76.74% Bring Me A Dream / Chapter 31: Ch. 31 What do I want?

Chapter 31: Ch. 31 What do I want?

"I want-" Spencer was cut off by the brothers from behind.

"We're not going to let you take advantage of Isaac." Spencer turned sideways and looked at them. Their attempt of intimidation failed as Spencer returned their glare. Spencer turned back to Isaac whom was still standing tense and had his gaze fixated on the floor. Finished with his teasing Spencer finished his sentence.

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"I want to live with you Isaac. What do you say roomie?" Isaac looked up in shock, he had been worried that Spencer would ask for his soul or something, but upon looking at Spencer's open expression Isaac felt his sincerity. With a relaxed sigh Isaac straightened his glasses. Spencer had his hand out to be shook. Isaac stared at it for a moment and looked up at Spencer as he took it and shook it. The two smiled at each other as Isaac said,

"Yeah, roomie." The brothers felt Isaac relax and they did too knowing that he was comfortable again. Spencer looped his arm around Isaac's neck and turned back towards the door to leave, but found it blocked by the pair of brother bears. They smiled cruel as Spencer tried to brush past them. Spencer gave up annoyed quickly and let Isaac go and sat casually on the couch.

"First we'd like to know a bit more about who is going to be living with our boss." Spencer glanced at Isaac with a raised eye brow and a smile.

"What would you like to know?" he replied to the two compliantly. The brothers only kept their glares as they sat across from Spencer.

"First off your whole name, and age. Next how you met Isaac and what your relationship is with him? How long have you even known this guy Isaac?" Before Spencer could respond Isaac interrupted.

"We're old colleges, our parents were friends. Lately he's been in town so he came by to see me a while ago. We've been talking since then. Since Spencer is kind of new in town I offered to show him around and then we were betting, because we got into an argument about his sense of direction."

"It is impeccable." Spencer said jokingly. The brothers nodded and accepted Isaac's story.

"Still give us your name and age."

"Spencer Maier. I'm 25." he lied easily. The brothers smiled at each other and in sync asked,

"Middle name." Spencer's jaw twitched and he glared at Isaac. He hated telling people his middle name so this situation annoyed him.

"Vince." He said through gritted teeth. The brothers looked at each other and chuckled. The atmosphere in the room relaxed as they warmed up to Spencer.

"Stay over for dinner Vince-y so we can get to know you a bit better." Francis teased.

"Any friend of Isaac's is a friend of ours." Joshua interjected kindly. Spencer glared at Francis but responded.

"I'll stay if Isaac does." Isaac nodded and sat at one of the stools as Joshua and Francis moved into the kitchen. Spencer stood and leaned against the wall and observed the pair with Isaac as they cooked. The brothers cooked well together as they made some spaghetti. Francis cut the vegetables while Josh boiled and strained the noodles. Josh looked up at the bystanders and glaring barked at them to begin on some garlic bread. Isaac gulped and looked at Spencer whom shrugged.

"Can't be as bad as the egg drop soup we made the other day." Isaac laughed quickly at this and the brothers listened as Isaac and Spencer lovingly retold the story. The kitchen and dining room was full of laughter for the rest of the night. The causal dinner had made the four grow close in just a night. As Spencer and Isaac left the building, Isaac leaned toward Spencer and asked him,

"So are you really going to live with me now?" Spencer smiled in the dark night and looked at Isaac, the little amount of light was reflected in his golden eyes.

"Oh, I was 100% serious Isaac. You better like me, because you're going to have to deal with me everyday now... Oh and also Cole." A figure approached from seemingly nowhere. The figure was suddenly beside Spencer.

"Who?" Isaac asked worriedly.

"You now have your own personal sandman like Lila. Remember you called him." Isaac was as white as a sheet. Another Spencer? He didn't know if his heart could take it. He felt his breathing quicken and in shock the rest of the street faded away. Spencer barely caught Isaac as he slumped. Spencer glared at Cole.

"I told you to shave that beard! Now look what you've done! You've scared my little Isaac so much he fainted!" Cole laughed at Spencer.

"Its less my beard and more the idea of living with you that scared him I think!" Cole helped Spencer and together they carried Isaac through the clouds towards their new shared home on earth. That is until Isaac woke up...

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