98.56% Nine Yang Sword Saint / Chapter 137: Second Rank of Pig Slaying Sword Art! Meeting Xuwu Piaoyan Again!

Chapter 137: Second Rank of Pig Slaying Sword Art! Meeting Xuwu Piaoyan Again!

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Yang Dingtian's heart was racing as he looked at Shui Hongshao.

Her charming face was completely flushed red. Despite being extremely embarrassed she was, she still courageously looked at Yang Dingtian. Her beautiful and wild face looked especially tender and lovely right now.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Dingtian responded, "You're truly a lovable and beautiful girl. However... It's a pity that I already have a wife and I cannot have this blessing."

"Is it Ximen Yanyan? She has a bossy temperament and will not treat you well. You will only suffer being with her." Shui Hongshao said, "A girl like me will be a good wife to you. I know how to cook and I will treat my husband well."

"I believe that you will become the best wife in this world. But Yanyan is also a good wife and also the best wife in this world for me. I cannot let her down," Yang Dingtian spoke in a gentle voice.

At this moment, footsteps echoed from outside.

Shui Hongshao took a look back and spoke softly, "I don't care, I like you no matter what. Since I heard your news after coming back from the Yin Yang Sect, I have been concerned for you and have missed you every day."

Finishing her statement, Shui Hongshao quickly stepped forward and pouted her red lips. She pecked on Yang Dingtian's lips before leaving quickly.

The tender and soft feeling still lingered on his lips, however, Shui Hongshao already ran off like a little bird, leaving Yang Dingtian overwhelmed with all sorts of feelings.

Li Guinong walked in and spoke to Yang Dingtian, "Everything is ready. Let us depart."

"Yes, Martial Uncle," Yang Dingtian replied and wore his mask before walking out.

Li Guinong suddenly said, "Hah... My silly daughter."

Yang Dingtian's face blushed before he sincerely spoke, "Shui Hongshao is truly the most lovable girl in this world. I will treat and protect her like my blood sister for life."

"Hah..." Li Guinong sighed again.


Three men and three mounts. Yang Dingtian didn't even have a meal and when they departed back to the Mu Clan Docks with Li Guinong and Ximen Bao.

Ximen Bao was a quiet young man around the age of 25 or 26. He was the most outstanding disciple under Li Guinong.

One and a half-hour later, the three of them were back at the Mu Clan Docks, the skies were already dark. Mu Liancheng led a group of men and welcomed them at the entrance.

"Mu Clan's old and young would like to express our gratitude for Castle Master Li's kindness."

Before Li Guinong could even get off the horse, Mu Liancheng had led all his clansmen and paid their respects!

"I'm not worthy, this is nothing to worry about. Mu Clan Head shouldn't be so humble," Li Guinong quickly got off the horse and helped Mu Liancheng up.

"My humble home has prepared a feast. Castle Master Li, this way please."

"Mu Clan Head, please!"

Yang Dingtian had a few toasts with Li Guinong and Mu Liancheng before leaving the feast. He wanted to quickly enter the second rank of the Pig Slaying Sword Art and cultivate.

Just as Yang Dingtian was about to close the doors of his room, there was this sudden knock from the outside.

"Hero Yan, do you have some time?" It was Mu Lianyi's voice. Mu Liancheng had yet to tell her of Yang Dingtian's identity.

"Does Young Lady Mu have something to ask?" Yang Dingtian asked.

"I just wish to talk of something with Hero Yan," Mu Lianyi replied.

Yang Dingtian was startled, but he didn't have any idea what Mu Lianyi was going to talk about. He walked to the doors and opened it.

When Mu Lianyi came in, she was still wearing her skintight clothes.

"Big Brother Yan, can I call you like this?" Mu Lianyi asked.

"Sure," Yang Dingtian replied embarrassedly because Mu Lianyi was actually slightly older than him.

"I heard from my father that you were unwilling to take the Fire Immunity Chilling Pearl and leave. You even insisted on staying and fighting with Tuoba Ye?" Mu Lianyi asked.

Yang Dingtian nodded.

"Why?" Mu Lianyi's beautiful eyes stared at Yang Dingtian and questioned.

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"That is because I am unwilling to let Young Lady Mu enter a living hell," Yang Dingtian replied.

"Is it truly only because of this?" Mu Lianyi inquired.

Yang Dingtian thought for a moment before responding, "Of course, there are a few other reasons."

Mu Lianyi's face blushed, she wanted to say something but hesitated. She rarely had this bashful expression as she was an easy-mannered girl, she was actually revealing such an expression right now.

"This isn't another confession right?" Yang Dingtian thought in his heart. He had just rejected Shui Hongshao, and he really didn't want to provoke another girl right now.

Finally, Mu Lianyi summoned all her courage and said, "Big Brother Yan, I'm very grateful for the fact that you are willing to die for me. But I am very sorry, my heart already belongs to someone else and cannot contain a second man. This is why... I cannot accept your goodwill and I am very sorry."

Yang Dingtian was astonished for a moment before he let out a bright smile. He thought that Mu Lianyi was going to confess, but she was actually rejecting him.

He let out a long breath of relief in his heart and couldn't help but force a smile on his face.

"So, Big Brother Yan, you better take the Fire Immunity Chilling Pearl and leave." Mu Lianyi said, "You don't have to participate in tomorrow's martial contest as well. He will be here on time because tomorrow is the last day of our five-year promise. He will definitely arrive on time and rescue me from the clutches of the devil. I believe him!"

Yang Dingtian shook his head and said, "I will not leave."

Mu Lianyi spoke frenetically, "Big Brother Yan, don't force me. I really cannot accept you."

"No, please don't misunderstand me." Yang Dingtian said, "I wanted to tell you earlier that I actually have a wife already and I love her very much. If that man is able to hurry and defeat Tuoba Ye in time, it would be the best scenario. I will be able to stay behind and be there for your wedding feast too then."

"Really?!" Mu Lianyi was pleasantly surprised and said, "Do you really have a wife already? Then why did you come to participate in the martial contest for marriage?"

"I am here to intervene when there is injustice," Yang Dingtian replied.

"Thank you, you're truly a good person." Mu Lianyi delightfully shook Yang Dingtian's wrist and said, "Why don't we become sworn siblings? From today onwards, you will be my real Big Brother."

Yang Dingtian instantly forced out a smile again as he was immediately dealt with the friend zone card.

"Sure, I'm glad to have a beautiful little sister like you," Yang Dingtian responded.

"Alright then, we will do it right now." As though Mu Lianyi was afraid that Yan Dingtian might go back on his words, she immediately knelt beside Yang Dingtian and said, "From today onwards, I, Mu Lianyi will be sworn siblings with Yan Nantian."

After finishing her statement, Mu Lianyi's beautiful eyes looked at Yang Dingtian. She wanted to use the fastest method to set their relationship as siblings.

Yang Dingtian had no choice but to kneel down and say, "From today onwards, I, Yan Nantian will be sworn as siblings with Mu Lianyi…

"From today onwards, we will enjoy blessings and experience suffering together…"

"We will view each others' parents like our own. We will treat each others' grievances as our own. We will treat each others' hatred as our own!"

"We will be of the same mind and share the same grievances. Heaven and earth will witness it. The twins will witness it…"

In the Primal Chaos World, this was a very serious oath. Once sworn, they would treat each other like real siblings, perhaps even closer than blood siblings. They must follow everything stated in the oath and there must not be any pretense.

After finishing the oath, Mu Lianyi looked at Yang Dingtian with eyes that were obviously much more intimate than before.

Yang Dingtian couldn't help but tease, "So who's the boy that is so fortunate to gain the affection of my Sister Lianyi? Which descendant of a noble clan? Or maybe a disciple from a prestigious faction?"

Mu Lianyi blushed and shook her head. "Neither, he is only the son of a fisherman. However, he was different since we were young and would never revere me because of my status. He would never flatter me because of my looks too. He is very prideful and I have always been the one who took the initiative between the two of us. He felt that he wasn't worthy enough for me, that is why he left the clan five years ago and traveled far away. He said he was going to strive to become worthy and that when he was strong and impressive enough, he would come back and marry me. He promised me that he would be back in at most five years! Tomorrow would be the final day and I trust that he would be back."

Yang Dingtian was astonished as he looked at Mu Lianyi with an additional weight of respect. He never would have expected someone of her looks and her prominent status in the southwest continent would actually like a man with such a low standing.

"I too believe that he will be back. What is his name?" Yang Dingtian asked.

"He is Wu Xingwen," Mu Lianyi answered.


Despite the fact that Li Guinong had sent out Ximen Bao to fight, and that Ximen Bao had already broken through the Great Mystic Martial Master. If he was able to defeat Tuoba Ye then it would be the best-case scenario, Yang Dingtian wouldn't have to participate. After all, this was a fight that he didn't even have a narrow chance to succeed. If he wasn't forced by the situation, Yang Dingtian wouldn't willingly risk his life.

But what if Ximen Bao was to be defeated? Would Yang Dingtian just look on as Mu Liancheng's daughter gets thrown into living hell? How could he look on as the Fire Immunity Chilling Pearl falls into the hands of the Northwest Qin Clan's lackey!

Hence, Yang Dingtian had to be completely prepared to risk his life in battle.

Seated cross-legged on the ground, Yang Dingtian opened the scroll of the second rank of Pig Slaying Sword Art and hoped that it would give him a huge surprise.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he poured some mystic qi in the scroll of the Pig Slaying Sword Art.

There was a narrow light that illuminated from the routes of the scroll. It then slowly extended and drew simple, unadorned and mysterious patterns. At the same moment, the entire scroll was pervading with a blurry halo.

Afterward, the mountains, river, and the ocean surged forward with great momentum as they took turns to appear as sceneries on the scroll which had similar traits as the sceneries in the Primal Chaos Continent.

Time flowed bit by bit while the golden routes on the scroll got more complicated and more cluttered before finally covering the entire scroll.

However... everything had yet to end.

Under the first layer of mysterious routes, there was a new route that appeared.

It was natural that Yang Dingtian wouldn't know about this. As compared to the other manuals, the Pig Slaying Sword Art had the world's most complicated mystic qi routes. But the second rank of the manual actually had two layers of mystic qi routes which made the entire manual completely three-dimensional.

Once the second layer of the mystic qi routes were completely revealed, the entire manual released an incomparably bright radiance.

"Boom!" All these golden mystic qi routes vigorously rushed into Yang Dingtian's body and into his meridians.

Concurrently, the scroll of the second rank of the Pig Slaying Sword Art had vanished into a puff of smoke.

Yang Dingtian could only feel a flash of white light in his mind as though it was a nuclear explosion, it felt like his soul was going to scatter. Countless bits of information and energy entered his body and into his meridians.

There was an infinite amount of mystic qi.

That's right, every wording in the scroll had an astounding amount of mystic qi. The higher the grade of the manual, the higher the amount of mystic qi contained within. But there was never a scroll like the Pig Slaying Sword Art which had this much of an astonishing amount of mystic qi.

It seemed as though this tiny speck of light was like the vast ocean which constantly poured into his body.

The originally seated Yang Dingtian was slowly floating in midair while he was thoroughly wrapped by the radiance.

The current Yang Dingtian's spirit felt as though it had entirely entered another world.

Pig Slaying Sword Art Second Rank: Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Sword!

First move: Inferno Sky Sword!

Yang Dingtian was currently inside the infernal flames. Everything that his eyes could see was filled with a boundless blaze and limitless flames.

The sky had red flames.

The earth had blue flames.

In the extreme flames of heaven and earth, Yang Dingtian was in the middle of it. There was only one man and one sword!

It was such an imposing and immense scene that was a terrifying sight.

During his time on Earth, even in movies, Yang Dingtian had never seen such stunning scenery.

Right now, Yang Dingtian raised his eyes and looked around to search for that drifting immortal and absolute expert, Xuwu Piaoyan.

But wherever his eyes could see, it would all be raging flames. Where could Xuwu Piaoyan be?

Yang Dingtian yelled out, "Senior Xuwu, did you find the Naga Race?"

"Huff…" The boundless raging flames within heaven and earth turned into an enigmatic face.

It was the martial supreme Xuwu Piaoyan.

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