100% Dark Spine - Envoy Of Darkness / Chapter 7: Demon Lord Kabusha

Chapter 7: Demon Lord Kabusha

Inside the celestial castle.

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Herselim was kneeling on the floor, Bastien was looking at Herselim from his throne. He clicked his tongue and spoke.

'Herselim, What made you commit such a mistake on your very first mission.'

"Envoy, That human Anton he lied to me it's all because of him. I promise I will never commit such mistake again my lord." Herselim replied with mix angry and respectful tone.

Herselim thought he was going to die today but, to his surprise, Bastien looked very calm, Bastien looked at Herselim and spoke again. 'Herselim why do you think I am asking for an explanation.'

Herselim replied without much thinking.

"Because your servant failed to live up to your expectation."

Bastien smiled at him and replied 'That's not it Herselim, I am not angry because you failed to do what I asked you to do, It"s because you tried to hide something from me. Herselim you know right since my rule started how good my and your tribe's relationship has been. Next time don't try to hide anything from me.'


Herselim turned emotional. He smashed his head on the floor and then got up beating his chest.

"Envoy, I The representative of True Crimson Flame Dragons shall never try to hide anything from you.!!"

'Very good, Now Herselim go and call them inside.'

"Yes My Lord."

Herselim did a deep bow, Then he turned around and started walking towards the exit.

'Oh yes Herselim, Please wash our clothes they have been lying there for a long time.'


After Five minutes Anton and Absolon entered the throne room, Anton was sweating and shaking as he entered the throne room. Anton looked ahead, Infront of him was a really luxurious looking throne. The person sitting on the throne seemed pretty young.

'I have died, right? hhh This must be hell.' Anton thought because of the pressure which was coming from the throne, Horrified!! he was Horrified to his soul.

'Human, Do not worry you are not dead. Anton that is supposed to be your name right?' Bastien asked with a cold face.

Anton felt his heart shaking. Every word from the mouth of this person seemed to carry immense pressure, Anton fell to his knees and replied.

"Yes, Anton. That's my name."

'Full name human.'

"Anton Schizer."

Bastien looked satisfied with Anton's answer. He got up from his throne seat and with a step, he appeared in front of Anton. His speed was so fast that the air seemed to split open.

Anton took a step back in shock, Bastien stopped suppressing Anton he felt a little bit better. Bastien's face looked very youthful, and his eyes seemed to carry universal secrets.

'So Anton you must have heard about Kabusha am I right ?' asked Bastien closing his eyes.

"Kabusha, The ancient Demon lord Kabusha ??" Anton replied with a shock-driven face.

'That's right Anton the ancient Demon lord Kabusha. If you want to get out of here alive you have to reply to my every question carefully.'

"Ye..s" Anton Swolloed his saliva and replied.

'Anton, who defeated Kabusha? '

"I.I am not that sure, but I have heard that he was killed with the help of multiple ancient gods, he was quite strong so they had to team up to slaughter him."

"Some punny gods killing Kabusha what a joke." A voice came from behind the throne. Absolon nodded and agreed to Dion.

'hmm, well Anton have you heard about angels?'

"Angels??? N.o.. never heard of angels." Anton replied almost choking on his own words.

'Are you sure Anton? ' The air around Bastien changed.

"Ahh, I think I remember now yeah... Some people crafted weapons for ancient gods to help them defeat Kabusha. I heard one of them named Shion crafted the famous Xalbari sword which is one of the top ten treasures in the whole continent." Anton answered.

'Hmm, Congratulations Anton you can leave now.' Suddenly Bastien told Anton with a shining face.

"Wha. really?"

'Yes, or would you prefer to stay with us?'


'Absolon please guide him to nearby teleportation device.'

"Yes, Lord." Absolon left with Anton.


"Lord, What now? we are now sure that indeed those f* faced angels were involved in the destruction of our previous plan's."

'Dion as you know angels are not the only enemy we have, I think those people are also involved in this that's why I let that person leave. The event of Herselim's appearance must have reached their ears, and I think they will definitely reach Anton; that's why I let him go.'

"You mean them?"

'Yes, Dion them, Not only that, they have been helping these humans so they can oppose the sanctions which were imposed on them by my Ancestor.'

"But we had good relations with them didn't we?"

'That's the problem Dion < We had good relations > that's why I think they f*ed us over.'

'Remember Dion a person who loves you will more readily f* you over than a person who fears you.'

'... And that's why I came here to teach them fear.' Bastien's eyes changed their shape to a Crescent Moon.

"Indeed Envoy, You are truly worthy of your title."

Bastien smiled and said.' For now, Dion let"s wait and watch.'

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