100% Gather You Together / Chapter 1: PART 1
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Gather You Together

Author: Schan_rz

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Chapter 1: PART 1

"Stop it!!"

"Ahhh.. Arjun!"


"Arjun.. Bab...Yyy...Ahh.."





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Inside the cabin of Dr. K. Baig, a General physician and gynecologist, there is a girl in her mid twenties laying on hospital bed unconcious. Beside her bed a man of 28 years sitting with pained and worried look on his face while staring towards the unconcious girl with teary eyes. Soon after some supplement of vitamins girl gain her consciousness and weakly opened her eyes and smiled slightly at the man beside her. He too smiled and said caressing her hairs "Riyu.." But soon her smile vanished and she looked horrified as her eyes widen and her face paled as she remembered what happened earlier. He asked terrified "Riyu.. Riyu.. Riya what happened Love.? Please tell me what happened.? Riya.!!" In the end he shook her slightly which brought her out of her shocked. Instantly her hand went to her stomach while she started whispering desperately with tears flowing freely "Arjun Arjun.. My.. Our baby.. did we lost.. No no no.. Arjun please tell.. tell me na.. our baby is fine.. speak up... Plea...please.. Arjun speak na.?" 

Arjun got confused as well as tensed seeing her like this so he hugged her tightly and said rubbing her back "Riyu relax.. Jaan.. you...?" But Riya pushed him shouting "No Arjun ... Tell me baby is fine.. tell na.. speak!! our baby..Is fine.. right??" Arjun confusedly said "Riya what are you..."

"Riya is right Mr. Arjun" A voice interrupt their conversation. Arjun turn towards the door and saw Dr Baig standing there while holding her white coat in her hands. Arjun stood up and asked tensedly "What do you mean Doctor.?" Riya cried softly "Kulsummm."

"Ri..relax! Everything is fine." Kulsum said coming near Riya's bed. Then she turn towards Arjun and said "She is pregnant of two weeks now."

"What !!??" Arjun shout shockingly then look at Riya who looked down shyly while sighing in relief because of the news that their symbol of love ,their baby is absolutely fine. Whereas Arjun though got his confusion cleared by looking at Riya's relaxed and happy face that the news which doctor told is true but he is shocked to the core hearing the news that he wasn't able to speak anything till Riya worriedly placed her hand on his arm and said in meek voice "Arjun.. are you ok?" Arjun coming out of his trance look towards Riya and shout "In what freaking hell I'll be OK. What is this Riya? Are you out of your mind?"

Riya looked at him shocked and said disappointedly with fear lurking in her mind "Arjun!!?" she didn't thought Arjun wouldn't like this news, she thought Arjun will go crazy only by hearing this news but little did she knew that her Arjun didn't disappoint her as Arjun hugged her tightly in a bone crushing hug, yelling "Are you out of your mind, Riya why didn't you told me earlier? Why the hell you went there in this condition? What would I did if something happened to you or my baby there.?Haa?" He breathe heavily still hugging her close while Riya smiled resting herself on his chest as she know it's her Arjun, whom no one knew better than her. Arjun slowly started caressing her head softly and said closing his eyes "Riyu what if something..." Riya cut him off saying "Arjun nothing happened..Look Kulsum said na baby is fine. I m absolutely fine too. You don't worry. Arjun please I want to cherish this beautiful news with you. That's why I didn't tell you as I wants to see the happiness in your eyes, which I wouldn't be able to see at that time because of our work. I want to see the happiness in your eyes after knowing that our family is going to complete. The symbol of our love, our baby will be with us soon."

Breaking the hug, Arjun smiled after kissing her forehead and said "Ofcoarse my wifey, my love. You always gave me the reason to smile and this time my happiness have no boundaries, Jaan. You know na what I always wished." He looked in her smiling eyes before pecking her lips softly and added "You knew what I dreamt for our future, for our family with our baby. Right?"

Seeing her nod, Arjun said picking up his phone "Jaan I always dreamt of living with you and our baby without any threat to our life, without any dreadful thought. So to fulfill our dream of happy future I..I have to go away from you. You very well know the reason. right? I am going to call Ayesha and Sameer, you have to stay with them. They are trusted people they will be there with you."

He dialed some number and said "Come to city hospital, I need your help." Saying so he hang up the call then turn towards Riya who was staring at him as if she is going to lose everything, even gained everything at the same time. Arjun hug her tightly with one hand while dialed another number with shaking hand but didn't call that number. Putting mobile on bed he broke the hug and looked in Riya's eyes with his tearful gaze to gather some strength like always from her. Seeing vulnerability in Arjun's eyes, Riya picked up his phone press the call button while looking in his eyes giving assurance, she put the mobile near his ear and gesture him to talk which he did only by saying "I m ready. Still conditions applied."

Taking mobile in his hand he hang up the call and put it aside. Arjun turn towards the doctor who was seeing this all and asked "You both know each other?" To which doctor only nod in affirmative while Riya said "Kulsum and I are best friends from our school days. She is the 'Sum' about whom I told you." He smiled in relief and asked "Doctor Kulsum, Can I ask you one favour?" Kulsum hesitantly nod in replied, Arjun added "Please from now on be with her, I know mostly she needs me in this state but I have some unfinished business which I want to finish before welcoming new member of our family. We can't tell you anything right now but be with her atleast in call distance whenever she needs."

Confused Kulsum, just nod seeing vulnerable man Infront of her while Arjun with smile said holding a bundle of notes "keep this with you, whenever she calls you due to pain or her any check up are required you use money from this. Even if it requires your fees or any other please don't hesitate in it. Please don't think I'm questioning or trying to buy your friendship no not at all, I'm just giving you the access to money for her further medical needs as I wouldn't be there with her that time, that's it." Nodding her head, Kulsum took the money and left the room to provide them some privacy.

Soon Arjun turns towards his lovely two week pregnant wife, coming closer to her he said slightly hugging her, "Riya.. you don't worry I'll come back soon but you please take care of you n our sunshine. I promise. This is the last time Riya when we are going to be separate from each other but after this we will be together for forever. Please go to Damodar sir, he will provide you security and everything you need.. hmm.. please Be safe for me.." saying so he kissed her softly yet passionately conveying his need of her being fine, his promise of coming back to her soon and his... Love.

Breaking the kiss for much needed air, Riya said resting her head on his chest, "Arjun I.. I need you to gather myself to protect myself and our love. You please be safe. I need nothing except you and assurity of your safety. Please Be safe I can't live without you. Please." She cried in end losing her composer as they heard footsteps outside the door which means time of Arjun's departure. Arjun hugged her while rubbing her back as he know she need this as they need to be together to gather themselves.

Soon they heard a knock still in hug Arjun said "Come in." There came tensed Sameer and Ayesha, Arjun gave them the knowing look through eyes which made Ayesha gasp while Sameer stumbled a step back. They again heard knock on the door this time with many voice behind it. They exchanged knowing look while Riya hugged Arjun more tightly as if to never let him go. But Arjun kissed her neck near her earlobe and whispered "Riyu.. it's for us. For our better future. Please give me strength to bare this distance. You have baby with you but I'll be alone there so please give me some strength like always."

Composing herself, Riya smiled at Arjun and kiss his forehead to bare the dreadful distance. Arjun gathered himself and stood up still holding Riya's shoulders to make her lay comfortably he covered her with bedsheet, kissing her forehead Arjun draw the green curtain of her bed to divide doctor's cabin and patient's check up room.

Soon after that, some men in uniform entered and Arjun left with them leaving her to face the cruel world alone though she will face bravely for him and their baby like till now she did with his love.

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