50% Day and Night | Vkook / Chapter 1: Episode 1
Day and Night | Vkook original

Day and Night | Vkook

Author: TynaTwinx

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Chapter 1: Episode 1

Taehyung wandered to the swings that had been located outside Jungkooks house, that was until he tripped over of course. No, correction. He was tripped. With squinted eyes from the pain of impact against the ground, Taehyung looked up only to meet a sly smirk plastered onto Jungkook's pretty face. The younger boy glared down at the older boy, smirking in victory as he succeeded in tripping him, speaking smugly, "Hey there, don't think you're just allowed to come into my home and get all comfortable, I don't care who you are."

Taehyung never really felt this mad before, well, unless it was when he was with Hoseok. He quickly scrambled onto his feet, trying to clean and scrap off the dirt and grass off of his newly brought Gucci pants and glared straight into the youngers dark eyes. "I give zero fucks about whose territory this is, so stay out of my way and go hide in your bubble."

"My bubble? That's cute, keep dreaming sunshine, now move out of my way," Jungkook didn't care to wait for Taehyung to move from his path and instead simply pushed past him with no remorse, slamming their shoulders together before going over to the swing set and sitting himself down on the right swing, feet firmly planted on the ground beneath him as he began to kick his legs back and forth slightly to gain leverage from the floor, hands stuffed in the pocket of his black hoodie he was wearing, stunning eyes closed and head tilted up to the sky.

The sun reflecting off of his face made him look like an angel, though that's not what you'd think if you saw him trip Taehyung moments ago.

Taehyung tilted his head to the side, raising his left eyebrow, seeming somewhat amused by the younger one. Usually people were afraid of him. They did think he was weird like an alien, but they were for sure scared of him.

A smirk slowly crawled up onto his lips, as he just simply walked over to the empty swings, which were next to Jungkook, and planted himself onto them. He started thinking about his old home, his house, all of his memories that were left behind back there. Heck, he even started thinking about Hoseok, asking himself if he was a little bit harsh on him.

He bent down just a bit, placing his arms down on his legs, watching how his fingers got all tangled up with the fingers that belonged to the other hand.

"Just so you know, I'm only going to put up with you for the sake of mother and yours' friendship, I don't like you so get that drilled in your head right now before you even consider that you might have a chance at being my friend," Jungkook spoke in such a sweet tone that it was hard to believe those were the words coming on of his mouth - he was definitely a fantastic liar, that much should become obvious pretty fast.

Rolling his darkened eyes, Taehyung could only snort at the youngers resort. "Me? I like being alone, you twat. Let alone us being friends. Just because you think my mother is your mother's bestfriend, and that I sat my ass down next to yours, doesn't mean I'll ever be your friend. Heck, I wouldn't even be here if I wasn't forced to. So stop acting like you know everything about me and all of my wishes."

"Just shut up, I'm sick of hearing you whining already, you're just annoying as fuck," Jungkook sighed and rubbed his temples as if to mock Taehyung and prove his point even further. Though he wouldn't admit it, Jungkook actually thought that Taehyung's voice was pretty soothing and enchanting, definitely one he didn't find annoying at all, but how else was he supposed to get the elder to be quiet? "Jungkook," The younger said, though it was almost whisper-like, "My name is Jungkook."

Taehyung had yet again rolled his eyes once the younger boy had cursed at him, but what he said next took him to another level of shock. He just told his name. Even though Taehyung wanted to say his own, like in a friendly way, he didn't. He didn't want friends because of trust issues that he had gained in the past, but he could only blame himself.

Taehyung stood up quickly, leaving the swings moving just a bit, turning his face away from the younger one, before harshly spitting out "I never asked for your name, nor did I ever want to hear it. Stop trying to become close to me, cause I will never be close to you." His glare hardened on the floor before he turned to Jungkook, hatred shining in his eyes. Something then in Taehyung had snapped, and sadness could be seen for a few seconds, until he turned  his cold gaze away and started walking back to their families.

Jungkook was confused yet amused at the reaction he seemed to spark in Taehyung, it was... New. Most people tended to be glad whenever someone told them their name since it allowed them to become closer even if it was just in little baby steps, but this guy seemed to react badly to it. "You didn't ask for it, but if we go back in that house and don't even know each other's names then our mums are going to be mad at us and I can't be assed with that right now."

Taehyung stopped dead in his tracks. He heaved a loud sigh, knowing that the boy named Jungkook had just spilled facts. Yes. He knew it was just a name, but it was hard for him. He hated introducing himself. He hated making new friends. He hated his old friends and he obviously hated himself.

Not even bothering to turn around, he just turned his face to the side, allowing the boy to examine his face details from the side, before saying "Since you want to know my name so badly, I'm doing this for my own mum. The name is Taehyung." Clenching his fists, he had turned his face away, AGAIN, and continued to make his way towards the place where his parents and siblings were located at.

As Taehyung seemed to disperse and go back inside, Jungkook couldn't help but start laughing to himself, the sort of boisterous laughter he didn't do too often that showed off his rather uniquely adorable smile of which only Jimin ever really got to see. "You're funny, Taehyung..." Jungkook spoke to himself since the elder had already left and gone inside.

The young boy decided that he would stay outside on the swings for a little longer and actually swing, then he'd go in and introduce himself to the rest of Taehyung's family.

After he'd had enough of the swings, Jungkook hopped off and went back inside where he found his mum and step dad along with Taehyung's family all day down talking to each other. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

As soon as he entered, mostly everyone's eyes were drawn to him and the youngest in the room flashed a sweet smile before going over and shaking hands with Taehyung's brothers and waving hi to his mother - he seemed like such an innocent guy right now, much different from his behaviour outside.

Jungkook turned and smiled at Taehyung, saying a chirpy, "Hey again." What nobody else noticed was the small smirk creeping onto his lips.

Taehyung couldn't help but secretly glare at the young boy, who had appeared to be standing in front of him. He was about to say something, until he heard his own mothers screams. "Taehyung! What happened to your pants?!" Her loud voice echoed through all of the corridors in this mansion, not long before she stood up with such force, even the chair, that she was supposedly sitting on, fell down behind her onto the ground with a loud thud.

"Oh nothing. I tripped over a unicorn while I was making my way to Narnia." He snapped back at her, suddenly mad for no reason. Taehyung saw how everyone's eyes widened, and he knew that all of them had not expected this from him. Well, from this side of his.

Taehyung's dad straightened his back on the chair before suddenly opening his mouth to obviously scold his son. But Taehyung quickly held up his hand, glaring at his own family members. "I don't need to hear your scoldings now, okay? Not like you wouldn't have done it anyways.." Murmuring, he turned his body towards Jungkook and his shocked parents, forcing a pained smile onto his own lips before bowing apologetically.

That's when it was his sign to grab the jacket he had brought here and leave this place as fast as he could. And that's what he did.

Jungkook couldn't help himself, he began laughing hysterically when Taehyung spoke so sarcastically about travelling to Narnia, he didn't know why but it really did make him feel so much joy and he couldn't control himself.

His mother and step dad didn't seem to find amusement in it and gently the woman smacked her son's wrist, causing him to flinch a little and clear his throat as he began to calm himself down a bit more, not wanting to be screamed by his mother.

"Kook, that isn't funny, do not encourage that kind of behaviour, I wouldn't have expected you to react in such a way as this!" His mother whisper-shouted at him as he took a seat beside her.

As Taehyung got up to leave, the boys' mother called out to him, "Excuse me, Taehyung, where on earth do you think you're going? Don't be so rude, come sit back down."

They thought that he would listen to his own mother, but all they got in response was a loud slam of a door. That's when they knew he had left for real.

Taehyungs mother turned to her bestfriend and apologised with all of her heart "I am so sorry. He is having a panic attack so suddenly. I don't know what had led him to it. He isn't usually like this." Nobody could miss the sad tone in his own mothers voice, before tears gathered at the corners of her eyes.

Her loving husband wrapped his arms around his lovely wife's body, before shooting a smile at the other family, telling them that everything is okay.

Maybe everything was okay to them, but not to Taehyung, who had been standing outside the door. His head throbbed as he was getting those painful flashbacks. He hated having these anxiety attacks, but he knew he couldn't stop them, so all he did was yell on top of his lungs, making sure all of the new neighbourhood had heard him.

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