18.75% My Devilish Wife / Chapter 3: An Ran

Chapter 3: An Ran

"Mommy, what happened to me?" Jiang Yue asked. When Madam Jiang heard her daughter's question, she hesitated a bit and said, "It's okay, honey. I think you were just not in good shape so you fell down the stairs."

That hesitant look didn't escape Jiang Yue's eyes.

'What is she hiding from me?' Jiang Yue thought inwardly.

In her previous life, she wasn't cautious of it and wasn't the least bit suspicious about the matter. That would be one of her regrets in her later years that she didn't know.

Somewhere, in a presidential suite, at the top of the hotel.

A man stood by the window while looking at the beautiful scenery of the city. It was a magnificent sight.

He had an unbelievable handsome face that made people think that God had probably used so much time to craft it. His smooth milky skin without any blemish could make females ashamed and be envious of. Lastly, his enchanting eyes. It was so beautiful yet deep that it seemed like it could suck people in.

"Why do I keep on dreaming that I lost someone important to me? Who is Yue'er?" The man mumbled lightly under his breath while frowning.

Jiang Yue's room.

She looked around the room and found her phone on the table just right next to her bed. She smiled inwardly looking at the phone. 'I wonder how my friends are..'

She opened her phone and saw the date, 3 March 2014. "Ahh..I came back to 5 years ago when I was 16 years old. This queen is back!!" she shouted with not-so diguised hatred in her tone.

When the servants outside heard her yell, they unconsciously felt chills running down their spines.

'Has the young miss gone crazy after the incident? Should we inform the madam?' They thought perplexed.

Then she opened her messages and saw the name at the most top displayed, 'An Ran.' An Ran was her friend who was always loyal and stay true to her but because of Jiang Mei, her half-sister's 'convincing' words, she misunderstood An Ran's intentions. Jiang Yue sighed to herself. "I really was ridiculously stupid."

An Ran had warned her before about Jiang Mei's ill intentions but unfortunately, she didn't believe it.

After she was done pondering on the matter for a couple of minutes, she decided to message An Ran. She sent a 'hi' to her. After just three quick seconds, An Ran replied with a quite long message compared to her one word message, 'Yue, are you not mad at me anymore? Why do you only reply now? What happened to you? I know that you won't believe me but it's the truth. Jiang Mei isn't a good person! She's trying to hurt you!'

Jiang Yue replied again, 'Yes, I believe you. I'm sorry. Can we meet tomorrow?'

An Ran answered, 'Okay.'

Then her phone rang. She saw the name displayed, 'Jiang Mei.' She felt irritated and disgusted seeing her name and so she ignored the call. After a few seconds, it went silent and rang again and decided to mute her phone.

Jiang Mei was her half-sister who liked to act as a white lotus flower. She pretended like she cared about Jiang Yue while inside, she's looking forward to her death. She's a hypocrite sister.

Jiang Yue analysed how things happened in her previous life and analysed that there was a third party backing up Jiang Mei and her stepmom.

'Who would hate me so much?' she thought racking her brain.

'The person must be powerful as well as they can escape from my clutches. But when did I offend someone that formidable?' She asked herself while rubbing her temples.

As a matter of fact, she had offended quite a number of people in her previous life. But of course, she was oblivious to it.

In a hotel room.

There was a couple kissing each other. They were Jiang Mei and Jian Ming (Jiang Yue's former bastard lover). Jiang Mei stopped the kiss first while Jian Ming frowned seeing her action. He asked, "Why did you stop? Not in the mood?"

Jiang Mei answered, "I called that bitch, Jiang Yue before and she didn't respond to the call. She would usually instantly respond before the second ring. I can't help but keep being suspicious of this, dear."

Jian Ming placed his hands on her breast area while saying, "Don't think too much about it. She's not worth your time, baby. Maybe she just wasn't holding her phone."

(*there's an 18+ scene in the next part. You are warned~ ^^)

Then, they continued what they were doing. Jian Ming teased and sucked her nipples while Jiang Mei moaned. "A-ah…ahhhhh…Jian Ming, it feels good."

Jian Ming licked and placed love bites all over her body.

"Hurry, put it in!" She said. "Beg me for it like a slave!" Jian Ming replied. "Master, I want your dick inside me! Please!" She begged.

He felt satisfied hearing it and did her request. He placed his excited younger brother inside her. His dick thrusted inside her and bumped to her womb repeatedly. They were panting heavily.

Only the moans and the sound of the water could be heard inside the room. The people passing by the door of their room blushed hearing the sounds.

After they did another few rounds, they were satisfied and stopped. They were in deep slumber due to the tiring activity they did.

*Guys, do you think it's good if I put a bit of an X-rated scene or should I not? :0

Comments (10)

  • NurFaizee


    Why not..... it adds excitement to the story.......hehehe

  • AndyNadeshiko


    8) I love those scenes

  • Allenmatoliya


    Shameless readers can read though... Xxx scene ...u can write anything u want... I think its going to be an intresting novel..

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