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Multiple Intelligences

Author: Gabriel_Alfando

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Chapter 1: Reborn

Like the previous days Vincent always lazed at home because his school was off the end of the semester, while all he did was play games and watch television.

"Ah ... this one monster is very hard, it's really annoying how I can get confused because of it. I'm tired of playing this game all the time, but what can I do, anyway, today there's no good television show" Vincent said with annoyance while playing his favorite game.

'Huft ... If I can be born again, I can change my life which is just lazing around. But that's an impossible thing, there is no such thing as reincarnation, it's just a myth that parents often tell their children as sleepers'

Suddenly a very bright light appeared that made Vincent unable to see anything. After the light disappeared Vincent began to open his eyes and something strange happened to him. He was transferred to an unknown world.

'Where am I? Why is this place so strange to me?'

That was what Vincent said after he opened his eyes, he also felt confused because suddenly he felt moved to a world that was very different from his world. But soon he realized that not only that made him strange.

'W-what's this? Why am I a baby? What happened to me?

Is this a reincarnation?'

That's what makes it weird. Vincent turns into a baby and he feels he has been reincarnated. Then shortly afterwards there was the sound of the door opening not far from where Vincent was. The sound of footsteps being heard was heading towards Vincent to make him feel scared.

'Is that a criminal? What if I am kidnapped and killed? Why do I have to die even though I just reincarnated, you know?'

"Oh my love, you're awake. How do you sleep? Is it sound?" there was a voice from a woman who turned out to be Vincent's mother.

'Eh? Is she my mother? Fortunately, those who come are not criminals, just make me afraid'

Vincent was very well cared for by his parents, they really loved his son, so whatever Vincent needed, they tried to fulfill it. Year after year has passed, now Vincent is 7 years old. he began to study magic as well as sword techniques, in the days before he reincarnated as a baby until now no one can learn magic and techniques with sword at once. Because, it violates the rules made by God, but an exception for Vincent is one.

"Father, Mother, I go to practice first," Vincent shouted in a hurry.

"Be careful, boy, don't get hurt!" Reply to his mother.

"Yes, mom," Vincent shouted as he ran towards the place where he was training.

He headed to an old building that was no longer maintained as a place to practice. But when he was practicing, suddenly there was a voice from the old building.

"Eh? What was that sound? Was it just my feeling?" Vincent said with a little fear.

But, not long after Vincent heard the same voice again. Out of curiosity he entered the old house to check the origin of the mysterious sound.

'Hmmm ... this place is very dark and there is also a lot of dust everywhere, a house that is really quite neglected'

When searching the house, Vincent found a shelf with a pile of books, he seemed interested in these books. Vincent began to open one by one the books. There was one book that was enough to make him interested in reading it, a book that contained many ancient magic spells that had been forgotten, but Vincent did not know that.

"Wow, this book is very interesting, this book contains many magic spells I've never met, maybe I can be strong by studying this book," Vincent said with a very happy heart.

After he read a few pages, the book suddenly lived by itself.

"W-what is this? Why does the book fly by itself?" Vincent said with a sense of confusion and a little fear in him.

"Don't be afraid, I know you need a power. Then I'll help you" Answer the book

"Wh-Whose voice is that? W-What do you want from me?" Vincent asked with deep fear.

"This is my voice, the book you read earlier," said the book, convincing Vincent.

"Are you b-books who can talk?" Vincent asked, who still didn't believe that.

"Yes, this is me, calm down, don't be afraid I will help you to become stronger" Answer the book while convincing Vincent.

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"Become stronger? How do you do it?" Vincent asked again.

"Yes, it becomes stronger, it's easy. You just need to say a mantra that I gave and you will immediately get a very powerful power." Answer the book again convincing Vincent

"No, I don't want to do things that are cheating like that, I want to try my best to be strong" Vincent replied proudly.

'Tch ... it's very difficult to convince this one boy to get into my hand, if I succeed in convincing him then I can destroy the world as before again' Inner the book with a very annoyed feeling

"Alright, it seems like it's getting dark, I have to go back home. See you again, book," Vincent said, feeling very happy because he could find something very extraordinary. As soon as possible Vincent wanted to meet his parents to tell them what had happened.

"Alright, be careful on the street, son" replied the book.

"You too, take care of yourself, book," Vincent said.

When he drove home he felt something follow him and he realized that the one who followed him was the book he had found, but Vincent ignored it.

When he arrived at home, Vincent was seen by a scene that made his heart completely destroyed instantly. He saw his father and mother killed in a state of being struck by a sword on the left side of his chest. He also saw a nobleman who often came to his house to collect debts like he was thrusting a sword at his father and mother.

Vincent was very sad to see that. He quietly moved to see the life of his father and mother who were plucked by a sword from a nobleman. Instantly his mind became chaotic because of that.

After the nobleman left Vincent immediately went to the body of his dead father and mother.

"Father, Mother, why did this happen ?! Why ?! Is it because we are just poor people? Is it because of that we are treated like a cruel one like this?!?" Vincent said, who was angry at the nobleman.

"Hey ... magical book" Vincent said as he called the book he had met earlier.

"Oh, it turns out you are aware of my presence from earlier" Answer the book with a slight shock.

"Quickly give me the strength you promised earlier!" Vincent said with an overwhelming tantrum.

"Didn't you say you would try your best yourself?" Answer the book by offending Vincent.

"No need to talk much, just give me what I ask !!" Vincent replied back with increasing anger.

"Oh ... it turns out you also can go berserk, I guess you can only be quiet and not moving while watching your father and mother killed" said the book with offensive intentions.

Vincent was very upset with the book, he also issued dark magic in his left hand and light magic in his right hand, and also many swords that flew around Vincent's body.

"Quickly give that power or I will eliminate you from the face of this earth !!" Vincent said with an overwhelming anger.

'M-impossible, how could he master two illicit magic as well as sword techniques at once? This is very unreasonable, for this time I will just grant the request. It is very dangerous if I get hit by the attack' The inner book with a deep sense of fear.

"Hurry or give me away now!" Vincent said while preparing to release his magic and swords.

"Alright now say this magic spell that I will say" Replied the book with resignation.

After the book chants a magic spell, Vincent also recites the magic spell. Then immediately Vincent's body was filled with light and at once he felt his strength increase dramatically. But because he could not resist the side effects of the power, Vincent fell unconscious.

[1] Myth is a part of a folklore in the form of a story set in the past, containing interpretations of the universe, and is considered truly happening by those who have stories or adherents.

[2] Reincarnation is "rebirth" or "original birth," referring to the belief that someone will die and be reborn in another life form.

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