want to take chances. Let me know if you feel anything strange." Gray looked at Scyther and waited for an acknowledgment.

Receiving a nod he made a quick breakfast for them all.

After setting all the food up he went to take care of everyday things. Like a shower, brushing your teeth, and the relieving of self. He never noticed Scythor watched from the bed. Before getting inside Gray felt a pain in his chest.

He started to experience double vision as he fell onto his butt. The migraine from earlier got worst.

He could see a Trainer and a Pokémon traveling to across a group of Tauros. Whoever they were they couldn't get away from there pursuers. The pursuers had official League clothing on, but there was something off about them. In a moment the vision broke.

Focusing everything he could the image revealed to him who it was. He saw a new vision of Sabrina fixing some bath water. Her Espeon was floating in a smaller bath nearby.

'Is that Sabrina? She is the only physic Trainer I have linked with. But how am I able to see her?'

(Physic Synchro. Cause do to link with Empress.)

Sabrina looked into the air and sent a question through the link.

'How are you doing this?'

'Have no idea really. It may be due to my Abra. I was getting into the shower when I felt dizzy. Next thing I know I started to see you traveling this way.'

'Hold on a moment.' Sabrina paused. 'Ori has filled me in. I will head to your way soon. We have something to talk about.'

'Hold on let me tell you what I saw right quick.' Gray then transmitted the thoughts he saw moments before.

'That is interesting. There is a Tauros ranch nearby. I was fleeing from League officials you said? That is troubling.'

'That's what it looked like.' Gray stood up and sat on the toilet lid.

I will take care of it. I will do plan B then. We will talk soon. Ori said she can find you as long as your in New Kanto. Goodbye.' With that Sabrina disconnected the link.

'Wait a moment.. dammit.' Gray shook it off and made his way into the shower.

Scyther had watched everything unfold but had no idea what transpired. Looking away she stared back at Empress.

'This Pokémon is quite strange. She is different than Abra's I have come around. So is that Trainer. I suppose I should refer to him as that Trainer. He is My Trainer as well. This isn't so bad I suppose. I won't be forced to fight like in my old family. I just have to help take care of the others.' Looking at Empress sleep, Scyther couldn't help her thoughts that she was having. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

'She kept looking at the Trainer in the shower. 'Why does his form look so pleasing now? Before it looked so frail like most humans do. Then there was during the battle previously. He smelled and felt like a Pokémon. There was no human traces besides his speech. I wish he was a Pokémon right now. It felt more natural being around him then. Is this what it's like to be a captured Pokémon?'

'I can't ask Empress. From what I see she is a newborn. Pyron said he was asked to join. He battled and that was it. He captured me to save me and repay me for saving him earlier that day. I don't have the desire to battle him. What is this feeling? I will have to ask an older Pokémon. That Growlithe is out of the question.' Scyther continued to cast her gaze at Gray. She managed to look away to focus on Empress every now and then.

Pyron flew onto the balcony. In his talons was Growlithe. Growlithe was dropped uncermously onto his face as Pyron glided into the room. Walking over Pyron ate the food that was prepared for him.

"Grr… grow gro lithe."

Pyron just looked back at him. "Pid."

Before they could start to argue they both felt a small icey breeze pass over them. Scyther looked at them fiercely. The two shudder. Pyron went back to eating. Growlithe walker over to the other bowl and started eating.

"Chhrk." The shower was turned off and Gray dried himself off. Walking out he went through his bag and started to get dressed.

"Uggh. Abraa ab." Empress groaned as she sat up. Looking around her eyes fixed on gray she stared at his scar on his chest.

"Are you ok? Are you feeling better?" Gray asked softly. Noticing he didn't receive a response he activated his aura. Reaching out he rubbed Empress' head. 'Hey, everything is ok. Eat up some breakfast. We are going to the Pokemon center to get you checked out. After that, we will check on Tricia and train a little. Tomorrow we will head back on our journey.'

'Ok. I am ok. You are going to train me to right?" Empress asked as she looked into his eyes.

Feeling the intense gaze he gave her head an extra rub.

'I said I would and I meant it. Training for those who want it. But right now eat then a checkup.' Gray transmitted.

"Groo," his stomach growled.

"Guess I am hungry."

FrozenTide FrozenTide

Was longer but cut parts out. Working on the explanation for poke soul and poke fusion.

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