22.22% Lord of the Blazing Frost / Chapter 2: Power!!??

Chapter 2: Power!!??

Harold or rather Halfdan was once again jolted up by the intense pain. It has been a few week since he was born, six to be exact. The thought of becoming an Asgardian always seem to amaze him, better yet he was an Asgardian in the Marvel Multiverse. It was like a dream to him, when he recognized where he was he feel like he could squeal.

His parent took great care of him here, Frigga has even opted to take care of him herself. She said something about cherishing what was once lost, must be about his older sister Hela. He does not mind the attention however, after all Frigga take care of him better than anyone else can anyway. Halfdan has really felt like a member of this majestic family. His father dropped by any chance he could get, although the chance was rare, Halfdan appreciated his effort.

He also like the maids very much, they were all quite kind, even motherly like. However, that's to be expected of Frigga's helper. The royal guards are also the same, if they don't spend their time training, they would be at his side,protecting him. His life was almost perfect, the only trouble is the intense pain that has been plaguing him.

It started around the second day of him being here. Odin being the great king that he is, decide to show off Halfdan to his subject. The balcony of the castle open up, with Halfdan in arm he walk out. His voice boomed out from the balcony, as he shown them the heir of Asgard. In the midst of cheers from his subject, Halfdan started to feel like his delicate skin was burn by the Sun. The feeling only gotten worse as the days goes on, from the Sun burn to a mass of hellfire.

By nightfall his intense wailing has woken up the castle resident. His mother has elected to stay with him all night, while his father spend his time in the massive library, looking for a cure. Odin come back the next morning, his hair dishevel and eyes bloodshot. He look at his wife slowly and shook his head. Frigga seeing her husband said no, wails for days on end.

Not one to give up however, Odin started to look for personnel that could cure his son. He was a warrior and a king but not a healer, maybe an actual healer can find a cure. He started to search the nine realms, looking for a sign of somebody capable enough. Then he heard it, rumor of a magical Vanir's healer, who could cure any wound, save any live. With his destination in mind, Odin and his warriors set out to Vanaheim.

Vanaheim was a lushes realm, with mighty trees the height of skyscraper. Grass covered the ground, and there are no man made structure in sight. Only animals can be seen ruling the forest floor. The Vanir was known to be powerful mages and druid, their lifestyle reflect this claim. They live on mighty trees, that grow abundant in their home world. Magical runes run diagonally from the trees, making them glows in mystical light. The Vanir technology are less scientifically advance, but their magic make up for the technological loss. Vanir are known to be peaceful people, rarely ever engaged in any type of conflicts. However, do not mistake this passive life style as weak will, a Vanir warrior is just as dangerous as an Asgardian warrior.

Odin's stay did not last long, he has find the person that he was looking for. It seem like the king of the Vanir, Freyr has killed this trickster. The rumor of an all healer, was fake, a scammer who want to hurt people. Sadden by this news greatly, Odin leave for home, desperate and angry. With his return to Asgard, Odin's wrath brewed into a storm for three days and three nights, scaring many inhabitant.

As he stumble to the throne room of Asgard, Odin dropped by his son room. He was surprise greatly by the fact that Halfdan was looking at him. As he went over to pick the boy up, Halfdan curled his hand around his finger, as if to comfort him. Odin merely look at his child, from the warmest place in his heart, let out a smile.

Halfdan feel that the pain will be worse tonight, as he lay down to prepare himself, he drifted off to sleep. He was right about the pain, it felt like there are hellfire under his skin. Every inch of him was on fire, and the burnt feel multiplied. However, the pain was less than what he felt previously, with this thought in mind, Halfdan soldier onward. It was during the morning that the pain completely left, Halfdan tiredly check his status.


Name: Halfdan Odinson

Age: 1.5 month

Race: Royal Asgardian/Kryptonian

Str: 20

Agi: 20

Dex: 20

Sta: 20

Vit: 20

Int: 25

Wil: 35

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Pyromancy Levels: 1

Cryomancy Levels: 1

Sun Absorption: 1


"WAIT A MINUTE!!! I thought I forego all of Kryptonian's gene benefit, so what the fuck is sun absorption doing here..."

Vahone Vahone

Hey guys...

During the writhing of this chapter, I must checked my fact a couple of time, to make sure its line up.

Hopefully you enjoy.

As always have a nice day.

Comments (7)

  • Just_a_Dark_Soul


    Now that i am thinking, he does have the right to acces odinforce doesn't he?

  • Vahone


    He sure does, maybe his power will rival runes king Thor

  • Godslayer66


    Thanks for the chapter

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