83.72% Bring Me A Dream / Chapter 34: Ch. 34 A Tangled Mess of Feelings

Chapter 34: Ch. 34 A Tangled Mess of Feelings

Spencer was pulled back roughly by Cole who appeared miraculously and with an apologetic smile he excused the two of them.

"Sorry, but I need to talk with this guy in private." With that they were gone and Isaac felt the room around him empty as their presence disapited. Isaac sighed and slumped against the back of the couch and held his head in his hands. How would his father react if he had known? What would he do? How would mom feel? How would she see him? Isaac's feelings of disgust, self hate, and the desire for his attraction to be suppressed, overwhelm him. Silent tears streaked down his face as he choked on his sobs.

Up in the stars far above the empty home that held the crying Isaac, there was a serious battle taking place between monsters. Cole attempted to beat his peer senseless in his anger.

"HOW COULD YOU?"He roared. His eyes softened with understanding and helplessness.

"How could you fall in love with a human?" He choked on the question once more. Spencer could only stay silent and accept his closest friends' discipline. He had made a mistake and Cole was only mad, because of what would happen if he got caught. Spencer suppressed his uncontrollable thoughts and let himself seem cool and collected.

"I won't get caught. I'll make her fall in love with someone else and move on." Cole shook his head and folded his arms, turning unable to face his friend. Cole wasn't crying but his eyes were misty with emotion. Spencer knew it wasn't him that the anger was directed at. They as beings were made to fall in love with humans really. To see their best qualities and their faults and make them better, or let them fall in love regardless. This happened to everyone they knew and the organization took them out when they knew. They were never seen again but no sandman knew what happened to the ones that 'are taken care of'. The organization was as mysterious to them as they were to humans.

"Her?" Cole's voice cracked with the question. Spencer frowned confused. Cole looked down as if looking at his feet and shook his head. "Lets switch places, I'll make her fall in love and you deal with Isaac and-"

"NO!" Spencer cut him off abruptly, "I can do this Cole! Its my job." Cole looked down on Spencer like a father.

"Now that I'm involved, it's no longer your job. Deal with Isaac and I'll take Lila." The two looked at each other neither backing down. The intensity of Cole's aura wasn't something Spencer was used to seeing. Spencer thought about it, it wouldn't be so bad being Isaac's Sandman, because after all he would still be in her life as her neighbor. Spencer sighed and reluctantly looked down, giving in. Cole nodded and smiled to himself.

"For the first time you're going to see how I work." Spencer smiled softly. "Now let's go meet this Lila." Cole started drifting down to Lila's house, when Spencer moved to follow, he finished, "You can't interfere so just go comfort Isaac."

"Comfort?" Spencer asked to Cole's vanishing figure with no response. Why would he need to comfort Isaac? Spencer thought. He shook his head and went down to Isaac's home. He phased through the house and looked for Isaac whom was still on the living room floor. Spencer heard his sniffles and with his powers he could sense heartbreak he hadn't been able to sense before. Confused Spencer knocked on the wall. Isaac didn't look up, but instead his body went stiff.

"Cole and I switched jobs. He thinks it'll be best for me to find you love and for him to take over for me to find a human love for Lila." Isaac nodded slightly. Spencer looked up awkwardly. These past couple days he had interacted more with humans than he had his whole life. These emotions they constantly had baffled him and yet he liked them, the confusing feelings of humanity. With a sigh he gave in and walked over to Isaac's hunched form. Confused Isaac looked up, Spencer's heart faltered at the sight. His glasses were askew and tear tracks trailed from his eyes, down his cheeks to his chin. His nose was red like Rudolph. Spencer gulped his guilt at making a human feel this way and crouched down before Isaac and wholeheartedly embarrassed him.

Isaac was shocked to hear Spencer again, he pretended to ignore him, but he listened intently. He was shocked when Spencer walked over to him and instinctively looked up. In the next moment he was enveloped in Spencer's arms. Isaac blushed at the warmth and awkward position of the hug and yet he appreciated the gesture. He hugged Spencer back tightly. Quickly thinking to make it less gay and more just like they were friends Isaac joked,

"This is the second time you've held me in your arms tonight. Is that a habit of yours?" Spencer laughed into Isaac's shoulder, his abdomen pulsating with the movement. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Actually you wouldn't think it when you see us, but me and Cole hug all the time." Spencer pulled away. Isaac laughed at that, and Spencer sensed his sadness fade and it was replaced with slight joy.

"So, I'm really going to have to live here. And I was serious about Cole rooming too." Isaac choked on his own laugh.


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