20% Children From The East (Maha Eastana ENGLISH VERSION) / Chapter 4: Pregnancy and Marriage Again

Chapter 4: Pregnancy and Marriage Again

One day ... Mio felt unwell and she asked Yuko to buy a testpack at the nearest shop.

For a moment Testpack was purchased by Mio and immediately checked in Testpack.

After a few minutes later ... The results turned out to be positive and Yuko was shocked after seeing the Testpack results from Mio and Mio telling all her family members that Mio was pregnant, then all of her extended family was shocked to hear the news.

Mio actually has a girlfriend named Mochi Takayama (Mochi).

Mochi Smart in terms of his School Lessons and Mochi became 1st Winner in his Class.

Mochi also won 1st place in the Natural Science Olympiad and 3rd place in the Mathematics Olympiad. He is also good at English and Mandarin. Mochi also has Chinese ancestry from his father.

Mochi has a girlfriend named Mio.

Mochi had had sexual relations with Mio in her Mochi apartment.

Mio at that time did not use a condom, because Mio forgot to attach a condom.

Mio had sexual relations with Mochi without using a condom.

At once Mio's stay in Mohi's apartment. Yuko is actually embarrassed with his sister's sister's precise sister's house. Yuko itself is when it is not as it is that it is not that child is because it is not because of sexual intercourse before marriage, and that is called sexpaths named the ratings named Ratchai Wangmei (Ratchai). After a few minutes later ... Yuko finished calling Ratchai, Yuko called to call Ratchai, Yuko was getting ready for Ratchai to be chief in his time Yuko during his mouth became his Morning to give birth to the birth. Ratchai is a small friend of Yuko and he comes from Myanmar. Ratchai lives in Tokyo since he is 4 years old and he is still a descent of Japan from his mother. Ratchai is the first child of 5 siblings. His sister named Ratchi, Ritcha, Retchai, Metsa, and Pratchai. Ratchai used to go at the University of Tokyo. He took S1 Department of Health and Medicine there. Ratchai college at the place to the graduate.

Ratchai and college S2 in Waseda University and took the Department of Natural Sciences. Ratchai comes from a rich and religious family of Buddha. Ratchai is also smart in terms of dancing and singing. Ratchai currently has worked in hospital located in Tokyo and he became a gain of the world. Ratchai already has a child named Marina and Ratchai having a husband named Kyoto Mihara. Ratchai has a name Japanese named Rata Mihara (Rata/Ratchai). Ratchai currently he stayed at Yuko House during Mio to give birth to his son Mio.

7 Months Later ... Yuko's 26th Anniversary and Ratchai Gives Gift to Yuko and Her Big Family Also Give Gift to Yuko.

A lot of prizes received by Yuko on her birthday. In the handphone calendar it shows today is February 20 and Yuko is happy that she is now birthday and growing older.

Soon Mio will Rise to Class XII and Mio seems sad because her pregnancy is 7 months and in 3 months she will give birth.

Mio has prepared a name for the prospective child and his name is the initial letter "M".

Ratchai already knew about Mio and Ratchai's pregnancy. Instead, she had to look after Mio until later.

Ratchai also knows how it feels for pregnant people.

Ratchai also controls Mio at that time and Mio also according to Ratchai's advice.

Mio was sad what if Mochi knew she was pregnant out of wedlock.

A few days later ... Yuko can only daydream and be sad, because she has siblings who cannot be arranged by her association.

Yuko's mother died from the past 6 months ... due to heart disease and asthma.

When Yuko's mother was still alive, she told Yuko "Yuko keep your sister fine and be a good example as a sister, because you are the oldest child among your siblings".

Yuko if she remembers the message she must have been sad and could only cry.

Seiko, the mother of three children, has had heart disease and asthma since she worked.

Seiko was shocked when he heard that Mio was pregnant and her asmanya immediately reappeared when she heard that.

Seiko has died from the past 6 months. Then Tana since Seiko died. He remarried a widow named Han Mei (Mei/Hanmi). His Japanese name is Hanmi Inada. Tana married Hanmi since 4 months ago.

Hanmi is a former wife of Han Yin Dae (Yinde). Hanmi still has Chinese blood from his father. Hanmi has children named Han Yoo Ri (Yuri) and Han Yoo Mi (Yumi).

Yuri lives with her father in Seoul, South Korea while Yumi lives in Tokyo, Japan with her mother.

Hanmi divorced Yinde since 12 years ago. Yumi has the same age as Yuko, while Yuri is 3 years younger than Yumi.

Hanmi divorced Yinde, because Yinde had an affair with a woman named Sona.

Sona is currently Yinde's wife who is now and Sona has been married to Yinde since 11 years ago.

Sona is from Osaka, Japan and she married a widower with 2 children and her child also lives with her father and someone lives with her mother. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Sona currently has 2 children from her marriage to Yinde. Her children are Han Soo Ra (Sora) and Han Myu Ri (Myuri).

Yumi is the stepsister of Yuko, Megumi, and Mio.

Yuko was also kind to her stepsister.

Yumi is married to a Japanese politician named Shinji Aoi.

Shinji is a Politician and Lawyer. Shinji already has 2 children named Seiko and Hanami. Hanami is the First Child of Shinji and Yumi while Seiko is the Second Child.

Seiko was born 2 months ago and Hanami is currently 3 years old and this year he will be 4 years old.

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