35.18% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 17: PokeSoul Poke Fusion short explanation

Chapter 17: PokeSoul Poke Fusion short explanation

Gray and his Pokemon made their way to the Pokecenter. Walking inside he greeted the nurse.

"Hello, I would like to get my Abra checked out. She pushed herself really hard this morning and want to make sure everything is ok." Gray said smiling. He placed Empress on the counter.

"No problem. Please wait in the lobby. It should only take an hour at most."

Gray walked away from the counter. Sitting in the lobby for a few minutes he was startled by a person in front of him.

"Hey! You are Gray right? My sister speaks about you a lot. What are you doing here? Are you here to talk to my sister?" The Trainer said.

"Ah, your Hilda right?"

"That is right. Pokemon Ranger extraordinaire." She struck a pose and looked for Gray's reaction. "Answer my questions will yah," Hilda said exasperatedly. 'Have I lost my touch. People at least become surprised at my poses.'

"Right... yeah I am Gray. Yeah, I am also here to visit your sister. Is she awake right now?" Gray stood up and offered her a handshake.

Grabbing tightly, Hilda start a conversation as they made their way to Tricia's room.

When they arrived in the room. Both of them were surprised. In the room was a much older man talking to Tricia.

"Hey, you old perv you better not be trying to take advantage of my sister," Hilda said marching towards the old man.

The old man turned around causing Tricia to stop in her tracks.

Tricia then put him into a bear hug.

"Uncle Sammy! Long time no see."

"It's good seeing you as well. Do put me down. I have gotten fragile in my old age." Sammy said. "Who are you calling a perv by the way missy?!"

"Hehee" Hilda laughed as she let him go. "What are you talking about I didn't say anything like that." She tried to feign ignorance to little effect.

"Uh huh. I am glad you two are ok. Your mother asked me to check on you both after the incident that happened. Care to tell me what happened in the forest." He stopped talking once he noticed Gray in the back. "Who might you be young man?" He asked smiling.

"Call me Gray. Nice to meet you, Professor Oak." Stepping forward he gave a firm handshake to the man. ' Fragile my ass! Your aura power is ridiculous. What the hell is this nonsense?'

Letting go, Gray took a more defensive posture. 'Super old people are dangerous here. Even Professor Oak is a monster.'

"Ah, the hero of Viridian. Good to meet you. I looked at your file just this morning. I am glad you survived. An Ace Trainer like yourself shows a lot of promise. I am glad you are part of my league."

"Wait.. did you say your League?"

"Yeah, Uncle Sammy and his friends founded the Ace League, and the elite Trainer trials and conditions," Tricia said pouting.

"Well hot damn. Thanks for the conditions. It makes it easier to move about."Gray said smiling.

"No problem. Most of the elite Trainers were complaining about having to pay. Glad you are one of the people not bothered by it. What are your current plans by the way?" Professor Oak said smiling. 'I am liking this young man more and more.'

"It is fun. Current plans are to get some badges. Plan on training my Pokemon for a while. That reminds me." Gray looked over to Tricia. "I will be leaving tomorrow evening. I am way behind on where I need to be."

Noticing her pout Gray walked over and placed his hand on her head. With a little pulse, he sent a small physic strand containing how happy he was she was ok.

"Eh.. stop.. what are you doing?" Tricia asked as her face became red like a tomato. 'Why is he doing this in front of my sister. Let alone Uncle Sammy.'

"It was better to just try to share my feelings about how worried I was. It is better than asking you considering how you are. Especially with you over here pouting. Are you not feeling well." Gray said with a sad smile. 'I am not gonna even try to figure out all the things that are going on with you right now.'

"I am fine. Give me some warning next time." Tricia said no longer pouting. 'At least he does care. I wish I could convince him to become a Pokemon Ranger.' Looking into Gray's eyes, she couldn't help but blush more. "When did your eyes change to that? They were a different color before."

"Side effect of the PokeSoul. Don't worry about it." Noticing her strange smile Gray continued. "If you don't, believe me, you could fuse with Luxray and we can continue where we left off."

"T..hat..that ..is ok. I trust you." Tricia stammered remembering what happened before. 'If it wasn't for the trouble in the forest... I wonder how far we would have gone. Then again giving in to my aura and Pokemon's demand is quite bad. I wish I had Manetric at the time. She is way more restrained like my sister.'

Pulling away, Gray felt she couldn't really talk like normal with everyone present. Especially with her sister and her uncle nearby.

"Anyway, seeing as you are having some family time right now, I will come back later." Looking at his watch Gray noticed he still had time before Empress would be done. "Just enough time to study actually. Later peeps."

Walking out to the door, Gray was stopped by Professor Oak.

"Wait! Hold on a minute young man. What are you studying?"

"I am studying PokeSoul and Fusion right now. As well as a few other things." Gray said walking out the door.

"Impatient young man isn't he. He could have stayed to chat. I wonder what he is studying besides that? Hehehe how exciting." Professor Oak said chuckling. "Oh fiddlesticks. I forgot to thank him for helping you two."

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. I am sure you will see him again." Hilda said. She moved over taking Tricia food and started to eat it.

"Oh, why do you say that." Professor Oak said.

"Because Tricia here has a crush on him that's why," Hilda said teasing her sister.

"Oh is that so?" Professor Oak mumbled with a gleam in his eye. 'I know just the thing to help him then. He looked over to Tricia to see her response.

"That is not true at all! He just helped me unlock my aura is all." She said while twiddling her thumbs. "I am not the one who likes him. Luxray does."

"Yeah, sure sis," Hilda said looking at her with a smirk.

"Wait your aura is unlocked.. let me see for a moment." Professor Oak said. He walked over grabbing her wrist.

'If he can unlock aura's he is definitely worth watching.'

'What an ancient aura. It is starting to settle down at least.' Professor Oak let her wrist go and observed her a little. 'I am glad the union wasn't solidified. The kid doesn't seem to bad. I will have to help him out considering the help he gave my niece. I know just the thing to give him.'

"Uncle Sammy is everything ok?" Tricia asked. She was slightly worried noticing her uncles face.

"Yes, everything is fine. Here send this to your friend." Professor Oak said. touching his Pokegear he sent a file over to Tricia.

Looking at the file Tricia was shocked. Hilda looked over and was surprised as well. Sending the file over Tricia hesitated for a moment before asking.

"Why? Was that a good idea?" She asked with a serious look on her face.

"I believe it was. You never know. He may come across a way to help in the future." Professor Oak said before sitting down.

"You still haven't given up on finding Gary. Uncle, it has been a very long time. Maybe... maybe we stop looking." Hilda said.

"Feel free to stop looking if you wish. Ash already has. But for me myself, I trust in Gary. He was a great up and coming Pokemon archaeologist. If anyone can return from that mystery dungeon, it will be him."

"You said Ash gave up. Are you sure?" Tricia asked.

"Yes. Both he and Serena are living a modest life in Pallet Town. You should stop by sometime. They just had another kid." Professor Oak turned to her smiling. "Considering how Misty had disappeared and returned 10 years later he is having trouble dealing right now. The good news though, the children are keeping him happy."

"Bring, bring." His pokegear went off.

"Ah, time sure does fly. I have another hour to spare. Let us talk about something else."

Back in the lobby with Gray. He received a message on his PokeGear.

"Huh. What does Tricia want? I just saw her." Gray tapped the message and watch as the info showed up in a bubble.

(The information contained is extremely broad. Highlighting keynotes. The scan is commencing to help understand. 3 days till finished.)

(A Pokesoul results when a human is blessed by a Legendary Pokemon. Or an extremely powerful Pokemon. A Pokemon with strong aura abilities can transfer its soul into a human to give birth to a Pokesoul.)

(The latter case is extremely rare. It requires high affinity between the two.)

(Legendary Pokemon tend to only bless those that they find worthy. Several families that have close ties to Pokemon through ceremonies, have a large increase in family members born with Pokesouls.)

(Trainer type and Pokemon type can cause all types of issues. Caution is recommended.)

"Well, that is interesting," Gray mumbled.

"Excuse me your Pokemon is ready." Nurse Joy said. She handed Empress over to Gray.

"Thank you very much. How much do I owe?"

"It has already been taken care of. Thank you again for helping all the others. Do have a nice day." Nurse Joy said with a smile. She then turned and walked away.

'How do you feel Empress?' Gray asked activating his physic abilities.

'I feel great. I am ready to train! Time to go!' Empress transmitted.

'Alright hold your horses. Let me finish reading this. Then we can go.'

'What is it? Is it important?' Empress then jumped around and looked at the Pokegear.

'Information on Pokesoul's and Pokefusion.'

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(There are studies to create artificial Pokesouls with disastrous effects.)

(It has finally stabilized after continuous trials and deaths. Every 6/10 injected participate now can survive with no problems. The other 4/10 just loss access to aura abilities.)

(PokeFusion is a lot easier. Trainers that have a deep connection with there partners are able to do it. Physiology and mental health help with easing the process.)

(It is recommended that no one with a weak heart/soul should attempt the process.)

(Fusion through different genders can cause abnormalities. Both dangerous for Pokemon and Trainer.)

(Only one Pokemon fuser has had no difficulties.)

'I wonder who that can be? What a gip it doesn't say.' Gray thought standing up. 'Let us go train. I can continue this later in the day. Time to get busy.'

'Yay! Training time!" Empress transmitted as she jumped around in his arms.

Walking out of town they headed to the cave right outside the way of the forest. Releasing his Pokemon Gray told them to get ready for there second marathon battling.

"Ok. This will be just like in the forest. Except without all the crazy stuff." Gray watched all their reactions.

The Growlithe turned around and went to sleep outside the cave. It didn't look like he was coming.

Pyron flew in the sky extra excited. He then landed on Gray's shoulder.

Empress was still being carried by him. The Scyther just followed behind slowly.

'I should probably catch a new Pokemon while I am here.' Gray thought as he went into the cave.

Outside the Growlithe started to sniff the air.

"Grr. What is this? This smells like my Pride." Growlithe turned his head side to side. "Aroo!"

Taking off in no time he came across a bunch of Eevee.

If Gray was here he would definitely recognize these pokemon. They were the same as the ones that he jumped in front of when he battled that Arcanine.

FrozenTide FrozenTide

Sorry for the late post. Happy reading.

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