22.22% Girl Body but Boy heart?!?... / Chapter 2: Surprise gift

Chapter 2: Surprise gift

*ding ding ding dong*

" Finally school is over , now where did this Raku when ,he took leave from teacher but didn't even tell me anything " he make cute face , like some small animal which is cute but show us puppy eyes.

when other people in street saw his face , their hearts melted for him and wore that if they found who is behind that make him sad will not be forgiven by them.

Prito when he thought his word nicely he once again blushed , when other saw that this time they felt jealous in there hearts , all boy in street thought were " If only she was my girlfriend "

on the other side Prito was thinking

' what the! why the hell I am saying like that....it's like he is my boyfriend and I am his girlfriend and felt wrong because he didn't said anything to me and run away. just what is wrong with me today .

I was not like this before , I am boy damn it.... be manly , be Manly ....

...but being girly will also be cute * he imagine himself in girl uniform and sweet dress * * blushed * damn , something is very wrong with me today ...maybe I should go home and just rest today ..'

after all that embarassing thought he walked home and finally when he open the door * Paa Paa * " SURPRISE!.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRITO " THREE PEOPLE VOICE ECHOES IN HOUSE.

When Prito saw that he was surprised as he even forget his birthday , he was so embarassed that he want to find a hole and bury himself. because he always remember all other birthday but always forget his own birthday .

The three people who was in house was his mother and Raku mother and Raku himself .

" Wah..! mom and aunt when did you came home , why didn't you tell me ." said Prito. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

" hehehe...it's was Raku idea " said his mother and Raku mother, to whom Prito always called as aunt also nodded .

when Prito heard that he was shock and happy because Raku did all this for him .

what he don't know is that he unconsciously blushed and said " Thanks Raku "

when Raku saw that he felt that he got shock with Arrow of love when he saw his blushed face ...

" My My ... if Priti don't flirt with my boy just jet ....come here and give me some hug first." said Raku mother .

" Wha.... no that's not it Aunt " saying that he gave hug to Raku mother also

and his mother too.

" Okay Okay now let's cut the cake " said the Raku .

after that all get in front of table were Raku brought a chocolate cake , which is Prito favourite and after cutting the cake .

Raku , his mom and Prito mom started to gift Prito one by one ...

Raku gave him watch and Raku mom give him a new phone and finally his mom .

" ah' mom do you think this is my correct gift home " ask Prito.

" hey dear this is correct gift ... what....you don't like it...." said Prito mom.

" it's not that I don't like it " said Prito .

" then what is that problem ....look it's for whole years season clothes for you to wear. " said Prito mom.

" it's not that ....it's just that ....WHY THE HELL IS THIS GIRLS CLOTHES " said Prito.

" well it's just my guts tell that you will need them very soon " said Prito mom.

" What the hell is you guts mom ...." said Prito with tear...

" My My don't cry my the dear future daughter in law " said Raku mom in teasing voice .

" Aunt!.." shouted Prito .

just like that whole night was spend in talking and their mom travel talk and stories.


"hmm.....* sleepy eyes * it's morning already.....hmm.....haaaaaaah...* stretching his body....* hmm.... why do I feel like there there is something wrong " after saying that Prito look around but can't find anything ...he stand up and walk toward bathroom .

take his toothbrush and toothpaste and brush his teeth ....after brushing for minutes and washup his face ....but his face was shown shock one in mirror ...why because there is something in his body...

" how.... how did this. " he touch his chest and feel soft and bun thing .

" No no no. ..."

he check his pant in hurriedly and finally got his answer .


____________________________TO BE CONTINUE IN NEXT CHAPTER ( ACCEPT IT )

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