50% Break Up, Love. (BL) / Chapter 2: Break Up With My Boyfriend, Yeah

Chapter 2: Break Up With My Boyfriend, Yeah

"Nikolasi, where the hell are you? I thought you'd be going with Rev?" Lucky asks over the phone.

"Yeah, I thought so to. But stop calling me Nikolasi or I'll tell everyone your scientific full name, Luncarium!" I tease him, trying to drift the topic so that we can't talk about Rev. He's such a jerk! Oh God help me, I don't want to make a decision that I will probably regret in my whole life. But I'm so upset that all I can think is brea- Stooooop!!!!!

"Fuck you! Don't you dare tell anyone or I'll be running around the campus yelling and telling everyone that you've been crying over your relationship with Rev. Haha!" Lucky laughs mischievously.

"Hey, did the party start?" I ask, trying again to misdirect the conversation. But to no avail-

"Oh Nikolasi, don't try to change the topic, honey." Honey, my ass. "I know that you two are fighting again. Because if you two are still ok, you'll be coming with him tonight." Yup, Lucky is the smartest assed prick I've ever known. He's the only who knows that my relationship with my boyfriend is fading, while everyone think that were still sweet to each other, being honey-bunny cocoa-milk to each other.

"Shut up!" I hiss. "Since you are there, can you tell me what he's doing right now?" I ask.

"What? You are not coming here? Oh you'll be in big trouble with Tiff. You are one of her roses. She'll be so mad with you."

"How can I go there? My boyfriend left me here." I explain, my voice almost crack because of dissapointment.

"Want me to come and get you?" he asks.

"You will?"

"Yes, I will. The program will start at 9 o'clock, I can still  come and take you here."

"But you texted me earlier that the party will start already. Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Nikolasi don't be stupid. When I said that the party will start, just the party not the program." he explains, making me feel like an idiot.

"Okay then, start dragging yourself here so that both of us will be there in time. It's already 8:15." I demand.

"I'll hang up then. Bye."

"Bye." I answer then he hangs up the phone call.

While waiting for Lucky to come around, I, myself must take care of my reddening eyes. Yes, I cried after Rev left me in my room. I know it was just words, but it does hurt so much. There's a peircing pain to the heart that words can give. The way he said it, the way his face showed disgust and disappointment, and the way he acted like he hate me, it was so fucking painful! "I don't want anyone from my friends think that I'm being with a lousy boyfriend." His words plays all over again in my mind, his shrilling voice defies my will to not cry again. But my tears roll down to my cheeks and I hear myself sobbing. Geez, relationships musn't be like this.

I heave a deep sigh and stand up from my bed and go to the bathroom. My eyes reddens even more. I quickly wash my face not minding the make-up then retouches again.

Few minutes later, Lucky's car horn blows, signalling that he's there outside my apartment. I go out and greet him with "Hoy!" which he greets back with the same manner.

"Have you been crying?" he asks directly.

"What? No." I deny. "Why would I be crying? Has someone died?" I ask back with sarcasm.

"Yes and No." he says. "It's not someone but something. And that something is, your heart!" he explains loudly that the whole neighborhood can hear.

"Sshhhh. Shut Up!" I scowl. "Okay, Okay, I cried. Are you happy now?"

"Not yet. I need to know why." Hah! Such a nosy prick! This jerk doesn't even want to miss a single event in my relationship. It's like his life mission is to be nosy about me all the time.

"He left me because I look like a disco ball."

"What? That's it? You cried for such a lame reason? You are such a crybaby." Sometimes I wanna smack Lucky in the head, sack him, and throw him into the lake. He doesn't even let me finish.

"Fuck you! That's not it. When you texted me earlier, we decided to start going to- "

"Hah! I know you were lying to me." He snaps. "You said you were on your way!"

"Okay, shut up! Can you let me finish first?" I demand. "When we were about to go out, Rev stopped me then said that he don't want me to go with him because he doesn't want anyone from his friends think that he's going with a lousy boyfriend."

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Lucky remains silent for  few minutes. Then he finally says, "Shall we go now?"

"What? You are not going to comfort me?" I say while following him to his car. He opens the car door for me and says "Señorito". Lucky always do this, being sweet with me. Eversince, he's the only one who drove me to my department when Rev is not available. And these past few weeks, Lucky became my official driver because Rev had been so "BUSY!".

He starts the car and starts hitting the road. We remained silent for few minutes, then he says…

"He's a jerk."

"What? I mean who?" I ask.

"Your boyfriend." he says while his gaze focuses on the road. "Who in their right minds see their boyfriend as an embarrassment to someone. I can't believe him!" he bellows loudly while nipping his lips with his teeth.

"Yeah, but let's not talk about him anymore. I don't want to ruin my mood anymore." I say even though my mood had been ruined for a long time already.

"Okay." Why do I suddenly feel Lucky's rage inside his car?

We remained silent again for the whole ride.

We arrived at the venue 5 minutes earlier than the official program time. We took the elevator of the hotel to the 15th floor where the large  mess hall is located.

"Good evening, sirs." the guard greets us with his bright smile. "Can I check your invitation please?"

I scan my suit thoroughly.

OMG! I left my invitation card in the apartment. Gosh, I'm so stupid. I'm about to back out when-

"Here is our invitation card. It's a couple card." Lucky says then gave the card to the guard. I look at him, he's smiling again. I remember him being moody in the whole trip.

"Oh, I see." the guard looks at us. He smiles and says, "Mr. Nik, you really look like you are the one who's debuting tonight."

"Excuse me?" I ask because I don't understand him at all.

He smile again and opens then door for us, hinting us to come inside. We said our 'thanks' to him and went inside.

The guard is right. I seem to be the one debuting because the venue's design is similar to my suit. The vibe of the venue is dark but the luminous patents attached to the walls, curtains, and the stage make the venue look like a city night. Along with it, there are numerous lights swirling and curling up and down the mess hall. It's beautiful.

"Let's grab something to eat." Lucky says while making a baby face.

"No, let's find Rev first and we will eat together." I say to him.

"But I'm hungry and I'm sure Rev had already eaten something." he says.

"Okay." I answer him and we walk to the side of the mess hall where the buffet table is located. We fill our plates with delicious food the catering service boy offers and we sit down to a large table where most of my friends sit. They greet me and ask where is my boyfriend.

"I don't know." that's the only answer I could tell them. "Haven't you seen him earlier? He came here ahead of me." I ask. They all look at each other then Ridgy (my classmate and one of my friends) answers, "Err... Before you came and sat here with us, he went to the bathroom and he looks a little tipsy. Maybe you should go after him."

"Oh okay, thanks." I stand up and decided to go to the bathroom.

The bathroom is located at the edge side of the hall where few lights are installed. I rush to the bathroom when I suddenly halt my steps.

I see him standing at the wall with a girl infront of him. His hands are around her waist and their eyes lock at each other. I see them smiling at each other, their faces getting closer and…

I turn my pace and I hurry back to the table. My tears falling rapidly to my cheeks. I can't believe him! That's why he's been so cold to me all this time. That's why he's been avoiding me. That's why he doesn't have anytime for me because all his time is given to that girl!

All this time, when I was worried so much about his whereabouts, being late and all. He's with that girl. All this time when I was waiting for him at the parking lot, he has been driving her to school. All this time when I was waiting for his texts and calls, he's been flirting with that girl. All this time, I've been such an idiot to not know it all.

I'm crying so hard when all my friends noticed me. They looked at me with their worried faces.

"What happened?" Lucky asks while patting my back. I don't want to answer him.

"Ah, Nothing." I say with my voice trembling and my face soak with tears. "Can you take me back home."

They all look alarmed and one of them says, "I'm sorry Nik. But you can't go. The program already starts and they are already calling the roses."

"No. Please Lucky, drive me back home." If I only knew how to drive I would've dash to my apartment right now.

"Mr. Nik? Mr. Nik?" the host announces my name, calling me to the stage. There's no point in going back, the program already starts. So I just stand up again, wipe my tears, and start walking to the front stage.

I see Tiff dancing with her tenth rose, smiling proudly at him. She looks stunning. Her glowing gown and her 6-inch heels made her the star of the night. As the tenth rose stops dancing, he offered Tiff to me. I quickly reach her hands and dance her around.

"Are you crying? Why are your eyes so red?" she asks while we dance around the mess hall.

"Happy Birthday Tiff, you really look beautiful tonight." I say. "My contact lenses are hurting my eyes."

"Oh, you better take that off after our dance. Don't let it get irritated!" she says.

"Mr. Rev? Your turn!" the hosts says. I'm trembling when the hosts says his name. Even though I don't want to see him, I still give the hand of Tiff to him to show my courtesy.

I walk through the crowd not looking back at them anymore. My tears fall down again, heavier and warmer. Hah! What a night Nik! You have to endure the pain just to give people the impression they wanted to see. I have to look like the happiest man on earth. Because if not, their views on us being the "Perfect Couple" will be stained.

So while walking back to the table, I hear the host once again calling my name and Rev. "The debutant want some message from her two male bestfriends."

What? I have to go back again? And with Rev?

The manager of the venue gave me a microphone. I hold it with my trembling hands. I go to the stage where Rev stands up infront of Tiffany and the crowd. I stand beside him but the manager says we need to stand close. What?? Oh God! Do you want me to cry infront of the crowd.

I didn't want to argue with the manager so I did stand close to Rev, even though I hate him right now. To my surprise, Rev wounds his hands around my shoulder and he smiles at me. I did not smile back, I just avoid his gaze and focus my sight on the crowd.

"Any words for our Debutant?" asks the host.

"Ah yes. But before that," says Rev, still his hands clinging around me. "I wanted to announce that I…" he pause for a bit trying to procure suspense. But I already know what he's going to say. I think he's going to annouce that…

"I'm breaking up with my boyfriend, yeah." I say while gripping my hands tightly on the microphone. The urgent crowd exclaims disbelief with their eyes full of sorrow.

I turn my gaze to him, he looks stunned.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Updates will be every Sundays and Wednesdays.

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  • Daoist406873


    I'm starting to dislike Rev.... Hmmmmpt!

  • P_V_R


    Oh. Drama! Shit this is getting serious. And I love it!

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