Chapter 5: Goodbye..old man

"Hello Kojie.. and kid I didn't expect you to make that face for real" he looked at Alex who are now looking at a worm while squatting in front of it while poking at the worm.

that loud speaker guy face twitched at this sight in front of him in disbelief and decided to move on....

" Kojie give me your position and everything that you have with THE BLACK MOON." that loud speaker guy smirk when he saw Kojie's face full of anger.

"why would I give it to you?" Kojie said while crossing his arms

Alex on the other hand still poking the worm. not far from him is one of the men in black crew, Alex look at him and then the worm and smirk.

"psssstttt dude" Alex said whispering towards the guy. the guy looked at him and then he knew what will Alex do with the worm. his face turned pale when he looked at the worm on a stick that Alex hold.

"HEHEHEHEHE" Alex threw the worm and it landed on that guy shoulder. that guy ended up shouting while do some weird dances trying to make that worm fell from his shoulder without touching it's body. Every crew of the men in black saw their friend shouting about something, they looked at Alex with full of rage and attack all at once.

Kojie is mad with Alex action and he felt like his life will ended today when he sees all of the mysterious men in black attack at once.

Alex frowned at this scene infront of him. without waiting for his uncle command he started to kicked and punch everyone that trying to him him. Kojie and the loud speaker guy saw that Alex didn't even get hit once when all of his men attacked him.

"Nice Job Alex!!" Kojie praise Alex FROM A far after he saw that Alex strength and speed are increased after he left them 2 years ago for a comic company instead of me THE GREATEST UNCLE EVERRR!!.

"dont get cocky boy, you might end your self just by doing that" The loud speaker man broke the happiness and in a blink of an eye, Alex felt hurt on his left chest, he looked at it and saw his blood gushing out and he fell on the ground.

"!!!!!" Kojie ran towards Alex direction who is currently trying to get up to hug his uncle.

"Hehhh..old man, don't cry" Alex was head was now on kojie's lap telling Kojie to stop crying.

"please don't cry..." Alex felt more hurt when he saw his beloved uncle cried than the shot that he got on his left chest.

"i won't.. Alex" Kojie hug Alex tightly don't want to let go.

"it's okay uncle, please forget about me so you can live a happy life without remembering about me" Alex start to cry while looking at his uncle for the last time.

" can I forget you? you're just like my son Alex" Alex felt more hurt on his chest and decided to end the conversation with "You're a great father.....I Love you, goodbye old man" and he smiled when he said his last words towards Kojie." I love you too" he cried while hugging Alex's body.

All of The Black Moon crew arrive at the scene when they Kojie is hugging Alex on the ground. One of kojie's man saw a guy dressed in black on top of a hill with a sniper.

"shoot" Kojie's man said to his walkie talkie towards a certain guy, and in a sec the guy on the hill dropped dead with a head shot.

The loud speaker guy tried to get away when suddenly he got shot by Kojie who is in rage because he just killed one and only niece.

Since Alex's parents died,he has been taking care of Alex, he teached him how to fight, how to be badass like him and he also the one who gave Alex the dumb quote mug, that's why Alex treasure that mug so much, that was his birthday present given by his one and only uncle Kojie, he love uncle kojie but he know that today was the last day he will saw his scary face and creepy voice ever again.


"what a dramatic scene...he cant meet his uncle again.." there's a masculine voice rang out in a completely white space while wiping his teary eyes watching a touching moment between a kid and his uncle saying goodbye.

yes that kid is Alex and the Uncle is Kojie.

right now there's a guy laying on the floor half awake.

"w..what happen?" Alex wakes up and see that he was in a white void. The only thing that he saw and hear was a crying watching something that looks soon familiar to Alex.

"ouhh... you're awake" the masculine guy ran towards Alex and hug him tightly "I'm so sorry about your lost" he cried. Alex was dumbstruck by this guy words

"what do you mean by my lost? I'm the one who died YOU FREAK" he pushed the masculine and hairy guy away from this creepy hug that he got as soon as he woke up

"I'm sorry..ehem, let's move on. Since I'm a fan of your life"

"wtf, why my life not someone else?" Alex felt weird and think that this hairy guy is weird Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"because your life got some thrills that I like, shut your mouth and listen" The hairy man in white dress said to him

"as you can see I'm your no 1 fan, so since you died in your previous world, I felt like it's unfair for you to die, I still need to see your badass and dumb action for fun. That's why I will Send you to another world as a fan of OP MC i will grant you with 6 wishes ....I need you to be OP man!!, now pick which world are you gonna go"

"that's it? seriously?" Alex said to the old man

"what do you expect, a long speech?"

"probably" Alex said jokingly while thinking of his 6 wishes.

"okay first....I want my memories about my previous world to be with me in the new world where I will go. second..I want to have an A.I system where it can help me in any situation. third..I want to have null magic. Forth I want to have all kind of elements power. while the other two wishes I will think about it later when I'm arrive at the new world." Alex said excitedly just by thinking of some badass things that he will do in the future.

" what about the world that you will be reincarnated, what will that world be?" the old man ask Alex who is practically smirking evily after he said his wishes...'this guy is more scary than in his video that I watched' The old man couldn't help thinking about Alex's evil smirk.

"ouch about that..hmmmmmmm, I think One Piece world will be it, because One Piece world got so many powerful human. Just by thinking about it can make me scream in excitement mannnn~" Alex said..soon the old man turn around and suddenly his face changed from excitement to a face where he is stressed.

"what wrong?" Alex asked the Old man cause his face change in a split of a second.

"it looks like you can't use your previous body to go to the One Piece world, because your body just got burned by your Uncle" The old man shrugged his body


"relax, since you can't use your previous body, you need to make a new one" A screen soon appeared infront of Alex.

Alex felt shocked cause in that screen there are various of body parts and clothes in it(like one of the make up and dressing game😂)

Alex soon started to make his own Body after 40 minutes trying to make his face and whole body perfect. his new body is now has black short hair, red eyes, red button up sleeve shirt, and black long pants with black shoes.

Alex was so proud with his new appearance and soon the old man came back. "what a handsome young man, did you make that?" The old man talks to Alex while pointing on a screen in front of Alex.

"Heck yeah I am..Amazing right, with this new evil face I can totally be badass"

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