42.85% Harry Potter and the Demigods / Chapter 3: Strange Encounter

Chapter 3: Strange Encounter

Valkorion does not know whether to laugh or to cry at the situation at hand.

They've just finished their transaction with Gringotts, when crowd of people swarm in from outside the bank. Leading the charges were witches and wizard with press camera; The incandescent bulb flashed endlessly. Sound of scribbling and rustling of notepads, were drowned out by the sound of people gossiping. It is a chaotic mess in the hall.

Valkorion is experiencing a culture shock. Never in his life has he ever expected to get harassed by the press. He is quite nervous to say the least. After all getting trample will never be a good way to go out.

Grabbing the corner of his mother's robe, he hide behind her back. He has grown to be dependent on his new mother, a quirk he does not want to admit. However, he is the one who is hiding behind her back currently, proving the fact he tried to deny. Valkorion let out an embarrassed smile, before holding on to his mother for dear life.

Vasenya was quite mad right now. Growing up a Barassac, she was used to being gawked at. She has come to hate the fame that were associated with her family, not that there were any Barassac that like it in the first place. Working hard, she has make sure up till this point, nobody has ever look at Valkorion. Yet, somehow the new has gotten out.

The new getting out never infuriated her, after all nobody can keep a secret forever. However, to not care about the child at all and scaring him. That was her final straw.

She slowly pull out a pitch black wand. The wand handle was quite unique, adorned with an eagle head. The body curved downward, making it look like an outstretched finger. The tip of the wand slowly light up in a white colour.


Vasenya cried out with a commanding tone. The wand in her hand respond in kind, shooting a barrier that covered the entire crowd. The white barrier enclosed the living soul within, silencing them immediately.

Satisfied with her spell, Vasenya carefully take Valkorion hand and walk out. She walk past the dumbfounded crowd, and lead her son out of the building.

Vasenya lead her boy rapidly to the main street of Diagon Alley. She was focusing on getting away from the bank as fast as possible. After reaching the main street, she slow her paced down. She look at her boy carefully, before getting down to his level.

"I know that was frightening to see" Vasenya said in a soothing tone. She look her little man in the eyes, while she ruffle his hair."I promise you that'll be the scariest thing you'll see, because mama is here to protect you."

After she finishes her sentence, she flex her muscle a little bit. Hoping that it would get some reaction out of the boy. The boy silently chuckle at her joke, which were enough for her.

After the incident, the duo walk around Diagon Alley, looking for thing to decorate their house with. They came to a shop called Eobott Casia's Casual Commodities. A shop at the south side of Diagon Alley, the higher end of the shopping street. The shop was painted a lovely lavender and beige, with golden fleur de lis hanging proudly. The door is made out of mahogany wood.

The inside of the shop is bigger than the outside of the shop, with lavish decoration. The outside decor is stale in comparison to the decor in the shop. Multiple ancient plate hang around the shop, giving the shop a mystical feel. The clerk desk is made out of marble, exquisitely place at the center back of the shop. The product are put neatly beside one another, flaunting their quality and workmanship.

A family of five were talking to the store owner. They were happily laughing at one another, evoking a scene of familiarity among them.

From the way the family dress, people can deduct many thing about this family. The father is wearing a set of robes made out of dragonhide, and a black cane with the head of a wolf. While the mother is wearing a silky black robe, with golden buckle and button. On her hands was dragonhide gloves and a baby. The other two daughter are wearing white dress, with a white cloak.

Seeing a new customer, the owners excuse himself from this family. Under the family interested gaze, the owner come and greet the pair.

"Hello, I'm Eobott Casia" He smiled dashingly and went in for a handshake."I remember every customers, but I do not know who you are?"

Vasenya seemingly unfazed by the man tactic to pry information, introduce herself gracefully.

"My name is Vasenya Barassac. I am..." Before she could continue however, the store owner has already interrupted them again.

"You...you are Vasenya Barassac. THE Vasenya Barassac" He asked carefully, his voice slightly nervous. Behind him, the family also anticipating for the answer.

Vasenya smiled lightly and nod. She look unfazed by this type of behaviour, like she was used to it by now.

The shop owner on the other hand, can not believe this is real. His mouth simply hang agape for a moment, but he regained his composure. Letting out his best smile, he started to talk to Vasenya again. Hearing she've come to buy furniture, he gladly brought out his best product. Somewhere along the line, the couples and one of their daughter join in the conversation, trying to get in to Vasenya good grace.

Valkorion, decide to let the adults talked, wander around the shop. He walked around row and row of magical trinkets, looking for something interesting. As he was walking about, he saw a pink snitch. Deciding that was interesting enough, he stopped and started to fiddle with the thing.

"That snitch was made by Thalia Casia, Eobott's grandmother." A childish voice suddenly rang out."If you give it to me I could show you how it work?"

A girl was standing at the beginning of the aisle, her white dress flutter as she walk forward. Her long, thick shiny dark hair flutter because of the speed she move at. Her thin lips make her face look icy, and arrogant. While her strong jaw lines make her look noble. When she grow up, she will definitely be a classic beauty.

"The snitch was decorated by the woman. She like everything pink you see." The little girl explain."But, it will function quite well if you release it."

Saying that, the little girl open her palm, letting the snitch fly. The pink blur moved about, dancing between the aisle. It flutter about like a fairy, before rapidly moving to another place.

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Valkorion and the girl stood there, watching the snitch dance about. Mesmerize by the scene, Valkorion involuntary went forward and grab the snitch. The snitch wings collapse inward, it stopped flying immediately. Seeing his disappointed face, the girl let out a bell like laughter.

"How old are you?" She curiously asked him.

"Five" Valkorion reply, still slightly disappointed about the snitch.

"Same as me huh?" She responds curiously."Do you have any friend your age?" Seeing the boy shook his head embarrassingly, she let out another burst of laughter.

"I can be your first friend then. My name is Bellatrix Black, nice to meet you" The girl look at him, and let out a small smile.

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  • TrueImmortalDevil


    Bellatrix Black ... ok so Voldemort is not a thing yet ... or she would be either an ***** or in Azkaban

  • Hwanje


    The timeline????/????

  • DragonGodSmith3000


    Bellatrix for the coven harem!!!! Lol

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