67.74% The Return of the Devil's Wife / Chapter 42: Hades

Chapter 42: Hades

In an open field with a small house in the middle, a sleek silver audi A8 stopped. Two men dressed in silver suits and wearing skull masks alighted from the car. It was the Head Reaper with his subordinate.

The both of them entered the small house and rang a small bell-like mechanism. Suddenly, a staircase revealed itself and a man in a black overcoat walked out and met them.

"Head Reaper, what a surprise. Please follow me. Hades is in the middle of a meeting with his subjects. He'll be done in a few minutes."

The man in the black overcoat said as he gesture for the two to walk down the stairs with him. As the reached the end, the stairs suddenly closed filling the gap that had once opened up.

They treaded a wide pathway which was brightly lit. No one would even think that they were underground.

The man led them into what looks like a receiving room and were served refreshments as they waited.

A few minutes later, an imposing man dressed in a crisp, dark suit entered the room. A mask patterned with crimson devil snare covered his eyes and half of his aquiline nose. But even with half of his face covered, just from the sharp, manly jawline and his reddish heart-shaped lips one can tell that this man was devastatingly handsome.

Even the gentle smile in his lips were enticing. However, even if that particular arc was gentle it didn't lessen the sinister aura around him. In fact, it made him even more formidable. It was a wonder how many died with that smile as the last thing they ever saw.

Hades, the God of Huaxia's Underworld. The name and title was quite fitting. Though, he was more of a devil compared to a God.

"What brought you to my humble base, Head Reaper?"

He asked in his deep, mellow voice. But it didn't soothe the Head Reaper's nerves. He may be the overseer of Huaxia's underworld but this man was someone even him was afraid of.

His origins was unknown. And his rise to power was nothing short of legendary. If there was one person that the dark world of Huaxia feared, it was him. And this very same person, was someone who had the capabilities to face off against the foreigners currently disturbing the peace of their underworld.

"I have acquired news that Izanami and her retainers are in the country. Not only that, even the Yamaguchi family has established a branch here."

The chief composed himself and told the man the current source of his worries. The gentle smile of the man didn't even falter a bit. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Oh? The two hegemons of Japan has come to our turf. These days sure will be interesting. Why do you seem to worry so, Head Reaper?"

Hades spoke smoothly. Though cold, his voice contained a slight interest. The Chief should have expected this. After Hades' rise, there was no one who opposed him anymore. Unless, those people were idiots or just plainly seeking death.

The arrival of two opposing powers is bound to give some form of entertainment to this sadistic devil.

The head chief sighed resignedly before he looked up at the man again.

"I merely do not want our turf to be chaotic."

Hades darkly chuckled. The words that came out of his mouth were chilling.

"Chaos is good, Head Reaper. Be more afraid if there is a long time of peace. That might just be the calm before a storm."

He said cryptically. Head Reaper stared at the man, trying to fathom his thoughts. But he failed, as always. Those brooding eyes were too deep to gauge, even for him.

"I just thought you should know. I'll be taking my leave then."

Hades stared at the retreating back of the Head Reaper. He wasn't stupid not too figure out what he wanted him to do. But even if Zi Jue was interested, he cannot afford to involve himself in the petty fights of these two forces.

He was in the middle of courting his baby girl. It was obvious which one is more important. Just as he was thinking of that beautiful lady of his, the special ringtone set for her rang out loudly into the room.

He promptly accepted the call. A genuine and warm smile appeared in his face, dispelling the frightening aura around him. The sweet, melodious voice which imprinted itself to his mind sounded in his ears.

"Jue, are you busy?"

feipei feipei

And that's the end of our mass release. Whaddya think of the sudden revelation?

Here's a trivia, tomorrow's update is fluffy one. ^^

Appreciate all your votes, my peeps. Thanks a lot.

Your theories makes me so happy by the way. ^^


Comments (90)

  • Yuki_Qing


    lol...he might know her baby girl is Izanami later..might be an interesting surprise.or Izanami might know something from past life or still dont know about it...cant wait for that..powerful couple..thanks for mass release..

  • rg1400


    Zi Jue marries Yan Qinq Shan: Total Chaos in the world Hades weds Izanami: Underworld ****ed up

  • AkangkhyaParasar


    Thanks 4r d mass release🤗.....i hope d chapter in which Izanami n Hades will know about their identity come soon....excited 4r that chapter😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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