66.66% Lord of the Blazing Frost / Chapter 6: The First Clash

Chapter 6: The First Clash

Odin survey the battlefield carefully; his eye scan every ditches and holes. On the opposite end of the field, Jötunn giants could be seen. The coalition against Asgard had been setting up camp; preparing for the battle ahead.

All ancient enemies of Asgard could be seen in the coalition armies; bearing their fangs at Asgard throat. There were the dark elves; spear headed by their ruler Malekith the Accursed. This race of ancient being were being lead astray by their foolish ruler. However, even the weakest of dogs have fangs. In Malekith dirty hands, hold one of the most dangerous weapon to ever threaten Asgard, the Casket of Ancient Winters.

However, Malekith was the least of Odin worry. Standing in the rear of the coalition armies, multitude of undead roam about. Upon their skeletal body, dangle weapons and armors of ancient past. They were all going toward one direction, their limping body bobbed upward and downward, making it easy to understand who was there, Hela.

The queen of the dead was there herself, controlling her minions to fight Asgard brave warriors. She however, will learn that Asgardian might could not be broken by rotting bodies.

Odin look at the Queen of Hel for a moment, before turning his head toward the two giants being at the far back. Both of them were sitting on mountains, surveying the battlefield just as Odin was doing. One of them were dark red, with fire constantly burning around the monster's body. Its was holding a giant flaming sword; which were choking the sky with the black smoke.

The other was a blue skin being; draped on its shoulder are snow and ice; the monster wear its with pride like an emperor cloak. The monster was wielding an executioner axe, with its blade covered in ice. They were both being fawn over by their minions; countless frost giants and fire demons taking care of their masters.

Odin face darken at the sight. He did not expected for Ymir and Sutr to join this war. He sigh at the predicament, this battle even himself might not come out alive. Both of those old monsters outlived Odin himself, they were from an old era long past. Unless his father, Bor Burison decide to comeback to fight them, Odin was in for the fight of his life.

Just as he was in the middle of his thought, the air above Odin crack and shatter apart. From the crack in the sky, winged women came flying outward. Multiple colored wings flapped mightily from above, while the gust of winds generated blow back the dust on the ground. It seemed like the main cause of the war has decide to reveal themselves.

Moment later, a female angel landed in front of Odin. She was different from the rest of her brethren. The most notable difference is her helmet, it is golden with two wings attached to it side. Her brown hair flutter in the winds, as she stare at the king of the Aesir.

"Last chance Odin, pay us what we want and the war will be finished." She demand haughtily."Both of us does not want this bloodshed, but I will fight if you don't pay the dues."

"I find the lack of honor in you disturbing, Queen of Angels." Odin rebutted back, his mighty voice shake the world itself."I will not give anything to a bunch of dishonourable swine like you."

"What is the point of honor if you are already dead." With that final word, the Queen fly back to her camp.

Moment later, the sound of horns ring out to both side. Odin with one final sighed, put on his helmet. He climbed on to Sleipnir back, while one of his hand hold Gungnir. He look back at his armies; mighty warriors clad in gold armors looking onward savagely. He turn his head slightly to the left to see Frigga and her Valkyries, leading the Vanir to battle.

With one mighty roar, Odin rushed forward; his golden armies charge straight after their king. Odin look at his opponent, their armies also lunged forward. Leading the charges on their side was Sutr, Ymir, Hela, Malekith, and the Queen. The coalition trample everything in their path, rushing toward the All-Father like an unstoppable river.

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A sonic boom ring out in all direction as the two armies crashed upon one another. Bloody carnage is the word to describe the brutal melee that followed after the charge. Corpse of mounts and soldiers laid strewn across both side; the first clash has shown how brutal this war could be. Bodies that have been of friends are now being trampled on. In the dust of war, all decency goes out the window.

The major player of both side has managed to carved out a bloody paths upon their enemy. Odin in his mighty power, destroy multiple battalion of enemies with the Odin-Force. The empty socket that used to hold his eye, shine in a binding blue light; power oozing out from its empty place. With a twirl of his spear, the mighty All-Father skewered everything in his path.

Odin suddenly turn back around. As if realising something, he carved his way back out. Sleipnir, his horse dashed forward with unparalleled speed. He charged toward the worst area of fighting. The two old monsters has destroy multiple battalion of powerful Asgardian warriors. It's time to finished them off once and for all.

Vahone Vahone

Shorter chapter today.

Was supposed to upload yesterday, but the site was not responding.

Hopefully you guys enjoy.

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