55.55% My cliché Love Story / Chapter 5: The Scenario

Chapter 5: The Scenario

I am freaking out; I am about to have a conversation… no let me correct myself a proper conversation with my childhood crush. I can't believe this, what do I do? Come on Anna we can do this just focus and do not over think.

After a while I find my self in a gaze staring at his figure from behind, technically it is more like analysing how handsome only his back looks like. Such broad shoulders, he kind of has a triangle body shape which basically means he has smaller hips and very wide shoulders. He is currently wearing a pair of formal pants and with a very appealing neck turtle hugging his body tightly show casing his amazing muscles. I have never really looked this up close to his body features, but he is certainly more handsome and more developed in certain areas of his body compared to when he was young. A pervert I know I am, at least I am owning it. Not to mention his height he is so tall, it is amazing. When we were younger and his mom would come to our house he would come along, this was the only time we hanged out was whenever our parents got together. Any way let me continue with the story, we would always choose each other's outfits and wear them for either that day or the next. You are probably wondering where he got the clothes since it is at my house, well my older brother's clothes were stacked away in a closet because my mom hardly ever throws out clothes. I would always take some secretly and give them to him, then he would put it in his backpack. Any way going back to my story…

He came to a halt, but I did not see him, so I barged right into his broad back, or so I thought. While I was in my gaze, moments before I barged into him, he turned around, so it is kind of like I am in his embrace except no one is hugging. Suddenly, my mind dazed back to what my brother said; 'Soon you will be in another's embrace…' Seriously why did that have to come to mind. I unconsciously decided to take a step away from him, but not just any step, I tried to take to biggest step ever. Goal accomplished. Immediately I thought I should start explaining how I ended up ease dropping on him back there. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

'Let me explain it was all an accident' I passed for a second to review his expression, but he was just standing there with his arms folded. As I thought about this I thought that this scenario can now really go anywhere, referring back to the Korean Dramas I have watched. 'Okay, so I accidentally landed in that position I was on my way to Lilly, but instead found you and…' Before I continued, I thought what I should call the girl. It does not matter let's just ignore that pa…

Before I could conclude my decision Zack rudely interrupted me; 'It is fine, I just want to make sure you know my true feelings and also I want you to know I am still keeping the promise I have not strayed from it. So…yes. That is all I wanted to say, just do not tell anyone about all of this.'

Is he serious right now? Why this jerk? Why did I feel the need to apologise to this jerk? This is so embarrassing… Seriously. Let's just stay calm and agree, after all this was my last day in high school and I want it to go smooth. Knowing him, again I was expecting too much, just as I opened my mouth to say something, he just turned around and walked away. I hate it when people do this this is when I am unable to control my temper, so I exploded…

'You jerk!'

And... that was the end of our conversation. I decided that I was going to take a moment to myself and calm down, but not before long Lilly appeared around the corner; 'Wow that was heated, he has guts.' Speechless with her around I cannot get a single drop of privacy if Jessica my younger sister was in this school, they would have been the worst enemies.

'Are you serious, did you just hide around the corner, being honest like a pervert, and listening in on our conversation.'

Immediately she changed the subject; 'Wow okay, you were right his voice sound amazing.'

I completely decided to just let it go, take dad's advice and go with the flow; 'I know right, but still, I want to know why he felt the need to never talk.' Lilly just nods along as I continue… 'I want to know the reason behind it, I mean he is after all hot and popular. Why did he go with this decision, was it the best decision for him?'

Lilly finally joins the conversation; 'I don't know but stay away he seems like trouble and by the way why are you suddenly so interested in him…' she observes my expression for a second before continuing. 'Never mind let's just go back otherwise we are going to be late…' glancing down at her watch. 'Well technically we are already late, so let's go…'

Once we arrived at the classroom all our classmates were dressed up in their graduation robes ready to pose for a class selfie, but then they spotted us.

'What are you guys doing, throughout this year I have taught you, you two have not been late once have you guys decided to slack of on the last day…' My teacher expresses her honest feelings. Lilly and me, we were just standing there speechlessly waiting for her. 'Well, do not just stand there come on. Get a move on…' Before I realised Lilly answered for the both of us and to the bathroom we went to go and change.

As we start to get changed Lilly starts going all sentimental; 'this is our last time in this bathroom and at this school'

'Mmmh, it is…'

'I cannot believe it went by so quickly.'

'I know right who would have expected as much.'

We both open the bathroom doors at the same time, not long after we observed how we looked and instantly went to give each other a hug.

'You look good in the robe Anna, it suits you…'

'Thank you, Lilly you also look, great I cannot wait to see you on stage getting your certificate.'

We stayed in each other's embrace before exiting the female toilets and joining our mentor class for one last graduation ceremony selfie.

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