50% Love Yourself: Wonder / Chapter 16: Chapter 15

Chapter 16: Chapter 15


"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello), Yeonae-ya~!"

Greet Jungkook to Yeonae from the other line of the call.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello), Jungkook oppa (older guy *female to male*). What makes you call me?"

Asked Yeonae to Jungkook after she greeted him through her phone.

"I just wanted- I mean, we wanted to ask you if we can come over there at your house today?"

Asked Jungkook to Yeonae shyly from the other line of the call.

"Oh. I'm sorry but I guess you can-."

Answered Yeonae but she was interrupted when their doorbell rang.

"I told you to be patient!"

Shout Seokjin to Namjoon as Yeonae heard someone hits someone from the other side of the line.

"Aya (Ouch)! But I miss, Yeonae-ya! I want to see her!"

Replied Namjoon to Seokjin.

"We miss her too, okay!?"

Said Seokjin to Namjoon furiously.

"Joesong haeyo (I'm sorry)."

Apologize Namjoon to Seokjin.

"Oh my god. Are you guys outside right now!?"

Asked Yeonae to the seven.

"N-Ne (Y-Yes)."

Answered Taehyung to Yeonae's question.

"Someone's opening the gate!"

Said Hoseok to them and then Yeonae heard a creaking noise from the call.

"A-Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)~"

Greet the seven nervously.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello). May I ask who are they?"

Asked someone to the seven.

"Is that eomma (mum)?"

Asked Yeonae to herself as she looked at her phone confusedly.

"We're friends of Yeonae-ya."

Answered Yoongi to Willow's question.

"Come in. Ae didn't told me that she made new friends."

Said Willow to the seven as Yeonae heard footsteps from the call.

"W-We just became friends more than a month ago but we just managed to see her again

this April 28, MA'AM."

Replied Namjoon to Willow.


Asked Willow to Namjoon surprisingly.


Answered Namjoon to Willow's question to him.

"Enough with the formalities. You can call me ajumma (auntie)."

Said Willow to the seven.

"A-Aren't you the owner of the Willow's restaurant, ajumma (auntie)?"

Asked Hoseok to Willow nervously.

"Ne (Yes). I am the owner of the Willow's restaurant. Wae (Why)?"

Replied Willow to Hoseok.

"We wanted to eat breakfast there the other day with Yeonae-ya, but..."

Answered Jungkook to Willow's question but he hesitated to finish his sentence. Then Yeonae quickly ran out of her room, leaving her phone behind.


Asked Willow to Jungkook critically. Yeonae quickly ran towards her mother, Willow, who is sited on their 'for-one-person-only' chair.

"Eomma (Mum)! Aren't you going to check on your restaurant today?"

Asked Yeonae to her mother all of a sudden. Willow looked at her.

"No, because it's Saturday. It's our family day. And tomorrow, too. Don't you dare tell me that you forgot."

Answered Willow to her eldest daughter's question.

"No I didn't."

Replied Yeonae to her mother. Willow stared at her and raised her eyebrow to ask Yeonae 'really' in a non-verbal way. Yeonae gulped.

"Well, maybe until now?"

Answered Yeonae to her mother and then she smiled at Willow with the mix of nervousness and scared.


Yelled Willow to Yeonae as she stood up and faces Yeonae but she interrupted her mother.


Said Yeonae to her mother while she's now panicking.


Asked Willow to Yeonae furiously.


Answered Yeonae to her mother while she's still panicking because of Willow.


Said Willow to Yeonae as she took a sit and caress her forehead. Yeonae calm herself first and quickly walk towards Seokjin who is sited opposite to Yeonae's mother.

"Eomma (Mum), this is Seokjin oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Said Yeonae as she points at Seokjin.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)~"

Greet Seokjin to Willow as he stood up and bowed to her.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello), Seokjin."

Greet Willow to Seokjin and then bowed to him while she's still sited. Seokjin took a sit. And Yeonae walk towards Yoongi who is sited at the couch with the others.

"This is Yoongi oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Said Yeonae as she points Yoongi.

"Nice to meet you, ajumma (auntie). I always love eating at your restaurant."

Said Yoongi to Willow and smiled at her.

"My pleasure, Yoongi."

Replied Willow to Yoongi as she smiled back at him. Yeonae took a step forward.

"This is Hoseok oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Said Yeonae as she points at Hoseok who is sited next to Yoongi.

"The foods in your restaurant are very delicious!"

Compliments Hoseok to Willow's restaurant cheerfully.

"Gamsahabnida (Thank you), Hoseok."

Thanked Willow to Hoseok and then she smiled at him. Yeonae took another step forward.

"This is Namjoon oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Said Yeonae as she points at Namjoon who is sited next to Hoseok.


Said Namjoon to Willow as he stood up, bowed and smiled at her.


Replied Willow to Namjoon as she bowed while she's still sited and smiled back at Namjoon. He took a sit.


Said Yeonae to herself while she's still pointing at Namjoon. Willow glared at her eldest daughter. Yeonae gulped and took another step forward.

"Uhh... Next is Jimin oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Said Yeonae as she points at Jimin who's sited next to Namjoon.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)~ Nice to meet you, ajumma (auntie)."

Greet Jimin to Willow as he stood up, bowed and smiled sweetly at her.

"Nice to meet you, too, Jimin."

Replied Willow to Jimin as she bowed and smiled back at him while she's still sited. Jimin took a sit. Yeonae took another step forward.

"This is Taehyung oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Said Yeonae as she points Taehyung who is sited next to Jimin.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)! Nice to meet you ajumma (auntie)! I hope you will allow us to be friends with your children!"

Said Taehyung to Willow happily and then he smiled cutely at her.

"We'll see about that, Taehyung."

Replied Willow to Taehyung as she looks at him with a blank expression.


Said Taehyung as he caresses his nape because of the sudden nervousness he felt because of Willow.

"And! This is Jungkook oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Said Yeonae as she took another step forward and points at Jungkook who is sited next to Taehyung.

"Hi, ajumma (auntie) Willow. I'm happy to meet you."

Said Jungkook to Willow as he bowed and smiled at her while he's still sited.

"Happy to meet you, too, Jungkook."

Replied Willow to Jungkook as she bowed and smiled at him while she's still sited too.

"And they are..."

Added Yeonae but didn't finished her sentence because of hesitation.

"Are what?"

Asked Willow to Yeonae as she takes a look at her daughter. Yeonae gulped once again.

"Uhh... K-pop... Idols?"

Answered Yeonae to her mother's question hesitantly.

"Jin-jja (Really)?"

Asked Willow to the seven as she looks at them.

"Ne (Yes)."

Answered Jimin to Willow's question and smiled at her again.

"What is your group name?"

Asked Willow to the seven once again.


Answered Namjoon to Willow's question.

"Isn't that the K-pop group that Danica always talks about with you?"

Asked Willow to Yeonae as she looks at her.

"Yes, they are."

Answered Yeonae to her mother's question and nods happily.

"Friend of yours, Yeonae-ya?"

Asked the man who's wearing a black tuxedo and carrying a briefcase and enters the house.

"Appa (Dad)!"

Shout Yeonae excitedly to the man who's wearing a black tuxedo and carrying a briefcase that turns out to be her father as she ran towards him and give him a peck on his cheek.

"Good afternoon, Jeonhyeon."

Greet Willow to her husband, Jeonhyeon, as she walks towards him.

"Good afternoon to you, too, Sweetie."

Greet Jeonhyeon to his wife as he walks towards her too and then both him and Willow kissed in front of Yeonae and BTS.

Yeonae looked at her parents unbelievably. Taehyung covers Jungkook's eyes and he covers Taehyung's eyes, too. Jimin watched Willow and Jeonhyeon kiss happily. Namjoon quickly looks away whenever he glimpses at Willow and Jeonhyeon. Hoseok screams silently because of the sweetness that he witnesses. Yoongi stared at the coffee table serenely. And Seokjin is worried for Jungkook. And finally, Willow and Jeonhyeon stopped. Yeonae signals the seven to greet her father.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)~!"

Greet the seven to Jeonhyeon as they stood up and then bowed to him.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)."

Greet Jeonhyeon to the seven as he faces them and bowed to them.

"Ne (Yes). They are my friends, appa (dad)."

Answered Yeonae to her father's question earlier as she walks towards him.

"Don't tell me that you're one of the boys now."

Teases Jeonhyeon to his eldest daughter as he looks at her and chuckled.

"Appa (Dad)!"

Called Yeonae to her father to make him stop teasing her. The seven giggled because of Yeonae's reaction to her father.

"Hahahahaha! Just kidding, starshine."

Said Jeonhyeon to her daughter and then he kissed her on her forehead and the seven awed because of them. Willow smiled at Yeonae and Jeonhyeon.

"So... when do you plan to introduce them to me?"

Asked Jeonhyeon to Yeonae as he looks at the seven.

"Oh! Yeah! Appa (Dad), This is-"

Said Yeonae but she was interrupted by her own mother.

"Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook."

Said Willow as she points each of the seven.

"You have good memories, ajumma (auntie)."

Compliment Yoongi to Willow as he smiled at her. Willow smiled back, bowed to Yoongi and then walk towards the kitchen to prepare some foods for them.

"Ya! Aren't you guys BTS?! Jin, SUGA, J-hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook?!"

Asked Jeonhyeon to the seven unbelievably. Yeonae quickly looks at her father shockingly.

"You know them, appa (dad)!?"

Asked Yeonae to Jeonhyeon while she's still looking at him shockingly.

"Mwo (What)? Do old guys aren't allowed to listen to their songs?"

Asked Jeonhyeon to her daughter as he points at the seven. Seokjin, Jimin, Hoseok, Namjoon, Taehyung and Jungkook feel awkward at the moment while Yoongi is still staring serenely at the coffee table.

"B-but... H-how... Since when!?"

Asked Yeonae to her father once again.

"Neowaneun sang-gwan eobs-eo (It's none of your business), Yeonae-ya."

Said Jeonhyeon to Yeonae as he glares at her. Yeonae gulped again.

"Yes... appa (dad)."

Replied to Yeonae to her father as she looks away from him, bites her lips and plays with her fingers unconsciously.

"Since the debut of BTS!"

Answered Willow from the kitchen to Yeonae's question. Yeonae looks at the kitchen with wide eyes because of what her mother answered.


Called Jeonhyeon to his wife, Willow as his face turns red because of the embarrassment that he's feeling at the moment.

"Don't tell me that you're an army, appa (dad)!?"

Asked Yeonae to her father surprisingly as she looks back at him with her eyes still widely opened. Jeonhyeon looked at Yeonae.

"Then I won't."

Answered Jeonhyeon to his daughter as he looks away from her and cross his arms. Jungkook's phone suddenly vibrated making him take a look at it.

"Uhm... Yeonae-ya?"

Called Jungkook to Yeonae while he's holding his phone.

"Ne (Yes)?"

Asked Yeonae as she looks at him and smiled cutely. Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin and Namjoon blushed because of Yeonae.

"Where's your phone?"

Asked Jungkook to Yeonae while he's still blushing because of her.

"I left it in my room. Wae (Why)?"

Answered Yeonae to Jungkook's question. He just looked at Yeonae confusedly and then looks at his phone. Yeonae looked at Jungkook confusedly too and then look at his phone.

"Appa (Dad)! You're home!"

Said Yeonchae so suddenly as she ran down the stairs and towards their father, Jeonhyeon.

"Good afternoon, appa (dad)."

Greet Yeonhun to their father as he walks towards him.

"Hi there, sweetheart."

Replied Jeonhyeon to his youngest daughter, Yeonchae as she gives him a peck on his cheek.

"Good afternoon to you, too, Yeonhun-ie."

Greet Jeonhyeon to Yeonhun as he touches Yeonhun's shoulder and smiled at him.


Asked Yeonae to her older brother, Yeonhun and younger sister, Yeonchae as she points at them both.


Answered Yeonhun to Yeonae's question as he crosses his arms and looks away from Yeonae.


Answered Yeonchae to Yeonae's question as she crosses her arms and pouts.

"Enough! Shut your mouths!"

Shout Jeonhyeon to Yeonhun, Yeonae and Yeonchae as he took a sit on their 'for-one-person-only' chair and looks at the seven.

"How did you guys know where we live!? When did you became friends with my eldest daughter!? Are you now good friends!? Are you friends with my son and my youngest daughter too!?"

Asked Jeonhyeon to the seven continuously. The seven just looked at each other and then stares at Jeonhyeon.

"Hey! They're my children, too, you know!"

Yelled Willow to Jeonhyeon from the kitchen.


Said Taehyung while the seven of them are all staring at Jeonhyeon.

"Appa (Dad)?"

Called Yeonae to their dad, Jeonhyeon, while she's looking at the seven.

"What is it, starshine?"

Asked Jeonhyeon to his daughter, Yeonae as he looks at her.

"Can you... slow down a bit? They can't catch up with you."

Answered Yeonae to Jeonhyeon's question. He takes a look at the seven and saw them staring at him cluelessly and confusedly.

"Oh. Am I that fast? Joesong haeyo (I'm sorry)."

Apologize Jeonhyeon to the seven as he bowed to them.

"I-It's okay, sir."

Replied Seokjin to Jeonhyeon as he smiles at him awkwardly.

"You can call me, samchon (uncle *male to male*)."

Said Jeonhyeon to them as he smiled at them.


Shout Willow to her three children, Yeonhun, Yeonae and Yeonchae.

"Coming, eomma (mum)."

Said both Yeonhun and Yeonae as the three of them walk towards the kitchen.

"Why am I being dragged into this?"

Asked Yeonchae as she pouts.

"Because you greeted appa (dad) and...?"

Answered Yeonae to Yeonchae's question but she didn't finish her sentence because she wants Yeonchae to finish it herself.

"And for meddling in your phone."

Finished Yeonchae to what her older sister answered to her question.

"That's right!"

Replied Yeonae to her younger sister, Yeonchae as they arrive at the kitchen.

"So! How did you know my daughter, Yeonae-ya?"

Asked Jeonhyeon to the seven excitedly as he faces them.

"I bumped to her last March, samchon (uncle *male to male*)!"

Answered Taehyung proudly and happily to Jeonhyeon's question as he raises his hand.

"Jin-jja (really)?"

Asked Jeonhyeon again to them sounding like he's a little bit disappointed.

"What's wrong, samchon (uncle *male to male*)?"

Asked Jimin to Jeonhyeon a little bit worried.

"Well, I expected that you met her romantically. Like, one of you accidentally kissed her. Something like that."

Answered Jeonhyeon to Jimin's question. The six of them looked at Jeonhyeon with wide eyes because of the shock while Yoongi just looked at Jeonhyeon serenely.

"You're just joking, aren't you, samchon (uncle *male to male*)?"

Asked Yoongi all of a sudden while he's still looking at him serenely. The six turn their heads and look at Yoongi confusedly.

"Of course! Hahaha! I'm a man full of humor."

Answered Jeonhyeon to Yoongi's question making Seokjin and Taehyung look at both Yoongi and Jeonhyeon with their wide eyes and an open mouth. Jimin and Hoseok look at Yoongi with their most dramatic faces. And Jungkook and Namjoon look at Jeonhyeon puzzled with their mouth open.

"You're not even funny, appa (dad)!"

Shout Yeonchae to her father, Jeonhyeon, while she's still helping their mother in the kitchen.

"Seokjin oppa's (older guy *female to male*) laugh is funnier than your jokes, appa (dad)!"

Shout Yeonae to her father too while she's still in the kitchen.


Shout Jeonhyeon to Yeonae. The seven of them laughed because of what Yeonae said to her father and they all heard Seokjin's windshield laugh making them laugh more. And as their laughs slowly fades away...

"Uh... samchon (uncle *male to male*)?"

Called Namjoon to Jeonhyeon as he looks at him shyly.

"What is it, RM?"

Asked Jeonhyeon to Namjoon as he looks at him.

"Is... uhm... Is Yeonae-ya..."

Said Namjoon but is too shy to continue his sentence. Jeonhyeon just smirk at him.

"Single? Well, yes! Of course! But..."

Replied Jeonhyeon to Namjoon and made them wait for the 'but' part.

"But what, samchon (uncle *male to male*)?"

Asked Taehyung to Jeonhyeon then suddenly Yeonae, Yeonhun and Yeonchae walk to the living room with the foods that Willow prepared.

"The food is here!"

Said Yeonae to them as she places the pizza rolls on the coffee table.

"Made by yours truly! The one and only!"

Said Yeonchae happily as she places the glasses on the coffee table.

"Willow Agora."

Added Yeonhun to what Yeonchae said as he places the pitcher on the coffee table. And Willow finally goes back in the living room. The seven took a pizza roll for themselves.

"Mm... this is very delicious."

Said Yoongi after he took a bite from his pizza roll.

"I want more!"

Said Jungkook after he took a bite from his pizza roll as he chewed with his wide bambi like eyes.


Said Jimin after he took a bite from his pizza roll and then he looked at Willow and smiled at her cheerfully. Willow smiled back at him.

"Can you add this to the menu in your restaurant, ajumma (auntie)?"

Asked Seokjin to Willow after he took a bite from his pizza roll and looks at her.

"I'd rather not."

Answered Willow to Seokjin's question as she shook her head.

"Huh? Wae (Why)?"

Asked Hoseok to Willow after he took a second bite from his pizza roll.

"Because I don't want to." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Answered Willow to Hoseok's question as she smiled at him softly.

"But this could make your restaurant even more famous than now."

Said Namjoon to Willow after he finishes chewing.

"I'm already contented of what my restaurant achieved."

Replied Willow to Namjoon and smiled at him softly, too.

"Woah... you're one of my idols from now on, ajumma (auntie)."

Said Taehyung to Willow after he gulped the food in his mouth while he's looking at her.

"Thank you, Taehyung."

Thanked Willow to Taehyung as she smiled at him softly and bowed to him. And their conversation continued.

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A/N: If the WORDS or PHRASES are being CAPITALIZED, it means that they are ACTUALLY SPEAKING IN ENGLISH at that time.

Please rate and vote my story. If you have any suggestion that can help me improve my work, feel free to comment, too. Thank you very much! Lots of love!

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