95.34% Bring Me A Dream / Chapter 39: Ch. 39 She's In Town

Chapter 39: Ch. 39 She's In Town

Lila knocked roughly on the door. She sighed, her breath creating a gust of white smoke in the cold night air. The twinkling stars winking down at her small insignificant figure in the big scheme of things. The door was pulled open by an unsuspecting Cole. Seated all around a long white table were almost all the boys she'd encountered in the last couple days. She easily recognized the two at the head of the table. Spencer standing looking at her shocked, Isaac looking composed. Beside them looking with agape mouths at her was Josh and an another man. The galaxy was literally in his hair. Lila couldn't help but stop and stare for a moment, a shooting star in his bangs. Cole broke her fixated stare by calling her name.

"Lila?" Snapped out of her star gazing Lila blinked and looked up into Cole's grey eyes.

"She's coming." Cole cocked his head to the side in confusion and Lila realized her mistake.

"I have a friend coming to town, with little warning. She's a MASSIVE flirt. Thinks she can master any men. I thought I'd forewarn you since you seem to find your way into my house a lot. That's all." Lila turned to go decidedly, but was stopped short by a soft tug to the back of her shirt. She turned to see Isaac's innocent discolored eyes imploring something from her.

"Lila wait-...." He paused, "Please stay for dinner, it'll make you feel better. Besides we can't have you walking on that foot." He used his puppy like eyes to halt her refusal. She swallowed her brash 'no' and nodded slightly. With a slight relaxed chuckle Isaac smiled and let go of her sleeve.

She turned her back to the sparkling night sky and entered their house without a look back. Maybe that had been her mistake.

In the street behind her a top the lamp post a small being crouched and watched carefully. The being observed the goings on in the household of Isaac, Cole and Spencer for the rest of this night.

The house was stiffly silent for the males as the female sat in a chair at the long dining table. Francis stared at his plate and merely toyed with his food. His brother Joshua took a bite and cheekily winked at her as he did so, and suddenly Lila recoginzed him. Spencer leaned back in his chair tiped backwards -looking cool as usual. Isaac ate his meal delicately and Cole at the other head of the table did so as well. The atmosphere was homely, but seemingly disturbed by Lila's presence. Unable to cherish the silence Lila erupted.

"I know we've met at the coffee shop, but I cannot recall learning your name." She said to the blonde handsome man across from her. Josh looked up suprised with his mouth full of food. As he swallowed and prepared to respond Isaac's voice from the head of the table instead.

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"Ah, I forgot you haven't met. But Lila you visited the cafe?" Isaac asked joyfully.

"Uh, yes..." Isaac smiled slightly and warmly responded,

"I own that cafe. Joshua Parks, the blonde one, works there with his brother Francis, the dyed hair one. They're like my brothers, we've known eachother since we were little." Lila nodded in understanding and observed this 'Francis' person once more. She stared at him unwaveringly, very awkwardly. Francis looked up and their gazes clashed instantly. He was calm and collected. He stabed a peice of chicken on his plate and without breaking eye contact shoved it in Lila's mouth. Baffled she took it as he slipped the fork out of her mouth.

"Relax. You're making the atmosphere in here stuffy." At his actions Spencer, in the chair beside her had tipped all the way backwards in shock. Lila covered her mouth as she snickered at him and attempted not to choke on the chicken. Cole openly laughed and Isaac snorted. Josh smiled charmingly and Francis remained unfazed. Spencer laughed hysterically at himself to help melt the atmostphere of the room, but also to disipate his own embarassment. Tonight was going to be a long night if they all keep flirting with her like this, Spencer thought to himself.

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