100% A Dragon's Mission [MLBB] / Chapter 9: Chapter 8: Transformation [Ending]

Chapter 9: Chapter 8: Transformation [Ending]

Kaja stared at the orb. "Thats Lunox's..." he said.

Hayabusa threw his shurikens and it hit Leomord's arm making him drop the orb, that was quickly snatched by Lapu-Lapu.

Chang'e fell down. As soon as she hit the ground the Cresent Moon along with her bunny flew to catch her, flying her to a safe spot.

Kaja looked Lapu-Lapu straight in the eye...

"BRING IT TO LUNOX QUICK!" he exclaimed.

Hanabi released her secret ability that stunned the enemy for a good moment, giving Lapu-Lapu a moment to deliver the orb.

Leomord quickly summoned his Fallen Horse and rode it along with his lance. Running towards Lapu-Lapu to take the orb back.

"You won't be able to take the orb away..."

Hayabusa ran towards Kagura, trying to wake her up. She's in deep sleep, her consience is dead, the dark power coated her.

"Oh come on Kagura... Wake up!!" Hayabusa said.

Tigreal charged into the enemy knocking them back preventing them to get close.

Zilong quickly ran towards Chang'e who was fainted at the moment. He grabbed her into his arms and hugged her.

"Don't worry Chang'e... your brother is here.."

Kagura woke up in a sudden, releasing trails of dark energy that Rafaela quickly felt. She warned Hayabusa to stay back for a moment but he kept on waking her up.

Kagura's umbrella began to collapse making hundrends of monsters living in her umbrella come out and attack Hayabusa.

"What the.."

Hanabi quickly saw what happened. She threw a smoke bomb that blinded the monsters making them both escape.

Leomord is still running towards the orb until he got blocked by Lolita. She bursted her hammer that smashed his horse blocking their way.

On the way, Lapu-Lapu saw Belerick with uranus carrying Lunox on their arms who seems to be in a deep sleep. He immediately dashed towards them to give the orb.

"She seem to lost her orb, who was in Leomord's hands earlier. Good thing I got it now, here Belerick... do what you must.." Lapu-Lapu gave the orb to Belerick.

Belerick placed the orb into Lunox's palm and layed her on the ground.

"Now what?" Lapu-Lapu asked.

"Now.. we wait..." Uranus replied. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"oh come on..."

Zilong rushed into the fog, avoiding any attack from the Soldiers and the Dark Townsfolk. He's on the way back to the Eruditio to deliver Chang'e into safety until he encountered Kagura.

She summoned twelve monsters that surrounded him blocking his way with a strong magical shield. He couldn't do anything to get through the path, everytime he goes near a monster, they'll knock him off.

Kagura lifted her umbrella. Releasing her full energy blasting it at Chang'e. She began aiming the shot directly at Zilongs arms.

"Chang'e No!" Rafaela shouted.

"BLOCK IT LOLITA" Tigreal commanded

"I can't! the field is surrounded by a magical barrier. I can't get in!" Lolita replied.

"There's only one option left.." Zilong whispered to himself."

He immediately covered Chang'e to resist Kagura's incoming attack.

"There she goes..."

As soon as Kagura Blasted her umbrella an light ray shined across the Battlefield. The ray passed through everyone and cleansed all transformed soul. Changing all Dark Soldiers into normal citizens.

It also destroyed all summoned creatures and placed them back to where they were, making Kagura's monsters disappear along with her blast that was immediately gone after the shine.

Everyone saw a person floating in the sky holding two distinctive orbs to each aura: The Light and the Dark.

"It was Lunox!" Rafaela said.

"Peace has been brought back again" Tigreal said.

"Thanks to Lunox" Lapu-Lapu said.

Zilong grabbed Chang'e unto his arms and woke her up.

"Hey, are you okay?" he said.

"Brother!!!!" Chang'e said happily

"How did you find me here?" she added.

Zilong looked at her in the face.

"Let's go back home. I'm gonna tell you a long story....."

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