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Chapter 37: The End of Battle

Again, talk is cheap. If Sheila could charge head-on, she wouldn't be having a problem now. She would like so much to use magic to open up a path straight to the Goblin Shaman, but she wants to keep her trump card a secret before the surprise attack. Maybe she could use the lottery… Ah! The club almost hit me! This is no time for me to be deep in thought. I need to do something quick, or I might lose at this point. Sheila gives up on thinking of a new plan and instead charge ahead while swinging AWP sword around as the blood splattered on the ground and some even got on her shirts which dye it a little red. But she didn't care as she was so focused on killing all the goblin as she went forward. When she moves forward, one by one, the goblins fall, and she starts taking damage as the injuries appear on her body. She gritted her teeth hard and endured the pain that was assaulting her until a blood slip from her mouth; she hadn't noticed that she accidentally bit on her lips.

The Goblin Shaman keep firing the flame arrow at her, but she was able to avoid it by using the goblins and their corpse before it completely disappearing as a meat shield. It went unexpectedly well and despite the Goblin Shaman keep warning the other goblins of her using them as a meat shield, they still couldn't follow it due to their low intelligence and unable to understand the command. Very soon, she was getting closer and closer to the Goblin Shaman, and she couldn't help but get some hit of the many flame arrow thrown at her. The pain of her flesh burning inside out makes her feel like crying so hard at how painful it is; the tears start to gather in her eyes, yet the strong will of determination in her eyes stood still. It was saying that she hadn't given up yet.

When she reaches approximately close to the Goblin Shaman, the other goblins have already long disappeared into nothingness, and only a drop of gold was left shining on the ground of her path. Her current appearance was in no way can be considered good as the shirts were dyed red from the blood splashing onto her, and even the sword in her hands was covered in blood as it was still dripping it onto the ground. If the other human could see her current appearance, they would have been freak out at how scary she has come to be; one might mistake her as a psychopath with the murder aura covering her whole body. It was like the naïve Sheila had gone and replaced with someone else with the intent to kill. But that was merely an illusion that Sheila gives off when she had murdered a lot of goblins, she was still biting her lips hard while enduring the pain of the injuries she suffers around her whole body.

Her current figure could only be said in one word, terrible. Her skin was scorched red from the burning, and the other part of her body was also in a terrible state from exchanging blow with the goblins. It was an amazing feat for her to still being able to stand up after all that she went through to get past the obstacle. But now that she was already in front of her target, all the pain that she suffered and thought were already numb by it come at her in full force. A health potion materializes in front of her, and she immediately drunk it in one gulp while gritting her teeth from the pain. When the health potion went down her throat, a light shone on her injuries as it starts to heal slowly, and she could feel the pain going away.

『 Sheila LV.12 』

『 HP: 40/110 MP: 150/150

GOLD: 550

—STR: 23 —INT: 30

—AGI: 20 —VIT: 21

—LUCK: 10 AP: 0 』

Sheila was surprised at how low her health point has gotten to, but it makes sense considering how many times she was hit, she could still remember the pain just by thinking about it. Thankfully she got many health potions in the inventory. Suddenly, she jumped back before the flame could engulf her whole. It was an attack coming from the Goblin Shaman. If she hadn't drunk the potion, she would have been unable to avoid the attacks even with all her willpower alone as her body would be unable to take it. She should have leveled up by now, but she didn't see the notification anywhere in her sight at all, is it because she was still currently in battle? There's only one thing to figure out, defeating the Goblin Shaman. Without waiting further, a ball of flame was conjured out of thin air, floating in front of her before it went and flew toward the Goblin Shaman and exploded.

When the smoke disperses completely, she could see the figure of Goblin Shaman was still standing while a transparent wall surrounded it. Tch, it uses Barrier Magic to protect itself. If she had such convenient magic, she would not have gotten severely injured from all the beating and flame arrow flying toward her. Perhaps, by killing the Goblin Shaman, it would drop a magic skill book? That sure give her more motivation to end the life of the being in front of her. Just getting the staff from the Goblin Shaman is also fine. Since the magic attack doesn't work, she will just do it physically. She would also like to see how weak the mage physical body is. Since in her case would be considered as abnormal, Yes, she knows.

Sheila charges toward the Goblin Shaman when the transparent shield is starting to disappear. Apparently, the Barrier Magic cost quite high amount of mana as she could tell the Goblin Shaman is weaker than before. This is a chance! When she was so close that she could hear its breathing, the transparent shield was already gone, and she swings the sword at it. The Goblin Shaman know that It is weak regarding close-combat and so it decides to get away from her. But it couldn't completely dodge her attack as the blood splattered on the ground as it growls in pain. A small tear cut appears on the cloak that is covering its stomach as the blood immediately dye up the black cloak into a blackish red. It stops from running away and instead chants some kind of spell that Sheila didn't know.

If this is actually in a classic novel, then doesn't the protagonist usually let the villain finish their chanting while waiting like an idiot? Like hell would I do that. It was clearly shouting 'Hit me now' 'it's a chance!', no way I would miss such good timing. Without saying anything, Sheila dashes in her fastest speed toward the Goblin Shaman as it was trying to quickly finish the chanting when it realises it has made an idiot mistake in thinking that she would let it be. If it were just fireball or flame arrow, it wouldn't have taken this long to chant, but it was trying to chant curse magic which took a huge amount of focus and time from it. Basically, it is vulnerable to attack at the moment. It could only blame itself for having such idiotic thought and didn't consider otherwise in the heated moment of the battle. It helplessly stares at the blade of the sword that's coming closer and closer before finally, it was cut in half, and the usual announcement rang.

『 You have killed The Goblin Shaman LV. 10! 』

『 You have leveled up! 』

『 You have leveled up! 』

『 Do you wish to ascend to the Third Floor? 』

            『 Yes/No 』

MinxMean MinxMean

A shout out for Jake Hughes!

I genuinely appreciate the support. <3

Yes, this is the last chapter of this week.

Time for me to procrastinating for two whole days! Yay.

See you guys on Monday!

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