33.33% Lord of the Blazing Frost / Chapter 3: War

Chapter 3: War

Halfdan is currently walking about inside the massive castle, his arm flailing about. His maids were walking behind him, making sure he does not fall over.

It has been two years since his awakening; a fact he currently felt quite grateful toward. The cell in his body has drunk much of the radiation from the sun, making them well nourished. His body has been accumulated the natural sun energy, making them brimming with power; He has a feeling his next awakening of power will be very soon...

Currently though, Halfdan was waltzing about, training his body. Lying inside the cribs has made him weak and sore. Making him more active than usual, a fact that has been plaguing Frigga. So walking around has been his new routines, a new way to let out excess energy.

Convincing his new mother hasn't been easy. Frigga was still worried that he will collapse in pain again, a fact that he had to prove wrong. With flailing arm and broken word, he has finally got her to let him walked about. With the protection of the two maids behind him.

Halfdan has never really mind the maids, they were nice enough to not get too close to him. Giving him enough room to do what he want with privacy.

He have been exploring the castle for at least three days, but there were no end in site. With its wide interior and many room, it has been giving him a hard time memorize. However, he has discovered many room of interest. The treasure hall, dining hall, and the library were just some of the room of interest. He has even discovered a secret entrance toward the catacomb beneath the castle through mere accident. A place that he will definitely visit in the future.

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Halfdan was going to his mother's room, a place he has been familiarise with. Everytime Frigga want to talk to him, she alway ask him to goes to her palace. This time there were no exception either, he was expected to visit her today.

Going through the slowest pathway possible, the trip has taken him twenty minute longs. However, Halfdan underestimated his mother patience.

Arriving at the location, he could see his mother eating all sort of delicacies. From the highest layer of the sky to the lowest depth of the ocean, the food pile on Frigga's banquet table. Halfdan waited ten minute for her to finish her food. The entire times he was blank out, staring at thing inside the room.

Frigga eat in a calm and relax manner, her gracefulness even shown in the dining table. Her action neither fast or slow, but extremely precise. After finishing her meal, she look up at her only son. The boy was looking about, his eyes darted back and forth from the ceiling. She can see his lack of attention, his brown leather tunic were scruple after all. She simply smiled and stood up.

Frigga reached down to her son, the boy look up at her curiously. Her knee touched the floor, to the dismay of her follower. She look up at her son was loving eyes, her hand fixing his leather bound tunic. The boy face burn up in a lovely pink, his head bow low. She simply smiled at this, he will always be her sunshine, after the dark time that has pass.

She cupped the boy face and tilted it toward her. He look at her, embarrassment in his eyes."How are you today Halfdan, feeling well I presume?" She asked cheerfully.

"I am fine mom, how about you?" He asked back in his high pitched voice. His eyes shone in caring light when he look at her.

"I am fine my dear." She asked gently. Her smile was bright, showing off her pearly teeth. Halfdan then proceed to tell her everything on his day. He look visibly excited at talking with her.

After a while, Frigga sent her only son to get her husband. She even asked him to go alone, a privilege he undertake right aways. As she was watching the boy leave, she promised to protect the child to the very end.

Halfdan was walking with gusto in his steps. His mother, the extremely protective Frigga, has sent him out to fetch his father alone. He was incredibly excited, and promise to complete the task. Sometime he wonder should an adult man act like this, but when he saw her face, he instantly become a child again. He let out a wry smile, maybe this is the best gift this life has offered him yet.

As he make way to the throne room, he can hear voices from the inside. There were multiple voices talking upon one another. Curios, he hide behind a bush, and use his Kryptonian super hearing to listen in.

"My king, Heven is reeling to go to war with us. We must prepare our army while we still have the chance." A voice sound out. It sound ruff and scratchy, hard for the ear to listen.

"Those selfish wench, dare to blackmailed us. My liege, we must come down on them with unbridle furry. Show them why we Aesir are the leader of the ten realms" Another voice resound outward.

"They even formed a coalition with our enemies for us, this is the perfect chance to get rid of them all." A gentle, soothing voice rang out.

"Heven? Tenth Realm? that must mean we are in the Marvel Universe, not the MCU. By the sound of its, this is the beginning of the War of Angels. By that sense, father first born Aldrif hasn't even been born yet; which make me the first born. So what was mother talking about during my birth." Halfdan silently think to himself.

"We shall discuss this later"Odin voice rang out." My son is listening to us."

Halfdan was scared out of his soul by the last sentence. Odin truly is omnipotence in Asgard.

Vahone Vahone

Sorry for the late update.

Life was being a cunt, but I'm back.

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

As always, hope you guys enjoy.

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    Nat for love maybe or she-hulk also you forget as asgardian need his divine power

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