87.5% Crossing Over: Chronicles of DXD / Chapter 35: Homicides in Kuoh

Chapter 35: Homicides in Kuoh

There we are. Sona Sitri, the heiress of the house of Sitri, is in front of me. Sitting behind the desk in the student council room, the president is giving off a grave expression. Even so, appearing all serious, I can still see some blush turning those white cheeks red. I must say, I'm liking this.

S.Sesa: ( I'm liking this too! )

"Yeah." I thought, thinking about how we arrived at our current situation. I might have caught onto something. This girl in front of me most likely doesn't do well in embarrassing circumstances.

"No wonder, she is someone who hides away from the Satan who embarrasses her. Serafall Leviathan!" I contemplate.

S.Sesa: ( Hehe, now to think up all the embarrassing things we can do... )

Just like how Sona is sitting before me, I'm sitting before her as well. Chaos was kind enough to pull a chair over for me to sit on at the front of the desk, right in front of the president. As for Chaos herself, instead of sitting, she is standing at my side.

"I like her to sit, though, her standing beside me makes me look more imposing. Does it make me look good?" I thought, wanting to know.

Then I started off with the first objective.

"I'm here to get this girl here enrolled. Your assistance is appreciated."

Sona: And who is this girl?

S.Sesa: ( Jealous, are we? )

"I don't think so." I let my thoughts be known to my doppelganger then I introduce Chaos, "This is Chaosha. She is more or less the same age as myself."

Sona: She's human?

Chaos: I am a pet class Angel-

"She is my familiar. Some unexpected events happened."

Sona: I understand...

From the looks of things, it would seem that Sona isn't willing to delve into the subject. She's probably got her own conjecture formulated.

She really is too serious. I should really go all out and get her into embarrassing situations. This serious look isn't bad but the embarrassing looks are more alluring.

Sona: Have you thought of my offer before.

I'm not sure what she's talking about. Did she offer me anything before... I can't think of anything. Perhaps it's that...

"Sure I have. Since I'm here now, I'm very serious about our relationship."

Sona: I... am... nevermind. Is that all?

"Actually, I've got to ask for a favor."

Sona: For someone that nobody knows, you sure are demanding.

I kind of get what the student council president is getting at. I just arrived and I'm asking for favors. It doesn't make me look good. I guess I should spend more time with the girl.

When I think about it, this novice king is a smarty-pants. I won't be able get away with anything... This is the first time I used the word smarty-pants, if I ever say this word again, may lightning strike me.

S.Sesa: ( Ahem... amen! )

"Sorry about. I just wanted for us to go to the familiars forest. I need to speak to the familiars master. Also, we should hang out more often."

Sona: I'm too busy right now. Possibly for the next few days. You should also watch yourself and don't get killed.


Did something happen. I wasn't even gone long. Is someone coming after me?

I stared at Sona sternly and asked, "Did something happen, I just got back like two nights ago or something?"

Sona: This... Kuoh has gotten worse in recent days. 3 clients of the devil faction had been brutally murdered. No evidence was left to show which other faction was involved.

"So it's the angels or fallen angels?"

Sona: We can rule out the Angels and the Vatican. Both the devil faction and angel faction do our best not to infringe on another's territory. In other words we mostly keep to ourselves. If something did happen, it would mainly involve a random stray devil... neither myself nor the president of the occult research club would jeopardize the current peace between the factions.

"Then that leaves us the fallen angels along with their followers. I heard that the old abandoned church at Kuoh hill became active some time ago."

Sona: It's just as you say. We sent our familiars to follow the new priests that have appeared here. All leads to the abandoned church. There should be 3 or 4 fallen angels present there but none seem to be active as far as we've seen.

S.Sesa: ( It's four, definitely four. The only thing I didn't understand is why three of them are girls? That ratio is oddly suspicious when counting the male fourth. )

"They must be plotting something we don't know."

Sona: That's what I'm suspicious about. Fallen angels branching out, it's not the usual methods used by the Grigori. This people have at least invaded the devil territory 3 times and all those clients have all been under the Sitri house.

"I wonder what they after." I say. I'm very curious, it's most likely they after the Boosted gear. They would never find it though.

Sona: I've contemplated all of the information I've gathered as well as the information provided by the Gremory team. Having knowledge about the nature of the Grigori's leader, I suspect that they are after a sacred gear.

I knew that already. Issei's life shouldn't be in danger either since the gear didn't appear on him in the first place in this timeline.

Sona Sitri is still looking pretty serious so I put forth another question, "Is it okay to tell me all this?"

Sona: There's no point in keeping this to myself. All devils living here will be in danger regardless. Protecting our own is priority. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

I nod my head in response.

Sona: ( sigh ) If only I had found the sacred gear wielder first when that incident happened.

"An incident happened?" I'm curious to know. All this tells me is that there was a trigger that started this.

Sona: Yea', a few weeks ago an entire district had made losses, no one knows who the culprit is. At the time I thought it may be a sacred gear's work but now I feel sure with all that's happening. If it landed in my hands back then, we could've avoided all these homicides in Kuoh.

"Man! That must be some sacred gear."

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