44.11% Love Yourself: Wonder / Chapter 14: Chapter 13

Chapter 14: Chapter 13


In the peaceful morning that's conquering the Yoo's Residence..

"I still cannot believe it."

Said Yeonae to herself as soon as she woke up, took a sit on her bed and take a look at her phone.

"You still cannot believe what?"

Asked Yeonhun to his younger sister, Yeonae.

"That a KPOP Idol group wrote me a note in my phone! IN MY PHONE!"

Answered Yeonae to Yeonhun's question. He walk towards his younger sister and touched her forehead.

"You sure you don't have a fever or any illness that can affect your brain?"

Said Yeonhun as he remove his hand on Yeonae's forehead. She just glared at him and crossed her arms then suddenly.. their doorbell rang. They both looked at Yeonae's door. Yeonhun walked out from Yeonae's room and towards their gate. Yeonae stood up, played the song 'Euphoria' that is sang by BTS' Jungkook, fixed her messy hair, walk towards the bathroom, washed up her face and brushed her teeth. She then changed her pajamas. Yeonae's now wearing an oversized gray t-shirt and red athletic shorts. After she manage herself and arraged her bed, Yeonae then walked out of her room and walk down the stairs just to be shocked by the visitors who's waiting for her in their living room.


Called Taehyung to Yeonae as he stood up from the couch, walk towards Yeonae who froze at the end of the stairs as soon as she saw BTS and then hugged her.


Greet Jungkook, Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Jimin and Hoseok to Yeonae as they stood up and bowed to her. Taehyung let go of his hug at Yeonae and escorted her towards the living room.


Said Yeonae to the seven as she bowed to them.

"Ya! We told you before, no need to bow."

Said Seokjin to Yeonae as points at the chair to make Yeonae sit down on one of their chairs.

"Wh-what are you guys d-doing here?"

Asked Yeonae to the seven as she took a sit on their 'for-one-person-only' chair at the living room. The seven of them followed. Taehyung is the one who sitted near Yeonae at the couch. Jungkook is sitted beside Taehyung. Jimin is sitted beside Jungkook. Namjoon is sitted beside Jimin. Hoseok is sitted beside Namjoon. Seokjin is sitted beside Hoseok. And Yoongi.. is sitted at the 'for-one-person-only' chair opposite to Yeonae.

"We came to visit you~!"

Answered Jimin to Yeonae's question as he spread his arms and smiled at Yeonae.

"I'm.. I mean.. How did you guys know where I live?"

Asked Yeonae again to them.

"You typed your address in Seokjin hyeong's(older guy/brother *male to male*) phone, remember."

Answered Hoseok to Yeonae's question.

"Wait~! Are you playing 'Euphoria' earlier at your room?"

Asked Jungkook to Yeonae as he stares at her and wait for her answer. Yeonae looked at Jungkook, blushed and then looks away because of embarrassment.


Answered Yeonae to Jungkook as she looks down at the floor.


Compliment Namjoon to Yeonae all of a sudden while he's staring at her with dreamy eyes. Yeonae looked at Namjoon with wide eyes, her cheeks turned even more red and then covered her face with her hands.

"Here's the drinks~ You guys sure you don't want any foods?"

Asked Yeonhun to the seven as he places the tray with a pitcher and seven glasses at the coffe table in their living room.

"Please give them foods Yeonhun oppa(older brother/guy *female to male*)."

Said Yeonae to her older brother, Yeonhun while she's still covering her face because of embarrassment. Yeonhun looked at her confusedly as soon as he saw Yeonae covering her face.


Asked Yeonhun to Yeonae as he comes closer to her.


Answered Namjoon to Yeonhun's question at Yeonae. Yeonhun looked at Namjoon with wide eyes.


Asked Yeonhun to Namjoon while he's still looking at him with wide eyes.


Answered Yeonae to Yeonhun's question to Namjoon. Yeonhun looked at Yeonae then looks back at Namjoon.

"I'll just.. gotta go.. get the food.."

Said Yeonhun and then walk towards the kitchen. Then suddenly Yeonchae came down the stairs.

"Oh?! Annyeonghaseyo(Hello)~! Who are these guys, Yeonae eonni(older sister/girl *female to female*)?"

Asked Yeonchae to Yeonae as she bowed to the seven, walk towards her older sister while looking at the seven.


Greet the seven to Yeonchae as they bowed to her, too.

"They're BTS, Yeonchae."

Answered Yeonae to her younger sister, Yeonchae while she's still covering her face.

"The KPOP group that Danica eonni(older girl/sister *female to female*) always talks about to you? And why are you covering your face?"

Asked Yeonchae to her older sister, Yeonae as she points at Yeonae's hands that is covering her face.

"Yes, they are the ones that Danica always talks about to me. Sanggwanhaji ma(It's none of your business)."

Answered Yeonae to her younger sister, Yeonchae as she finally removed her hands from her face.

"Ahahahaha! You're as red as a tomato! Yeonhun oppa(older brother/guy *female to male*)~! Yeonae eonnie(older sister/girl *female to female*) is as red as a tomato!"

Shout Yeonchae to their older brother, Yeonhun as she ran towards the kitchen.


Yelled Yeonae to her younger sister as she throw a pillow to Yeonchae from the chair she's sitting on.

"Ya, Yeonae. How old are you?"

Asked Yoongi to Yeonae and drinks the juice that Yeonhun brought them.

"I'm 19 but turning 20 in September 14."

Answered Yeonae to Yoongi's question and then she smiled at them.

"How about you, oppas(older guys/brothers *female to male*)? How old are you?"

Asked Yeonae to the seven while she's looking at them.

"I'm 26 but turning 27 on December 4."

Answered Seokjin to Yeonae's question and then he took a bite from his sandwich.

"I turned 26 this March 9."

Answered Yoongi to Yeonae with his poker face.

"I turned 25 this February 18!"

Answered Hoseok happily to Yeonae and smiled at her.

"24 but turning 25 on September 12."

Answered Namjoon to Yeonae and then he smiled at her.

"I'm 23. Turning 24 on October 13."

Answered Jimin and smiled at Yeonae too.

"I'm turning 30 on December 24."

Answered Taehyung to Yeonae. All of them looked at Taehyung confusedly.


Asked Namjoon to Taehyung confusedly.

"You're older than Seokjin hyeong(older guy/brother *male to male*)!?"

Asked Hoseok to Taehyung confusedly too.

"Are you sure that you're turning 30?"

Asked Yoongi to Taehyung with his poker face.

"Mwo(What)? What did I just said?"

Asked Taehyung to them confusedly too.

"That you're turning 30 in December 24."

Answered Jungkook to Taehyung's question. Yeonae, Jimin, Jungkook, Hoseok and Seokjin cracked and they can't stop laughing. Yoongi just looked at the coffee table serenely. Namjoon is still looking at Taehyung confusedly. And Taehyung.. he's giggling because of his mistake.

"Aniyo(No), aniyo(no)! What I meant is that I'm turning 24 on December 30!"

Correct Taehyung of his mistake. Yeonae, Jimin, Jungkook, Hoseok and Seokjin is still laughing because of Taehyung. Yoongi is now staring at the coffee table serenely. And Namjoon is still confused of what is happening.

"Here's the food~!"

Said Yeonhun as he places the tray with sandwiches in it.

"You're.. You're name is Yeonjun, right?"

Asked Yoongi to Yeonhun. He looked at Yoongi with wide eyes and point himself.


Replied Yeonhun to Yoongi.


Answered Yoongi to Yeonhun as he nod at him.

"A-aniyo(N-no). My name is Yeonhun not Yeonjun."

Answered Yeonhun to Yoongi's question earlier as he smiled at him awkwardly.

"Is that so? Mianhe(Sorry). My bad."

Apologized Yoongi to Yeonhun and then bowed at him.

"Gwaenchanayo(It's alright)! Many people misheard my name that's why they sometimes called me Yeonjun."

Said Yeonhun to Yoongi as he caress his nape, walk towards Yeonae and stood there by her side.

"Wae(Why), Yoongi oppa(older guy/brother *female to male*)?"

Asked Yeonae to Yoongi as she took a sandwich and ate it.

"Well, we have juniors in the company that we're working for, BigHit Entertainment. Their group name is Tomorrow by Together. TXT for short. And there is a member named Yeonjun."

Answered Seokjin to Yeonae's question for Yoongi.


Asked Yeonae to Seokjin. He just nods as an answer.

"Who said TXT!?"

Asked Yeonchae so suddenly to all of them as she walk towards the living room and stood beside her older brother, Yeonhun. They all just looked at Seokjin.


Asked Seokjin to Yeonchae nervously because he couldn't guess if Yeonae is excited or furious.

"It's a good thing I did not say it."

Said Yoongi as he took a bite from his sandwich.

"Are you guys really the seniors of TXT!?"

Asked Yeonchae once again. Seokjin nods.

"N-ne(Yes). Wae(Why)?"

Asked Seokjin to Yeonchae as he gulped because of his nervousness.

"Aaahhh! I'm their fan!"

Yelled Yeonchae as she jumps up and down beside Yeonhun.


Asked Yeonae to her youger sister, Yeonchae as she looked at her unbelievably.


Asked Yeonchae to her older sister, Yeonae as she stopped jumping, crossed her arms and looks at Yeonae.

"It's not that, you dummy. It's just that I've never saw you listening to their songs."

Answered Yeonae to Yeonchae's question. Yeonchae just walk back to the kitchen.


Called Namjoon to Yeonae. She looked at him.


Asked Yeonae to Namjoon as she smiled cutely at him. Namjoon blushed a little.

"H-have you eaten your b-breakfast already?"

Asked Namjoon to Yeonae while he cannot looked at her steadily.

"No, I haven't. Wae(Why)?"

Answered Yeonae to Namjoon's question and then she took another bite from her sandwich. Yeonhun looked at Yeonae unbelievably.


Asked Yeonhun to Yeonae. She just looked at her older brother innocently.


Asked Yeonae back to Yeonhun and then she took another bite from her sandwich.


Answered Yeonhun to his younger sister then looked away and crossed his arms.

"Then.. Could yo-"

Said Namjoon but he was interrupted.

"Could you be able to join us to have breakfast at the Willow's?"

Interrupted Taehyung to Namjoon and asked Yeonae then smiled at her with his iconic box smile. Yeonhun and Yeonae looked at each other with wide eyes and then Yeonchae suddenly runs back to the living room again.

"Th-that's our eomeoni's(mother's) restaurant!"

Said Yeonchae to the seven and that made them look at Yeonae with wide eyes.


Asked Namjoon to Yeonae while he's looking at her with wide eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"That's mind blowing!"

Said Taehyung as he touches his head with both of his hands.

"Your mind already blow a long time ago."

Said Yoongi to Taehyung with his poker face.

"Are you guys serious!?"

Asked Hoseok to Yeonae, Yeonhun and Yeonchae unbelievably while he's looking at them with wide eyes.

"That is mind blowing indeed!"

Agreed Jimin to what Taehyung just said.


Said Jungkook but Taehyung and Jimin quickly covered his mouth to stop him while both Taehyung and Jimin's eyes are widened because of the shock.

"I did not raise you like that, Jungkook!"

Yelled Seokjin to Jungkook while he's looking at him with wide eyes and the veins at his neck is appearing.

"I raise him like that."

Said Namjoon proudly as he take a look at Seokjin who is now gonna burst out like a volcano.

"Ya! How could you!? Jungkook looks up to you! So how could you teach him that kind of things!? I thought I raised him wrong but it was you who teached him that! How could you!"

Asked Seokjin to Namjoon. As soon as the words that Namjoon said sinks into his head, he widened his eyes because of the shock.

"I-I didn't mean that! No! I meant that! No, no! I didn't raise Jungkook like that!"

Said Namjoon while he's panicking. Hoseok caress Namjoon's back to make him calm.

"Geumanhae(Stop it), Namjoon!"

Said Seokjin to Namjoon. The Yoo siblings just watched them confusedly.

"We're so sorry for the chaos that we've made!"

Apologized Hoseok to the three of them as he stood up and then bowed to them.

"Ani(No)! Gwaenchanayo(It's alright)!"

Said Yeonae to Hoseok. He just sits down and try to calm Namjoon down again.

"Is your mother the manager of that restaurant?"

Asked Yoongi all of a sudden to Yeonae while the six is in their own worlds. Taehyung and Jimin is scolding Jungkook because of what he said and then Hoseok and Seokjin is trying to calm Namjoon down.

"She's the manager and the head chef."

Answered Yeonae to Yoongi's question while she's looking at him and ignoring the six.

"What is your abeoji's(father's) job?"

Asked Yoongi to Yeonae once again. Yeonhun and Yeonchae just watched the six who's in their own worlds.

"Our abeoji(father) owns a private company."

Answered Yeonae to Yoongi's question.

"Uhm.. Yoongi oppa(older guy/brother *female to male*), should we be worried for them? They aren't stopping."

Asked Yeonchae to Yoongi as she keeps watching the six.

"Just ignore them. They'll just waste your time."

Answered Yoongi to Yeonchae's question and that made the six stop and looked at Yoongi.

"This..! This friend is harsh!"

Shout Seokjin as he points his index finger at Yoongi.

"How could you say that in front of us Yoongi hyeong(older guy/brother *male to male*)!?"

Asked Hoseok to Yoongi while he's looking at Yoongi with wide eyes. And then the chaos continued.

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A/N: If the WORDS or PHRASES are being CAPITALIZED, it means that they are ACTUALLY SPEAKING IN ENGLISH at that time.

Please rate and vote my story. If you have any suggestion that can help me improve my work, feel free to comment, too. Thank you very much! Lots of love!

Be whoever you wanna be, your only limitation is yourself.

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