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Chapter 21: Ch. 21 Finding Isaac 0>0

Isaac was a smart man. After hurriedly dashing out of the house he walked to a bus stop to get a ride into the busiest part of town. He purposely left his phone at home in case of the possibility of Spencer using it to track him somehow. Even though he didn't believe Spencer, he was surprised that Spencer had admitted to not being human. He expected to be wrong, and he even had a 87.6% chance of his hypothesis about Spencer's identity being incorrect. Being right; his ego had boosted a bit, but now... Even though he said he was confident that Spencer was just joking, he found himself in doubt. If Spencer really was messing with him then why did he seem so cocky about finding him, and explaining so explicitly how to call him too. Then again, maybe this was a way to mess with him even more and get him to hide in town for hours. Isaac's expression soured.

The bus ride was awkward, unused to being on public transport he tried to stand in the walk way and not touch anything, but being of small stature he found himself bumping into other people's waist areas often. He profusely apologized every time it happened and feeling his social anxiety grow he decided to sit in the gross bus seats, to spare himself the embarrassment of bumping into another crotch.

Bus Germs VS Personal space

Personal space used crotch bump! It was EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE.

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Personal space wins!

Isaac waited until the bus got to his stop and quickly got off escaping the stingy vehicle. Breathing in the morning air he set off towards his destination. The walk would be long, but Isaac didn't mind he'd walked it many times before -and he often liked the walk. It would clear his head or help him think through different things that were on his mind. As a kid in high school, and as an adult in college he had used this walk to solve long equations that had puzzled him. He looked around at the trees that were planted in small boxes along the sidewalk, he even calculated once that they were all an even 10 feet apart. Except the 32 tree, which was 10 feet and 1 inch apart from the 31 tree. That was his favorite tree. He resonated with the fact that it was slightly off from the measurements of all the other trees. His friends had told him once that the tree was, 'dancing to it's own beat'.

The morning sun shown brightly on the bustling street. He spotted his destination and hurried there with a growing smile on his face. He missed this little hideout of his. He rubbed his hands together in excitement before opening the door. The clanging, of the bell hanging off the door, hit his ear drums and he sighed in satisfaction. There was hardly anyone in the small cafe at this hour. Isaac approached the counter and smiled at the barista standing there. They greeted each other with a fist bump and a complex handshake that was too difficult to follow before the blonde barista smiled and shouted out,

"Bro! Where have u been Ice man? We've missed you!" Isaac smiled as Joshua turned to make his usual order.

"I'm so busy with making the new software for that game I told you about a while back, the coding is really complex and has been taking up more than my usual time. Plus there have been some... minor distractions." The tall, blonde barista looked at him quizzically before smiling wide -his large dimples taking up the majority of his face.

"Distractions? My little Isaac distracted? Is there a girl my little dude isn't telling me about?" Joshua asked jokingly. Isaac knew better than to miss the hidden tones of sincerity underneath his jesting. Many people had told him that if he didn't come out of his social bubble soon that he would never get the wife his parents told him he needed to have before his 30th birthday. His smile faded slightly. He liked his social bubble just the way it was. The only people he needed were Josh, Josh's brother, the landlady, and his computer.

"Actually it's a guy." Isaac said laughing slightly at Josh's shocked expression. "I made a new friend that's all. I'm actually here, because of a bet right now. I've got to beat him." Josh's interest was peaked at this, he even overdid it on the whip cream in his distraction.

"New friend really? Also a bet and I wasn't in on it? Man I've been missing out on time with my little Ice man!" Joshua said as he placed Isaac's order on the counter.

"Yeah, I have a day to hide from him before he finds me. I was hoping to stay with you and your brother today, like old times. I also still have some coding to do... aaand I left my computer at my house... aaand I can't go back, because he'll find me." Joshua smiled knowingly.

"Sounds good! My shift doesn't end until..." Joshua sighed looking at his watch. "Until late so I can't drive you. Hey! But Fra-"

"My shift ends right now." Said a mysterious deep voice from behind Isaac. Isaac turned and smiled at the voice's owner.

"Come on Isaac, let's go. I'll take you."

blueinkauthor blueinkauthor

Oops! I meant to post this tomorrow but i guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out who Fra-... No!!! I've said too much!

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