94.05% Legendary Shadow / Chapter 95: Kanto League finals 3

Chapter 95: Kanto League finals 3

Ash only had two Pokémon's left and was wondering who he could use in order to beat Shadow. Liam wanted to make the match interesting, so he asked Ash to bring out both of his Pokémon at the same time to face Shadow alone. The crowd was in an uproar as they were also interested in seeing that kind of match. Ash had a frown as he thought that it wouldn't be a fair match if it was two against one. Liam asked the league referee if they could do that. The referee got on the phone and asked his superiors.

After that he appeared and announced that it would be two against one and everybody in the crowd was cheering to see that hot battle. They allowed it to happen and the referee gave the okay as Ash could bring out his Pidgeot and Butterfree. Liam looked at Shadow and asked him if he was okay with that. Shadow simply lifted his head up in a cocky way as he told Liam that this was going to be an easy match for him.

Liam quickly corrected him and told him not to be cocky and that Ash could be unpredictable sometimes and to never look down on an opponent, to which Shadow apologized and told him that he would try his best. The match began as Pidgeot and Butterfree flew to the sky. Shadow also flew following them as they were getting prepared to have an epic battle. Ash quickly ordered them both to use whirlwind.

They combined both the attacks and it became a powerful whirlwind. Shadow also whipped up a powerful hurricane attack and as both attacks combined, they caused a huge wind explosion and dissipated shortly after. The crowd went wild after this attack, seeing that Shadow was strong enough to hold his own against those two. Butterfree used sleep powder as Pidgeot used Gust to blow the powder towards Shadow.

Shadow saw this coming and used Flamethrower to burn the powder away. Pidgeot ended up behind Shadow after using Agility and Quick Attack as he used Wing Attack to knock Shadow right in to another sleep powder attack from Butterfree, but Shadow used Shadow Movement to go right through the powder. while he was phasing through the powder, Butterfree used Psychic to cancel out his Shadow Movement making him smell the powder and he was starting to feel drowsy.

That's why Liam told Shadow not to look down on them because they could surprise him with any kind of attack. The crowd was enjoying the show as Ash was giving them quite a show. Butterfree and Pidgeot both came together and used Wing Attack to knock Shadow back into the ground. Just when Pidgeot was about to use Brave Bird to smash into Shadow, he felt something attached to him as Shadow had used absorb last minute and had taken some of Pidgeot's energy as he healed up and had gotten rid of the sleep. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

This surprised everybody due to the turn of events. They thought that now Butterfree and Pidgeot would be able to gang up on Shadow while he's asleep but that was not the case. Shadow quickly use Thunderbolt on Pidgeot causing Pidgeot a lot of damage taking him out for some time. Butterfree used psychic as he slammed Shadow into the ground and back up again as he repeated this several times. Shadow got tired of being slammed around and broke out of the psychic hold and used Flamethrower.

Butterfree dodged it and used Psybeam knocking Shadow back. Shadow got up and shook his head as he prepared for another round. Pidgeot had also come back and was ready for another round. Shadow had gotten tired of battling them and decided to use one of his most powerful ice moves, Sheer Cold. He told Liam about it and Liam could only shake his head as he thought that Shadow was ending the battle too soon, but he didn't want Shadow to feel like he was holding back either.

Shadow started preparing to use Sheer Cold. Everybody in the arena felt cold as the energy was being emulated from Shadow. Butterfree and Pidgeot got scared from this energy and also started to prepare their strongest moves. Butterfree used psychic on Pidgeot and Pidgeot used Brave Bird. He was able to get a power boost and speed boost charging towards Shadow. Shadow smirked when he saw Pidegot coming towards him as he finally gathered the energy that is needed and blasted the whole field with ice.

The field had become an ice palace as everybody looked amazed. It looked beyond beautiful as everybody took out their cameras to take pictures of it. Pidegot and Butterfree were stuck in the ice as they had already fainted upon the impact. Shadow was breathing heavily but had not passed out due to not expanding its range throughout the whole stadium, that was because Liam had warned him to keep it under control. If he had blasted it throughout the whole stadium, everybody would have been affected.

Ash was surprised by this attack and could only return Pidgeot and Butterfree as he clapped towards Liam and thanked him for the great battle that they just had. Liam also nodded his head at Ash and told him that he had gotten stronger and couldn't wait to see him at the next championship. The crowd was cheering after witnessing such a nice battle and the announcer announced Liam as the Champion of this event. Professor Oak and the others knew that this was going to happen.

Professor Oak could only shake his head as he thought that Gary probably wouldn't have stood a chance against Liam either and like that the Kanto League Championship had come to an end. The final 5 Pokémon trainers had a month to prepare for the Elite Four challenge those matches wouldn't be broad casted. The winners had to do intense training in order to prepare for this challenge. The Elite Four members were quite surprised from Liam's attack. The Ice Princess from the elite four was even more interested in Shadow after seeing such an attack and couldn't wait till she could face off against him.


Shout out to my editor Deep for making my life much easier by editing

Comments (4)

  • Phema2241


    Thanks for the shoutout. I’ll try my best.



    Funny that he was struggling with other top trainers and he want to take on elite four 🤣, without his cheats he will be wiped out by their single Pokemon 😂

  • Brokedepressed


    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he turned down the chance to fight them because he’s not interested in the position.

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