58.82% Love Yourself: Wonder / Chapter 19: Chapter 18

Chapter 19: Chapter 18



Asked Willow to her eldest daughter worriedly while she's holding Yeonae's hand.


Answered Yeonae to Willows question while she's caressing her nape because she's feeling embarrassed.


Asked Willow to Yeonae again while she's still holding Yeonae's hand.


Answered Yeonae to Wullow's question again. Then suddenly, Jeonhyeon took Willow's hands off Yeonae's hands gently as soon as he notices that their starshine is embarrassed.

"Come on, sweetie. Let our starshine reach for her dream."

Said Jeonhyeon to Willow as he tries to calm her down because he knows that Willow is panicking inside.

"Okay. Be careful."

Said Willow to Yeonae as she holds Jeonhyeon's hand and waves at Yeonae.

"I will, eomma(mum)."

Replied Yeonae to her mother, Willow, as she waves back at her.

"Ga-ja(Let's go)."

Said the woman who is wearing a white blouse and jeans and holding a luggage to Yeonae. She looks at the woman beside her and then looks back at Willow.

"Jal gayo(goodbye)~"

Said Yeonae to her family as she started walking away from them while following the woman, pulling her luggage and waving at her family.

"Josimhaeyo(Take care)~"

Said Willow to Yeonae while she's tiptoeing to see Yeonae in the ocean of people at the airport.

"We will miss you, Yeonae!"

Shout Yeonhun to Yeonae from the crowd making her to smile while following the woman wearing a white blouse and jeans and pulling her luggage.


"This is my first time riding on a plane. I mean private plane."

Said Yeonae as soon as she enters the plane and looks around it.


Asked Jimin to Yeonae as he walks closer to her.


Answered Yeonae to Jimin while she's still looking around the plane.

"Are you nervous?"

Asked Namjoon to Yeonae.


Answered Yeonae to Namjoon's question as she nods and places her fist on her chest.

"Don't be. Riding a plane is not that bumpy."

Said Jungkook to Yeonae as he places his arm across Yeonae's shoulders.

"I bet you'll like it at Chicago."

Said Hoseok to Yeonae while he's sitting beside the plane's window.

"Is it beautiful?"

Asked Yeonae to Hoseok while her fist is still on her chest.


Answered Taehyung to Yeonae's question happily as he nods and gave her his iconic box smile that no one can resist.

"Every country in this planet is beautiful."

Added Yoongi sounding like an old man who's been around the world.

"Do you guys feel homesick when you're on your tour?"

Asked Yeonae to them worriedly as she hold her fist with her other hand.


Answered Jimin to Yeonae's question sadly.


Answered Seokjin to Yeonae's question.

"Who isn't, right?"

Said Namjoon and then shrugs his shoulder.

"Thank you for helping me. Gamsahabnida(Thank you)~"

Thanked Yeonae to them as she bows.

"Geumanhae(Stop it)."

Said Yoongi to Yeonae making her to stop bowing.

"We're happy to help."

Said Namjoon to Yeonae joyfully as he touches Yeonae's shoulder when she stood straight.

"Let's have some fun in Chicago~!"

Shout Taehyung excitedly as he raises his arms and smiled with his iconic box smile once again.


Replied all of them who's in the plane to Taehyung happily. Yeonae took a sit beside the plane's window and then something quickly caught her attention.

"Ooh~ Chocolates~!"

Said Yeonae and then she took one and ate it happily.

"You like chocolates?"

Asked Seokjin to Yeonae as he sits in front of her.

"I love chocolates~"

Answered Yeonae to Seokjin's question and ate another chocolate.

"Dangsineun jeongmal kwiyeowoyo(You are very cute)~"

Said Namjoon to Yeonae as he looks and smiles at Yeonae and took a sit beside Seokjin.


Asked Yeonae to Namjoon as she looks at him with her wide eyes. Jungkook just took a sit beside Yeonae.

••Thirteen(13) Hours Later••

"We're here~!"

Shout Hoseok to all of them as soon as they landed at the airport.

"That was.. long."

Said Jungkook while he stares at the table and Yeonae removes the earphones on her ears.

"Did you get bored, Yeonae?"

Asked Namjoon to Yeonae as he looks at her. Yeonae smiled at him cutely.

"Not at all. I just sleep the whole flight.. Maybe."

Answered Yeonae to Namjoon's question doubly as she looks at the table, too.

"Did you get airsick?"

Asked Taehyung who's holding a bottle of water and standing beside Jungkook to Yeonae.


Answered Yeonae to Taehyung as she looks at him and smiled cutely.

"What are you listening to earlier?"

Asked Seokjin to Yeonae.

"BTS songs."

Answered Yeonae to Seokjin's question as she looks at them.

"I'm touched."

Said Jungkook to Yeonae as he shows her an aegyo(cute display of affection).

"I'm moved."

Said Taehyung as he touches his chest, wipe his invincible tear from his eye, looks at Yeonae and then smiled.

"You're so sweet, Yeonae."

Said Namjoon to Yeonae as he looks at her with dreamy eyes and smiled sweetly at her.

"Danica, Micha, Hayden and Jaeho always tells me that."

Replied Yeonae to Namjoon as she looks at the table and her eyes become teary.

"U-lji ma(Don't cry)."

Stuttered Seokjin as he tries to stop Yeonae from crying.

"Gwaenchanayo(It's alright)."

Said Jungkook to Yeonae as he gently caress her back to comfort her.

"We're here for you."

Said Taehyung as he smiles at Yeonae softly.

"Gamsahabnida(Thank you)."

Thanked Yeonae to them as she bows, sniffed, wipes her tear and smiled at them.

"Ga-ja(Let's go)! Let's take a look around here!"

Said Taehyung to Yeonae as he points at the plane's exit and Jungkook stood up from his sit.

"We must take a look around here!"

Said Yeonae joyfully to them as she stood up and walks closer to Taehyung.

"Oh. Don't forget your face mask."

Said Namjoon to Yeonae as he reaches out a black face mask to Yeonae.

"Oh. Hehehe~"

Said Yeonae as she takes the black face mask from Namjoon and then she smiled cutely at him.


"So we only booked seven rooms for you guys. Two of you will share a room."

Said the woman wearing white blouse and jeans to BTS and Yeonae while they are at the lobby of the hotel.

"I'll share with Hoseok hyeong(older guy/brother *male to male*)!"

Volunteered Jimin as he clings on Hoseok's arm while he's smiling at the woman wearing white blouse and jeans adorably.

"Okay. Here's your room key. And here's for the others."

Said the woman wearing white blouse and jeans to them as she gave the key room to all of them.

"Uhmm.. eonni(older girl/sister *female to female*)?"

Called Yeonae to the woman wearing white blouse and jeans shyly.

"What is it, Yeonae?"

Asked the woman wearing white blouse and jeans to Yeonae as she looks at her and smiled.

"Can I.. uhm.. share my hotel room with you?"

Asked Yeonaw to the woman wearing white blouse and jeans shyly as she looks at the woman then look at the floor and then looks back at the woman again.

"Is there something wrong, Yeonae?"

Asked Yoongi to Yeonae a little bit worried.

"I just.. feel scared when.. uhm.. when I'm not familiar in a place and no one I know is around me. I feel very anxious when I'm alone in a non-familiar place."

Answered Yeonae to Yoongi's question shyly while she's looking at the floor and started playing with her fingers unconsciously.

"Sure. I'll just get my luggage."

Answered the woman wearing white blouse and jeans to Yeonae's question. But before she could walk, Yeonae suddenly hugged her.

"Gamsahabnida(Thank you), eonni(older girl/sister *female to female*)."

Thanked Yeonae to the woman wearing white blouse and jeans while she's hugging her. She hugged Yeonae back.

"You can call me Suyeon."

Replied the woman wearing white blouse and jeans, Suyeon, to Yeonae happily and they both let go of the hug.

"Gamsahabnida(Thank you), Suyeon eonni(older girl/sister *female to female*)."

Thanked Yeonae to Suyeon again as she now bows to her. Suyeon smiled.

"You guys wait here while I get my luggage."

Said Suyeon as she now walks out the hotel and took her luggage from the van they ride on to get to the hotel.

"You're very cute to watch when you act like that, Yeonae."

Compliment Namjoon to Yeonae while he's smiling at her.

"G-eumanhae(Stop it)~"

Stuttered Yeonae as her face slowly turns red because she's feeling embarrassed.


Asked Namjoon to Yeonae while he's still smiling.

"I'm embarrassed."

Answered Yeonae to Namjoon's question as she started playing with her fingers unconsciously again.

"Don't be. You really are cute."

Said Jimin to Yeonae as he pinches Yeonae's cheek gently, trying not to hurt her.


Said Yeonae to them as she cover her face with both her hands.

"Hahaha! You're so cute when you're being teased."

Said Jungkook to Yeonae while he's laughing because she's acting like a child.

"Her ears turned red~"

Said Taehyung as soon as he notice Yeonae's reddish ears.

"Geumanhae(Stop it)!"

Said Yeonae to them while she's still covering her face and her face is still as red as a tomato. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Ga-ja(Let's go)!"

Said Suyeon happily to them eight. She don't have any clue what happened while she's takking her luggage from the van.

"Suyeon eonni(older girl/sister *female to female*)! They're teasing me!"

Said Yeonae to Suyeon as she quickly hide behind her.

"But she's so cute!"

Explained Hoseok to Suyeon as he points at Yeonae who's taking a glimpse at them.

"Geumanhae(Stop it)! I'm embarrassed!"

Said Yeonae as she covers her face once again and still hiding behind Suyeon.


Said the seven because of Yeonae who's acting like a child.


Shout Taehyung to Yeonae joyfully while he's smiling at her with his iconic box smile.

"Can I put you in my pocket?"

Asked Seokjin to Yeonae as he opens his pocket.

"Just follow what she say."

Said Suyeon to the seven and then she giggled and walk towards the elevator while pulling her luggage. Yeonae quickly pulled her luggage too and followed Suyeon towards the elevator. The seven follows too while pulling their own luggages.


"Oh. Yeonae, did you made a new poem?"

Asked Namjoon to Yeonae excitedly.


Answered Yeonae to Namjoon as she giggled.

"Can we read it?"

Asked Hoseok to Yeonae excitedly, too. Yeonae took her phone from her bag and opened it.


Said Yeonae as she reaches out her phone to Hoseok while she's smiling.

"I'm really happy that you guys wanted to read my poems."

Said Yeonae to them while she's still smiling.

"You poems are beautiful."

Said Yoongi to Yeonae and then he smiles at her.

"Gamsahabnida(Thank you)."

Thanked Yeonae to Yoongi and then she smiles back at him.

"Read it~ read it~"

Said Taehyung to Hoseok excitedly.

"People always say that I'm beautiful

But they don't know many things about me

They only recognize me as beautiful

But didn't bother to ask me if I'm really happy

They tell me that I look like a model

In my eyes, they didn't notice the hell

They don't know that I fell

Deep deep down the well

People always say that my eyes are amazing

They couldn't hear the sad song I'm singing

They couldn't notice the mask I'm wearing

They couldn't see that I'm hurting

They say that my voice is angelic

Saying that it's so soothing ang relaxing

They didn't see me panic

Because their eyes are close while listening

People say that my skin is smooth

So pleasing to touch

And yet they don't know the truth

The skin they praises used to be punched

They say that I'm perfect

And that I can make a place lit

But they don't know that I'm a wreck

And I hate it.."

Read Hoseok. All of them quickly looked at Yeonae worriedly. Yeonae just looked down the floor while playing with her fingers unconsciously again.

"Is it.. true?"

Asked Suyeon to Yeonae worriedly as she touches Yeonae's shoulder. Yeonae flinched a little.

"Ne(Yes). When I was young, some of my girl classmates always punches me."

Answered Yeonae to Suyeon's question while still looking down the floor, playing with her fingers and now smiling weakly.


Asked Taehyung to Yeonae worriedly as he holds her hands to stop her from playing with her fingers.

"Moreugesseoyo(I don't know)."

Answered Yeonae to Taehyung's question as she shrugs her shoulders and avoids eye contact to any of them. Even with Suyeon.

"Does your parents knew?"

Asked Namjoon to Yeonae worriedly. She shook her head.

"An-dwae(No way). Only Yeonhun oppa(older brother/guy *female to male*) knows."

Answered Yeonae to Namjoon's question, still looking down the floor.

"But you should've report them!"

Said Jimin to Yeonae furiously.

"We did. But the principal thinks that our parents did it to me. In the end.. I lose and.. they win."

Replied Yeonae to Jimin and then her eyes becomes teary. She then started crying.

"Oh, Yeonae.. Come here."

Said Suyeon to Yeonae as she spread her arms, welcoming Yeonae and they both hugged once again.

"Two straight years. I'm the victim.. but I lose the case."

Said Yeonae as she continued crying on Suyeon's shoulder.

"Shh.. It's in the past now."

Said Suyeon to Yeonae as she caress her back to gibe her comfort.

"We won't let anyone hurt you anymore."

Said Namjoon to Yeonae.

"Do you.. always write poems based on your experiences?"

Asked Yoongi to Yeonae seriously. Amd that made Suyeon and Yeonae let go of the hug.

"Ne(Yes). Mine and my friends' experiences and feelings."

Answered Yeonae to Yoongi's question as she wipe her tears and faces him.

"You are a great poet. You must become an Idol."

Said Yoongi to Yeonae as he comes closer to her and then wipe the tears that she couldn't wipe away earlier. Yoongi smiled at Yeonae and she smiles back at him.

"Yoongi hyeong(older guy/brother *male to male*) is right! The world needs an artist who can talks about the happenings in a child's life!"

Said Jimin to Yeonae.

"Like how you guys talk about loving ones self."

Said Yeonae to them as she smiles at them weakly.

"Yeah, like how we talk about self love."

Said Namjoon to Yeonae as he walks closer to her and places some of her hair behind her ear.

"I'll work hard!"

Said Yeonae to the seven sounding so determined to reach for her dream.

"Let's show the people who hurt you that they didn't and can't get into your head!"

Shout Jungkook to boost Yeonae and the others as he raises his fist up in the air.


Said all of them to Jungkook as they, too, raises their fists up in the air. But Yeonae slowly puts down hers.

"Thanks for your comfort guys. Really.. I'm very thankful."

Thanked Yeonae to all of them as she smiles at them gladly. And they finally reached the floor where their rooms are located.

"Ga-ja(Let's go). Get some rest guys!"

Said Suyeon to all of them as she walks oit the elevator. Yeonae quickly follows.

"Yes, nuna(older girl/sister *male to female*) Suyeon!"

Replied the seven to Suyeon as they all go to their assigned rooms to rest in.

ib0nnnnnnn2oo2 ib0nnnnnnn2oo2

A/N: If the WORDS or PHRASES are being CAPITALIZED, it means that they are ACTUALLY SPEAKING IN ENGLISH at that time.

Please rate and vote my story. If you have any suggestion that can help me improve my work, feel free to comment, too. Thank you very much! Lots of love!

Be whoever you wanna be, your only limitation is yourself.

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