48.38% Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods / Chapter 59: snow wind family

Chapter 59: snow wind family

«The Winged Dragon Familly mansion.

Xiao Yunfeg is currently speaking with Chan Lan who comes in order to propose marriage between Zako and Ning'er.

Xiao Yunfeg was aware of the possibilities of raising a new Major family in the Glory city since the Nobles and other Majors families would get an instant report when something like that happens.

As they were discussing, the Elders of Dragon Winged Family has split into two sides, a side that with the marriage as they would gain the support of a new major family, on the other side they were against that marriage as that would offend the Sacred Familly and it would be better if they can get her engaged to Some direct descended of the sacred family.

"Enough," Ye Yunfeg said with solemn voice, there is no way he would give His Daughter to The Sacred family again.

"Please patriarch Chan lan, It's not like I don't approve your proposal offer or anything, But I have to ask my daughter's opinion for that " Ye Yunfeg said as he tried to not be offending.

"Just call her, I'm pretty sure she will accept, " Chan Lan said as she didn't really believe that Ning'er would not accept after the Rice has been cooked.

"I already send her a letter, soon she will be here," Xiao Yunfeg said. The City Lord mansion wasn't very far and soon Ning'er would arrive.

"So how have your son crossed with my daughter "

"You can say that they were classmates "

"Classmates, mm, does he have yellow eyes and dark brown hair "  ning'er father asked as ning'er told a long time ago about him.

"That's him "

"But giving his appearance he doesn't look like someone from your clan, no offense"

"You can say he is my foster son "

"Ah, I see"


fourteen minutes later, a fair Brown haired girl has arrived to the Wing'ed dragon family's territory, then she made her way to the Main Hall.

As she entered she saw some people she didn't know, Only Chan Yu, so she greeted them before making her way to Ye Yunfeg.

"Father" Ning'er greeted, she seemed to run quickly after hearing the news about some people coming to Engage her.

"Ning'er, Those people came to engage you, "Xiao Yunfeg said as he pointed to Chan Clan's people.

'He is not here' Ning'er turned to see if Zako is here, but he seems that he didn't come.

" are those from Chan Clan"


And so on she and Chan Lan were talking, unexpandable they got along with each other, Chan Lan has taken a liking of this girl after seeing how polite and cute she is. But more importantly her cultivation seemed to reach second star black Gold and her aura seemed to be stronger which made her thinking of her as a worthy girl for her son.

"Oh, I didn't expect you to be this pretty " Chan Lan said smiling.

"Thanks, mother in law" Xiao Ning'er replied with a shy tone.

"So I will take this as approved "

"Mm" Ning'er nodded with her head, then she asked

"I don't see Zako anyway here, Has he come"  It was more than a month since they took their holiday and didn't see each other, after all, that time he has gone, he had left an emptiness in her heart, she wanted to get out but some of the Dark Guild Members were watching over her moves and surrounding her.

Lucky she had surprised them with the Power of her new Cultivation method, after that some guards had taken her back to the lord mansion. She had spent her time cultivating so she can walk free as she likes.

"I don't know much either, that kid likes to act on his own " Chan lan said as Zako is someone who is out controlling.

"True" Ning'er smiled helplessly.


The tournament has continued.

'Now I'm regretting coming here ' Zako was waiting in the arena's stage, at first he thought he could train his soul force combat abilities, but the opponent was weak that he has higher Cultivation level than all of them. Let's not forget he is stronger as a fighter than Spiritualist.

'Send me At least a black Gold opponent 'He continued his fights against the Other young warrior of those families, eventually, he had won relying on his physical body and martial arts.

What was remarked wasn't his physical strength, but his movement and reaction speed that surpassing his rank.

The people that were watching were really wondering if it is true when they said spiritualists are stronger than fighters. Or if Zako has some Ancient bloodline or physic.

"Let's see, the next one is Snow Wind family" The woman announced the next opponent of Zako.

"Snow wind family.." The announcer said.

'Snow wind Familly, why does it sound familiar 'Zako on the stage rubbed his chin as he was looking inside his memories. Snow Wind Family place which was the City lord mansion was the Place where he lived with his illegitimate father his Saiyan mother and his half-sister, well even if there were some cunts here and there, generally it wasn't a bad childhood, he had his personal maid, his mother was good with him, everything was good until that day he had incident with his grandfather. Which made his host swear to Kill him one day.

As he remembers the first seven years he had spent in that Mansion, so that's why he can feel some faces here are familiar.

'Having lived three lives would make me mix things, Sigh, But I would wish to back to Italy again and eat Pizza.'.

Soon his next opponent has jumped, it was a woman in her 29 with a purple hair and green eyes, Ye Ban, she was a genius from the previous generation, and had the cultivation of gold rank 5 stars.

"So the bastard has grown, " Ye ban said as she showed a devilish smile.

Years ago, one day when she was cultivating in peace under a wall.

Kid Zako who has been playing around and walking above that wall felt a huge urge to take a Piss, so as he was standing above that wall he pulled his pant off and let water flowed. Ye Ran who was cultivating in peace felt warm water pouring on her head, as she lifted her head she saw Zako taking a piss on her head.

As soon Zako realized he somehow what he did, he ran quickly to the Lord mansion and hides where she couldn't touch him. as she looked for him he has already left the mansion. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Who are you " Zako relaxed his shoulders as he looked at her wondering who she is, he can't remember everything that happens in his childhood.

"Who Am I " Ye Ban eyes almost turned red, she spent days taking shower again and again, yet he still asks who she is.

And so on, the battle against the Snow wind family gas started, find out what happened next on TDG.

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  • BattleKing10000


    that's not the greatest reason to want to kill someone, kids piss on people all the time.

  • fearlessj2008


    Well at least this person has a reason to hate him.

  • DragonkingKyo


    thanks for the chapter

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