42.3% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 20: Very well then.

Chapter 20: Very well then.

'Well great. Just great!' Standing up, Gray released Scyther and Pyron. He gave her orders first. 'Heal those Pokémon with those items. I will deal with this.' After seeing her node in consent he retracted his aura.

"Alright, Pyron. Use Fire Whirlwind on the runt. Get him out of my face."

"Pidge go to," no problem. Pyron rose into the air with the sun to his back. Tony looked up and was blinded just long enough to stop. Pyron sent down a blast of wind while flapping his wings. The flames smacked into the boy pushing him into the air carrying him way pass Jace into the trees.

"Waaaaa, hot hot hot." Tony screamed as he was blown away into the trees.

"Damn it, Tony! You always have to rush into things." Jace walked over to Houndoom and fed a black marble to him. Instantly Houndoom had a black miasma pour off it. The miasma quickly dissipated into the air. Right afterward a smog of aura energy appeared around Jace. As it wrapped around him his features changed and warped. The smog for all intent and purposes looked like a Grimer.

"Dark Poke Soul!" Jace gurgled out. Off to the side, his Pokemon raged and attacked.

"Aroooo." Houndoom howled. With a mighty jump, it went after Pyron in the air.

Pyron pulled back into the air a little and sent a Gust it's way. The Gust carried Houndoom who was already on his descent right into the ground.

"Bam!" A small crater formed around it. The Houndoom stood up with no issues. Staring into the air, it fired a purple Fire Blast out. The symbol of flames burned in the air intensely as it passed.

Pyron danced around the flames with relative ease. With each blast that went out, Pyron sent another gust of air down. Pyron would then descend close to the Houndoom and pull back into the air.

With each pullback, Houndoom would become angrier. The crazed look in its eyes would intensify as it let loose more Fire Blast attacks into the air.

"Pidge pid pi." To slow dood! Pyron taunted. The more attacks came his way the more confident he became.

"Well, that's just neat. Hehe, guess it's time to train still." Gray mused out loud. He figured if his opponent heard him maybe he would act a little careless. Removing his eyesight away from Pyron he focused his Physic energy on him instead. Gathering his aura energy he activated Pokesoul.

"PokeSoul!" A light engulfed Gray and disappeared right after. A blue bubble popped up in his peripheral.

Poke Soul Rank: Intermediate

Level 5 Health 78

Hit Points 15-6-21

Attack 12-5-17

Defense 10-3-13

Special Attack 13-1-14

Special Defense 11-1-12

Speed 13-4-17

Aura 6-10-16

Breeding 9-2-11

Physic 3-1-4

Pokémon doctor 2-2-4

Page 2. Moves

Hurricane Dmg 13-40

Razor Wind Dmg 12-36

Taunt Effect: Enrages the target.

Roost Effect: Restores half of Health

Scary Face Effect: Opponent movements slow down.

"Huff, huff, damn it. This was a bad idea." Gray could barely contain himself. The pain he felt was excruciating. Before he never noticed considering the situation he was in with the fighting. But now…he needed to reflect on how the process went last time.

His opponent was still covered in goo himself. Gray's process was faster. But the other looked easier. He didn't have to gather aura energy.

He did not give himself ample time to adjust to the process. Thinking to himself he remembered some things he may have forgotten. 'The notes said it would get easier the more I do it. But this is the second time and yet I feel really heavy. What did I miss?' Moving his hands and feet he remembered.

"The aura energy is sparser here. I am mostly using my own aura to feed into it now. But wait, I can feed on the dark energy nearby to help like last time.' Looking at the Eevee's Gray decided not to do that. 'Forget it. I can't cycle it back fast enough. Their condition doesn't look to stable.

"Hey, old Eevee. Just get your pup's out of here. I will deal with this guy." Not paying attention if the Trainer heard him or not Gray charged at him the moment he felt he had enough control of his body.

With each step he took a small indention appeared in the dirt. Unable to control the speed of his heavy body to well Gray flapped his wings to help him glide as he stepped.

'Aerial combat was so easy. Am I using too much strength? Damn it. Definitely going to have to finish reading the notes later.'

Pulling back his clawed hand he sent an Aura Punch right at Jace. Hopefully, he would still hit the face. But there was no telling with the goo still covering his face. Right as his blow came down the goo disappeared.

"It's not that easy!" Jace said. He split into multiple copies of himself.

"What the hell! The bastard used Double team." Gray exclaimed as his clawed hand went through the apparition. 'Easy fix for that.' Sending a quick message to his Pokemon above him, Gray braced himself. 'Pyron, use Fire Whirlwind on us both!' Gray immediately moved to the next apparition. After pulling a little more energy into himself, he felt a little better. The energy mostly came from the Houndoom. This caused the Houndoom to flinch and stagger a little.

Jace looked over to Houndoom and ordered in to keep fighting. "Don't stop Houndoom!" Before he could give it another order flames came from up above. "What the hell! When did he give that order?!" Gritting his teeth he hurriedly made his next move. "Let's see you get rid of all these." Panicking a little Jace had retreated back. The copies of himself lined up in a row.

"To get to me, you will have to go through them first." Standing triumphant it was short lived.

Gray had stopped attacking the fakes. With both clawed hands together he had brought them to the side of Houndoom's back. With the natural Pressure, he emitted Houndoom was to slow to react.

"Bam!" With a sickening smack Houndoom buckled. It turned to attack Gray who stood there and a let it bite him. As it bit onto him Gray siphon more energy from Houndoom. While he was sucking the energy away Houndoom started to regain its sanity. Its eyes dimmed as it passed out.

"Whew. That was painful. Time to deal with the Trainer now. Looking at Pyron keeping the kid busy, Gray stopped to check on the Eevee's. "Hey get out of here already." Seeing them still getting treatment, he activated his last two moves.

Charging over to strike, Gray used Revenge. The dark energy surrounded him as his blow struck out. Hitting Jace in the back he watched as he was sent flying into a tree.

"Vroom, vro." A vehicle could be heard from a distance. The kid from earlier came back on an Atv. A mechanical claw picked up Jace. The kid turned to Gray and flipped him the middle finger. "You haven't seen the last of us! You will pay for this!"

'Pyron! Uses Fire Whirlwind again. This time don't hold back!' Gray transmitted angrily. He was quite upset from the energy he had siphon from the Houndoom. Feeling a twinge in his chest Gray took a knee.

Pyron flew down and sent a strong Fire Whirlwind directly at the Duo on the Atv.

"Boom." The Atv blew up and flew into the trees. "You will be sorry!" The kid yelled as they disappeared behind the tree line.

"Huff..huff… running out of steam already. Huff, .. just enough to… Roost!" Right before the soul dispersed Gray restored himself with the rest of the energy. "Huff.. that was definitely not fun. Not fun at all." Looking to the air, he congratulated his Pokémon. 'Good job Pyron! Let's get going.'

'What about him dood?" Pyron asked. He had landed right next to the Houndoom. Staring down at it. Pyron still had a look of battle intent in its eyes.

"Huff.. we will drop it off at a Pokemon center. They will no what to do with it." Gray checked it over once before heading back to the Eevee. Scyther had done a decent job using its hands to administer the potion's and full heal/ The damage to the Pokemon were to sever to have been taken care of that easily.

"What the heck to do with you all?" Gray looked to the old Eevee.

'Do with us what you will Trainer. It matter's not.' The old Eevee thoughts were only for the pups behind him. 'Just treat us fairly.' Before Gray could respond a bubble appeared.

(Trainer's stats have improved. Physic base improved by 1. Pokemon Doctor base improved by one.)

(Objective complete. Send the Pokemon to the dungeon.)

Right as Gray finished reading the bubbles. A rift opened like before. On the other side was a grassy meadow. The knowledge of the dungeon flowed into Gray slowly. He looked to the Pokemon with a smile. The energy from the portal fed into Gray removing the discomfort further from his body.

"Go into the portal. It will take you somewhere safe for now. A chance to rest and recuperate and grow stronger."

'Thank you very much. Come pups lets go.' The older helped pick up the ones who could not move well. Even with the potions, they were still in pain. As the Pokemon traveled into the portal the old Eevee stopped. He looked at one of the Eevee that did not move with the rest. Walking up to it, he nuzzled the other before running back to be with the rest.

This was the Eevee that stopped the other earlier. It made its decision watching the fight earlier. As one who craved to be stronger peace would not help it.

'I will stay. My place is not with the other's I am a fighter.' The Eevee transmitted. 'I will stay with you.'

"What makes you think that is a good idea. You never know I could be a bad Trainer as well." Gray said standing up from kneeling. 'I feel a lot better. I need to talk to other Pokemon soul users as well. Maybe they could shed some light. The notes cant contain everything.'

Scythor looked at Gray steadily. Her hands turned back into talons as she regained her normal form. She watched and listened intently.

"Swoosh," Empress returned. "I am back!" Looking around she saw the others were gone. Only ones left were Pokmon she knew and an Eevee. She looked at Scythor poised. She knew that stance from fighting with her before. She was waiting to attack if need be. "What's going on?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Oh, welcome back Empress. How was your trip?"

"It was boring. Growlithe is still getting healed. I rushed back once I felt you were in trouble. Is everything ok? Where did those trainers and Pokemon go?" Empress looked around cheerful. She will still excited about so many things.

"The trainers escaped. I will tell the officers about what happened. Can you get us out of here I am hungry." Gray looked at Empress for a bit. "The teleporting has drained you to much has it?"

"No. But give me just a few seconds."

'If you are a bad Trainer it does not matter. I want strength. More strength to never have to deal with what I had to before. I will do whatever it takes.' The Eevee said with no hesitation. 'So far you look to be ok.'

"Very well then," Gray said reaching into his bag grabbing a Pokeball. "I will do what I must then. Welcome to the team. The Eevee walked up to the Pokeball and tapped the button with its nose. The light enclosed around the Pokemon. "Doom," after it locked it shook again. Releasing back out the Eevee stretched. Gray was busy looking at a bubble that appeared.

The Eevee then yawned and jumped into Gray's pocket. The moment it made it inside his pocket started to glow.

(Would you like to change the name?)

"Eh, why not. Huh, what the heck?" Looking down Gray saw the light and felt the intense pressure in his pocket.

Out popped a black haired dog looking cat.

"Oh, what the hell! When did you get in there?! Ugh nevermind. Your name is gonna be Midnight." Gray finished typing on the bubble. Afterward, a new bubble appeared.

Midnight Level 10 Male Health 77

Type: Dark Umbreon

Hit Points* 10-9-19

Attack: 7-0-7

Defense* 11-0-11

Special Attack: 6-0-6

Special Defense* 13-0-13

Speed: 7-0-7

"Well, that's nice." Looking over to Scythor he didn't get to finish. "What's wrong with.."

"Weheeh teleport!" Empress said laughing. All were transported to the Pokemon center.

Arriving there Gray gave Scythor another look. "What's up? Did you get injured?" Seeing her shake her head no he picked up the Houndoom. Walking over to the helpdesk he informed the nurse of what happened. How the Pokemon was fed something by its trainer and rampaged. Giving a description to the nurse of the trainer Gray then handed over his Pokemon.

Pyron to be exact. He reached into his pocket and handed over MIdnight.

"This Pokemon needs a full work up. Can you make sure he is treated carefully? This is his first time at a Pokemon Center." Gray looked over-reassuring Midnight after speaking to the nurse. "They are going to fix you up and we will get something to eat. So rest easy."

"Um," ok. MIdnight laid his head down as he was placed on a gunnery. Getting carted away he kept staring at Gray making sure it was all ok.

"Not good enough to treat you better to let the professionals do it." Snapping his fingers Gray tried something. "It's a long shot but oh well."

Sending his physic energy out he touched on Midnight's mind. 'We are physically linked now. So rest easy. I will be with you throughout the whole process.' Feeling Midnight's happiness Gray walked to the lobby.

"Ok let's order that food. Empress let me tell you what happened."

Empress teleported and sat on Gray's lap. Looking up at him her tail swished around. "Go ahead I am listening." She sent a physic message to Scythor. 'I don't know what happen to you. But we will speak on this tonight.'

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