30.76% The Irregular In ATG / Chapter 17: Increase in Strength

Chapter 17: Increase in Strength

The hidden cave in which Tatsuya and Chu Xin currently cultivated, is something that even the Scarlet Dragon was unaware of. Comparing the amount of Fire Spirit Grass on the lair itself to the hidden cave, certainly the amount of Fire Spirit Grass inside the hidden cave is much more plenty.

Despite the chance to earn much more profound coins, Tatsuya decided to use that remaining Fire Spirit Grass in the hidden cave, to incite the Yang and Yin energy within his body. Chu Xin's profound veins also used that chance to barely balance its host's equilibrium.

Although, Chu Xin still can't enter the state of enlightenment, it still helped her increase strength in absorbing the profound energy within the surroundings. Once, the Fire Spirit Grass runs out, her Heavenly Yin Profound Veins will be observed to have a decrease on her cultivation speed. But, even with that decrease, her cultivation speed still towers over anyone except Tatsuya.

(This should be enough…)

Once that thought crossed Tatsuya's mind, his profound veins stopped throbbing in excitement. The shadow of the fire elemental energy that once connected itself to his body, disappeared into thin air. He stopped his cultivation session, as he slowly opened his eyelids.


Tatsuya's eyes slightly gleamed, as his pure-blue eyes looked threateningly dangerous. He fully released his profound aura, as his cultivation base revealed itself to the world.

4th Stage of the True Profound Realm!

As far as Tatsuya could remember, he only spent a few hours in cultivation. But, the results are simply unimaginable. Normally, cultivators would spend months or even years to break through, but Tatsuya is different. He only needed a few hours, with his full concentration, to break through.

(But, I guess it's because of the Heavenly Yin Attribute that I added on my profound veins. It allows me to enter the state of enlightenment. Thus, I could break through much more easily compared to others.)

Tatsuya knew for a fact that his current cultivation speed is because of his encounter with Chu Xin. If he didn't met her, he would need to spend more time on cultivation, which would disrupt his plans to visit the places that he should visit.

(Right now, only the Elemental Sight and Regrowth still uses my psion reserves. Yet, I know that the recreation of those abilities could be ignored for some time.)

Instead of recreating his other innate abilities, Tatsuya decided to pour his attention into this planet's bizarreness and uniqueness. Since he was born, he was always easily intrigued to different innovative things that could increase his knowledge.

He slowly stood up from the center of the Fire Spirit Grass' field, as he threw his gaze around and spotted the hardworking Chu Xin in the corner. He felt satisfied, as he saw that despite Chu Xin knowing her talent, she is still willing to put in more effort.

He knew that Chu Xin really desires to accompany him, which in turn made him smile wryly inwardly. It couldn't be helped, Tatsuya thought to himself. After all, even if Chu Xin somehow became stronger, he still won't allow her to join him.

Because, there are secrets better left unsaid. Although, Chu Xin has been with him for more than a few days already, he still can't put his faith into a young girl. Right now, he only desires Chu Xin to grow up and become mature soon enough. And maybe, they will travel together in the future. But that is just another possibility for Tatsuya.

"Hm. The Fire Spirit Grass will all soon decay, eh."

Tatsuya said to himself, as he turned his gaze unto the vibrant red medicinal herbs in the surroundings. Every few minutes, there would be a few Fire Spirit Grass that will turn grey, and will decay till it drop to the ground.

"Chu Xin's cultivation base has reached the 6th stage of the Nascent Profound Realm. Really astonishing, is that the cultivation speed of Heavenly Yin Profound Veins' possessor?"

Just from the aura that is continuously leaking out of Chu Xin's body, Tatsuya instantly discerned her cultivation gaze with just a glance. Seeing that Chu Xin still can't perfectly control her profound energy, Tatsuya decided to teach her in that field.

And, as he quietly watched Chu Xin cultivate, he noticed that the last Fire Spirit Grass finally decayed. If someone discovered just how Tatsuya spends Fire Spirit Grass recklessly, they will surely vomit blood from their mouths, or even fainting because of shock.


A faint sound leaked out of Chu Xin's mouth, as her beautiful yet enchanting face showed her satisfaction. She slowly opened her pale and smooth eyelids, as her long eyelashes with white tinge on it, fluttered along the blow of the wind.

"Are you finally done, Chu Xin?"

"Big brother Tatsuya, I have a request!"

Tatsuya greeted Chu Xin, with his monotone voice. Suddenly, Chu Xin stood up from the ground, and swiftly approached Tatsuya. In the end, they both faced each other with only a few centimeters distancing their faces.


"C-could you…"


"Please call me, Xin'er!"

Despite the aggressive approach of Chu Xin, not a thread of change could be found on Tatsuya's face. But, a flow of surprise flashed on Tatsuya's eyes, as he stared at the little cute thing before him. Chu Xin looked at Tatsuya with her pitiful eyes, while slightly pouting.

"Er… Sure."

Facing Chu Xin's eyes that had trace of tears which threatened to come out, Tatsuya could only nod his head in agreement. Hearing what Chu Xin wanted to hear, she widened her eyes, as she smiled cheerfully.

"Ehehehe, please call me, Xin'er! Just once will be fine, please big brother…"

"Er… Xin'er… Is that fine?"

Hearing Tatsuya calling herself intimately, Chu Xin felt very happy, as her smile almost reached her ears. But, Tatsuya suddenly smacked her head softly, with a smile on his face.

"You did great today. I assume that once you get enrolled into the New Moon Profound Palace, you would immediately receive warm welcome and huge support from the palace itself."

"Mm. I will make use of that to get stronger. So, that in the future, I could… accompany you big brother!"

Tatsuya's smile never left his face, as he stared at the little girl before him. Chu Xin also stared back at Tatsuya, feeling endless bliss. She can't help but selfishly wish that such moment will last forever.

"Well, let's see about that. As for now, I noticed that you still can't control your profound energy perfectly. This aspect will be fundamental for you, so I'll teach you this aspect."


Chu Xin inched her face forward to Tatsuya, as Tatsuya took a step back to avoid any indecent scene to happen. Seeing that Chu Xin had already opened up to him, Tatsuya couldn't help but feel helplessness. Even though, it seemed that Chu Xin is unaware of her action, Tatsuya still can't avoid feeling awkward.

"Yes, but before that, lemme wake up the dragon…"

Tatsuya confirmed Chu Xin's inquiry, as he took a step forward outside the hidden cave. Chu Xin followed him, as they both left the hidden cave without any hesitation. The hidden cave that once housed a large amount of Fire Spirit Grass is now empty.

(Eidos Modification…)


An unknown energy passed through the entirety of the Scarlet Dragon, as its immobile body moved slightly. Its previous empty eyes gradually regained its light, as it shuddered awake.

"T-thank you for sparing me, milord."

The Scarlet Dragon completely misunderstood what happened, as it dropped to the ground while prostrating at Tatsuya's direction. When it had lost its senses, it had thought that it had already crossed the door of life, entering the underworld.

"Sure, but for now, stop prostrating."

Seeing that Tatsuya had allowed itself to stop prostrating, the dragon slowly sat on the ground while looking at Tatsuya with fear and reverence. Sensing that the Scarlet Dragon had developed some reverence toward himself, Tatsuya felt awkward.

"Eh? Milady, you broke through consecutively?"

The Scarlet Dragon somehow sensed the huge increase in Chu Xin's strength, as it could only stare at her with shock. When it first encountered Tatsuya and Chu Xin, it could only sense Chu Xin's cultivation strength. But now that it had sensed that Chu Xin instantly jumped several stages, the dragon even thought of questioning its whole life.

"Ehehehe, this is because of big brother Tatsuya."

Chu Xin felt proud that the dragon that everyone feared, is now looking at her with a shocked and awed expression. She involuntarily puffed up her still-developing chest, as her body exuded a noble aura that intensified her beauty.

Meanwhile, the dragon's understanding of Tatsuya's strength became more overestimated, as it concluded that Tatsuya must be a god.

"Congratulations, milady and milord."

"Can you just stop? I'm not comfortable with the milord thingy."

"Then, allow this lowly lifeform to call you, Emperor!"

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Tatsuya felt annoyed, as he glared at the Scarlet Dragon. But his annoyance almost instantly vanished into thin air, as he can't help but stare at the dragon with a look that conveyed his displeasure. The Scarlet Dragon felt nervous, as it sweats heavily under Tatsuya's gaze.

"Big brother Tatsuya, please teach me now the method to control my profound energy!"

Chu Xin, as a child who still lacks experience, obviously can't read the mood. She asked Tatsuya to teach her, with a carefree voice and laidback demeanor. With that, Tatsuya retracted his gaze from the dragon, as he stared at Chu Xin.

The Scarlet Dragon heaved a sigh of relief, that Tatsuya didn't killed itself. It threw a gaze of gratitude towards Chu Xin, in which the latter smiled back with a cheerful gaze.

"Let's go, so after this, we could continue our travel towards the New Moon City…"

"Thank you, big brother."

"About that travel milord, I could just send you to the New Moon City…"

Thus, their endless conversation continued. Tatsuya, Chu Xin, and the Scarlet Dragon could be seen talking to each other. Neither Chu Xin or the Scarlet Dragon noticed just how natural their conversation flowed. Only the indifferent yet carefree Tatsuya noticed the peculiarity, as he looked at the gigantic dragon and Chu Xin with complicated emotion.

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  • Osolation


    I saw some questions about Xia Qingyue's unnatural behavior in early chapters. Well, that is because she still haven't cultivated the Frozen something art. Thus, she still retained her previous personality, which wasn't written in the original. I tried to make her the big sister that prioritizes her family the most, and as such when Tatsuya showed up, she can't help but feel anger and something. Because, Tatsuya's existence could potentially harm her family and her own life. I don't know if you guys will be satisfied but seeing that Xia Qingyue already acknowledged the Asgard something in the later chapters as her master, she will revert to her usual which is cold and such.

  • Kami12


    Mc should really recreate his abilities quickly mostly elemental sight bc all of his abilities are base around it.

  • KeypadHero


    Xin'er, huh? That kid is sure very aggressive 😱

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