100% The Chronicles Of The Legendary Bird [HIATUS] / Chapter 2: CHAPTER 2 : The Guardian

Chapter 2: CHAPTER 2 : The Guardian

I was brought to my mother's office. It is a three-storey building with modern contemporary interior design. My mother chose the combination of blue and grey for it to enhance the serenity of the atmosphere. I have been here countless time since I was a kid and I am familiar with every corner of the building. So did I think. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

I was accompanied by five men wearing a black leather jacket with a weird design. There are a few white strips on the shoulder and a button on the sleeve. I can't help but notice it was the same button as Alex had on his sleeve too. As I rein on it I realize the button had the same engraving as the box.

"Where are we going?" I am getting fed up when they just drag me here from my house. I did not alert anyone. I thought I was discreet enough. I received no reply from any of them including Alex beside me.

"Hey! I am asking here! Are you deaf? Alex! Tell me, where we are going?!" I stop my pace and stared at Alex with red eyes. Then, I folded my hands to the chest and stood there as I looked at each of them. Actually, I am scared but there were not showed me any hostility since they dragged me from the mansion.

"Sigh… Young Master, please follow us. I will explain everything later." Alex finally gives in and responded to me but he didn't answer my question at all.

"No, I want to know where we headed to. If you not going to answer me, then I want to go home." I turned around but four men behind me blocked my way. I narrowed my eyes and gritted my teeth.

"Move from my way!"

"Young Master, please calm down. We can't disclose any information open in public. I am afraid the walls might have ears.

I frown to the secrecy he tried to imply. My mother was only an ordinary conservator. I admit her job sometimes required her to have the secret of their own but I just couldn't understand with all this FBI and Secret Agent look like stuff.

"I know it is shocking for you but I promise I will explain everything." Alex tried to pacify me and I getting more curious. 'What did my mother get herself into?'

I resumed my pace and followed Alex again and to my surprise, they just lead me to my mother's office. Alex then walked to her chair and gestured for me to sit on it. I found it nothing strange but it is just for a moment when Alex pulls a pen inside the pencil cup. The entire table was spun around and starts to go underground.

'What the hell is happening?'

My mouth turn 'O' and my eyes wandered around aimlessly. I don't know what my feeling was. The mixed of amazement, anxious and shock. After a minute, the table stops and we reached in front of the big giant black door. I believe it was a thick metal door. It looks sturdy and strong.

"Young Master, please scan your retina and handprint in here." I look at the lock and raised my eyebrows at him. A lot of question pops out in my mind but I know it is useless to keep pushing. It is better I just followed the flow. I let the scanner do its job.

"First Level Clearance: Jordan Axton." The robotic female voice verified my name and the door was opened. Only Alex and I entered the room and the other four men left outside. Maybe they don't have the access for this room.

The first view I saw was a white beard man with an eagle carving cane stood in front of hundreds of screen. The screen was broadcast the different event and places. In front of him, there were three people; two men and a woman. Their attire was casual. All of them wore jeans and a shirt. It was different with the white beard man; he was wearing a black suit.

"Mr Axton, it is nice to meet you."

"I wish I could say the same and who are you?," My stern and serious face expressed my displeasure. I dislike the fact he knows me but I have no idea who is he.

"My name is Adam Bell, my codename is Bubu. I am sorry about your mother. We are doing everything we can to track her but it is a bit difficult based on our circumstances."

"What do you mean?" I narrowed my eyes and glared at Alex for an explanation. He is Bubu. The man my mother trusts.

"What do you know about your mother?" Upon listening to his question, I can feel my anger bubbling inside.

"I am not here to answer your question but I need someone to answer mine!" My patience was running thin.

He let a deep sigh out, "Your mother was captured by Jacker and the demands for an artefact; The Crystal of Past."

"So, just give him what he wants. My mother was more important. It is just an artefact, the old ancient thing. Even though it might be priceless to you but it can't be compared to my mother's life."

"Actually it does. All humanity will destroy if Jacker gets his hand on it."

"What is it again?"

Bubu walked to the screen and pushed something on the keyboard. Suddenly it showed a video of my mother fought with three men. They were big but my mother agility and calculated moveable to defeat them. I am not shocked. I know her ability and her interest in the martial art, so it wasn't surprised me but what was surprised me was the thing I saw after the men unable to move anymore. They turn to a big giant monster. The muscle grew three times bigger than before and their movement also much faster. They circle my mother, stop her dynamism but she remains calm. It was a moment but I saw her wicked smile. She touches her brooch and mumbles something. After that, the brooch shines and I just saw her rooted to the ground but all of the men were covered with cuts and blood. They fall once again.

The screen turned dark. I can't hide my shocking face and for a moment I remain speechless.

"Your mother is the Guardian of the Legendary Birds. Legendary Bird is a creature we are sworn to protect and so do your mother. The Legendary Birds have the power to foresee the future. For the generations, Axton Family bloodline was chosen to hold the power of time."

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Do you mean my family superpower like Doctor Strange kind of power?"Obviously, I am a fan of Marvel but what did this person tell me was certainly ludicrous. That only works for movies! Not in real life!

"Doctor Strange?" He just brushes off my remarks, and then continues. "Neverminds. Before your mother was missing she left me a message to awaken your power and bestow you the responsibility of The Guardian."

"No, no, no… Tell me this is a prank right?"

"Unfortunately it's not." A young woman arose from the dark followed by two more people.

I was taken aback with her entrance. I didn't realize their existence until they decided to show themselves.

"Who are you?"

"We are the Guardian." Now they are the Guardian too. I am so overwhelmed with all the information throws at me.

"I thought only Axton Bloodline is The Guardian." I am confused. Bubu looks at my baffle reaction, he helps me cleared the confusion.

"Axton Bloodline was not the only Guardian but only Axton bloodline has the power of time. The other bloodline has their own power. Let me introduce you to everybody. This is Tenna Flave; she holds the power of words. She able to understands any language in any world." She is the one that interrupted our conversation.

"Atin Flave, the pleasures meeting you." I nodded.

"This is Wakam Warden; he holds the power of the beast. He able to control any beast and anything related." He grinned at me and I can see his canine teeth.

"And this is Trianne Sven. She holds the power of nature."

"Let me guess, she holds the power to control tree?" I jeered at her and she chuckled.

"Indeed that is my power." She grabs my hand and shook it.

"I guess we are the Power Rangers then." I laughed at the ridiculous thought I had.

"Show me how to activate my power," Bubu and Alex exchanged the look and Alex led me to another room. The information was too much for me but I keep myself open to any possibility as long as I can save my mother.

IkaZainudin IkaZainudin

Dear readers,

Thank you for reading my story. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy writing it. I seriously didn't know writing fantasy is so much fun.

Please vote for me because your vote will be counted as an indicator for the evaluation. Thank you in advance for your help.


Ika Zainudin

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