44.44% Lord of the Blazing Frost / Chapter 4: Test Your Might

Chapter 4: Test Your Might

The golden doors of the throne room creak open. Out of its, multiple men of different colour and ethnicity, churned outward. They all have a weapon with them, slinging down from their waist or their back. War like expression covers everyone of those faces, while bloodlust radiated off of their body.

Halfdan look closely at each of their faces, trying to remember them all. They'd been invited by Odin afterall, each and everyone of them were worthy of being remember.

"Having fun yet?" A voice rang out from behind him."It is not nice to eavesdrops on people."

"What is Heven father?" Halfdan not even flinching, asked his father about Heven. Even though he knew what Heven was, he still have to act like a child."Why are they invading us? Have we done anything wrong?"

Odin merely sigh at the question. His hand tighten around Gungnir, while a frown crept onto his face. After a few minute, he let out another long, tired sigh. He motioned for Halfdan to follow him, while he walked forward.

Halfdan rushed forward to keep up to his father, his legs moved rapidly across the hall. He stay by his father side, silently waiting for Odin to speak first.

"A war is heading our way Halfdan. Lots of casualty will be amass by both side, Asgard will not come out unscathe." Halfdan waited patiently for his father to continue."Even with all my power, I am afraid it is not enough to protect Asgard. Even royalty is at risk."

Halfdan have been shaken to the core. His father, Odin Borson, has just said that he could not be sure to protected his own family. Odin, the man who will fight Galactus and survived, just said even he could not protected his own. A true testament for the war to come.

Halfdan look at his father, the man have not look at him since they've started walking. He reached out and take his father hand, while he smile at his father."If you alone can not protect our family, I will help you, I will carry your burden."

Odin was shocked by his son answer. When he told the boy the news, he was expecting him to be at least nervous, if not down right scared. However, he was not expecting this answer from the boy. He stop walking, his eyes slowly met the boy. In it he saw a bright fire burn in complete darkness, Odin laughed wildly.

"Do you think you can carry my burden? You can barely lift a stick, let alone fight." He stated the fact to the boy, a wry smile hang from his face.

"I am as strong as any warrior of Asgard. Let me prove it to you, and you shall see my might." The boy look back at him defyingly, as if to challenge his rhetorical question.

Odin laughed again, his beard sway and shook lightly. He raised his palm forward, indicating for Halfdan to hit it."Let me test that so called might of yours, punch with all your strength and I will deemed if you're worthy or not."

Halfdan simply smiled at the old man words. He cocked back his right arm, and aimed straight at the center of Odin's palm. He let out an animalistic roar and punched forward with all his might. The air around him howled furiously as he move forward, while the ground cracked at his movement speed.

As soon as the punch make contact with Odin's palm, a loud explosion rang out across the hall. The winds pushed forward, ramming into the big guy. The force from the fist will make most Asgardian wounded, but most is not Odin.

The king of the gods did not move at all, his palm is still in the same position. The only thing different about him is the surprise look in his face. He slowly closed his palm, his eyes still trailing on his disappointed son. The boy must've thought that he could move Odin with that punch, sadly he was mistaken.

Halfdan disappointment radiated off of him. He really have thought that the punch would've move Odin a little bit. He have grow conceited and foolish from this power, it is more evidence when that he have awoken Sun Absorption. Yet, his proud power could not even move Odin. He look at his status bitterly, a wounded smile hang on his face.


Name: Halfdan Odinson

Age: 2.5 year olds

Race: Royal Asgardian/Kryptonian

Str: 50

Agi: 50

Dex: 50

Sta: 50

Vit: 50

Int: 35

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Wil: 35


Pyromancy Levels: 1

Cryomancy Levels: 1

Sun Absorption: 2


Seeing his devastated son, Odin shook his head. He walked closer to the boy, while gazing at his palm. The boy has really exceed expectation, he was 2.5 years old and he already way stronger than some teenager of Asgard. He is way more powerful than everybody else in his aged grouped, way smarter too. There should not be a thing he should be disappointed about, he should be proud instead.

When he got close to his son, he reached out to the boy. Halfdan was almost crying when Odin came and pick him up. Seeing the boy state, Odin patted his head.

"Your training begin tomorrow, don't miss it" Odin said simply."I wouldn't want to miss my first day and neither should you"

Odin said while fixing Halfdan clothes. After he was finished, he stood up and ruffle the boy hair.

"That was a good punch, Halfdan" He said while walked away.

Vahone Vahone

Sorry for late update, my internets was down for the counts.

Here's your chapter, hope you enjoy.

Average Asgardian stats is 40.

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    MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!

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    are u going to drop more chaps or!!!!!!!!

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    Great chapter!!

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