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Chapter 21: Teamwork

As the trio travelled Intalru spent most of his time absorbing the Mana stones from the Auroch they slain. He tried offering them to the girls but Velma claimed she couldn't absorb anything aside from the nature element. Seeing as the Auroch only had an affinity with the earth element they were useless to her. Amanda also turned him down since healers only use the light, dark, or water elements.. by the time he finished absorbing the stones he brought his earth element affinity up to 25%. Unlocking a new skill every 5% gain in an affinity Intalru now had access to a few earth elemental skills. 'Stone Skin', 'Meld Into Stone', 'Stone Shape', 'Wall Of Stone', add in 'Magic Stone' and Intalru now had five earth spells. "I could be the parties tank at the rate..." Intalru mumbled "A druid tank? how does that work?" Amanda replied in his mind.. "Tanking is a term here? do you guys even know what a real tank is?" Intalru was surprised she understood him and couldn't help asking. "you're not the first person to 'Migrate' to this world.. And yes I know what a tank is! it's the parties main line of defence." Amanda replied somewhat cheekily.. "That's one definition yes.. but the term actually comes from a weapon of war from my past world.." "Can you build one?" Velma cut in not wanting to be left out. "... That's.. that's a good question.. hold up." Intalru brought the Auroch to a halt and got off of the wagon. Spreading his Mana into the soil Intalru began looking for a rock big enough to make a small model tank. He could have used wood but it didn't feel right to neglect his new skills since they were what brought the conversation about in the first place.. Ding! Mana sense has reached level 3. About 10 foot below the surface he actually found a large 'rock' that would do the job nicely. Willing a nearby shrub to produce a branch in the shape of a shovel he began digging.

"How deep do you need to dig?" Velma asked Intalru as he was panting and laying down. He spent 40 minutes and only made it 3 foot into the soil... "Much.. gasp.. much deeper" Intalru replied as he gasped for air.. "Why is it so hard to dig!? I had to bury a lot of.. I did a lot of gardening back on earth and never got tired of digging this fast.." He whined to no one in particular. "Maybe because the soil in your last world wasn't full of Mana? or maybe your str stat was higher? you were a lot older before you died so your muscles were more developed.." Amanda brought logic wherever she went.. whenever she wasn't in Chuuni mode.. Wait why is she blushing.. And Velma too? "Ok what's got you two so embarrassed?" Intalru asked after finally catching his breath. "Remember during the ritual when we were in your 'car'?" Amanda asked. "My Tiburon yeah what about it?" "Well you showed us what you used to look like.. But I still think you look handsome now!" Velma answered then quickly tried to save herself.. "... seriously!? why didn't I get to see that? I thought I was in lizard form." Intalru tried to remember if he even looked at his hands while they were 'Melding' but sadly he was too preoccupied with remembering the movies at the time..

"Anyways if you told me how deep you had to dig I could have helped you." Velma cut in to Intalru's thoughts before waving her hand over the shovel he made. Suddenly the shovel took root and began growing the size of a tree, before bending down and scooping the dirt out on it own.. "You just upgraded a shovel into a backhoe.." Intalru said absently. four scoops later and it hit the 'Rock'. As Intalru peered over the ledge he heard a groaning noise. "That can't be good.." Amanda said before suddenly the ground started shaking! "Whoa! Get ready I think I made a mistake!" ""No really!"" The girls replied. Looks like they're getting in sync with each other.. Intalru thought as he dived from the edge.

A large stone hand rose up from the hole.. "F*ck me.." Intalru mumbled and Velma started squirming in place before Amanda smacked the back of her head. "Can you stay serious until we know of we're going to die or not?!" A second hand appeared next to the first one and the gripped the side of the tunnel before pulling a massive figure from the dirt. It was a twelve foot tall stone man. "Appraise!"



Race:Golem ('Wild' Stone variant)



Age:3,000 years

Class: Warrior


Description: A creature born of magic and stone Golem rarely have any will of their own.

(Past Knowledge)

Description: Golem are born one of two ways either by the accumulation of dense Mana drenching minerals until they gain the spark of life and sentience. Or they are created by a powerful spellcaster.

Racial Tendencies: 'Wild' Golem tend to protect the land in which they are formed from all sentient races, but take kindly to wild animals. Since they are formed 'Naturally' they generally have a core in their body that must be destroyed to defeat them. 'Domestic' Golem have a very strict set of rules to live by and are usually used to defend something 'Valuable' to their creator. 'Domestic' Golem tend to have instructions written in the blood of their creator on a piece of magically imbued paper placed in their mouth, destroying the paper 'kills' the golem.

Racial Talents: Golem are slow but powerful, few races match their natural endurance and defensive qualities making them the perfect vanguard. On rare occasions Golem have been known to master the magical arts based around the earth element.


"Sh!t! Keep your distance! he out levels us and I'm sure one slap is all it would take to kill you!" Intalru shouted "Get in the wagon we can just out run it!" Amanda replied while trying to keep the Auroch from running away before Velma and Intalru can jump on. "Grarrararararr" The Golem pointed at Velma and released a noise like gravel in a cement mixer. "I f*ck!ng dare you to say that again!!" Velma replied while shaking violently.. "What did he say?" Intalru asked. "If I stay as it's 'Toy' you guys can leave.." Velma was definitely not happy about the proposal.. "I wanted to have the 'damsel in distress' flag.." Amanda replied disappointedly... "I swear to Mielikki I will cut your cap off if you ever call me a damsel in distress again!" Velma said crossly as she and Intalru hopped into the wagon.. "Look we can kill each other after we kill the golem until then both of you be quiet unless you have something useful to say!" Intalru shouted as he took the reigns from Amanda and whipped the Auroch. Instead of running away though he just kept a brisk pace ahead of the golem.. "Why aren't we leaving that creep in the dust?" Velma asked in disgust. "Because it's free experience points, Help me hit him from a distance." Velma and Amanda looked at Intalru strangely before the Myconid replied. "How do you propose we hurt it? you do realize since it's made of stone I can't poison it and I doubt Velma's able to do any damage with her toothpicks..." "Hey! these 'toothpicks' are still sharp enough to prick you!" "What did I just say! if it's not useful don't say it! Velma try and trip it up like what we did with the Auroch, Amanda do you know the 'Haste' spell? if so use it on the Auroch and take the reigns, keep circling the b*st*rd I'm about to show you two what a drive by is.." Intalru shouted at the two to snap them out of their quarreling before laying out a battle plan.

Velma tried tripping the golem like she was asked but it's weight proved to much for the plants, It easily tore through every entrapment she made but they did slow it down a little.. Luckily Amanda did know the haste spell and suddenly the Auroch were running like quarter horses on race day. Intalru was in the back of the wagon and almost fell out with the speed boost.. "Great! Velma take the reigns since the traps aren't working Amanda get back here I need a hand!" "Why can't I help!" Velma asked angrily as she took the reigns from the Myconid. "Probably because I'm smarter.." Amanda 'said' so only Velma could hear before disappearing into the back with Intalru.

Intalru began willing the pitcher plant he used as a bag to sprout a vine that grew several new pitchers, they were shaped roughly like barrels. Then he redeveloped the latch mechanism to hold more pressure and the 'Nectar' inside the pitcher was altered to have an extremely high sugar content. Suddenly he pulled out a small baggie made of leaf and poured the yellowish powdery contents into the 'Barrel Pitcher's'. "What's that?" Amanda asked curiously. "It's called yeast, if I had a measuring cup I would have been more careful with how much I used but we don't have time, let's just hope this works... If you use haste on a plant does it grow faster?" Intalru gave a quick explanation before asking another question. "I don't think it works that way.." Amanda said confused. "Just try affecting the yeast with haste and see if you notice a difference.." Intalru barked out a quick order and looked out the wagon. They were circling the golem in wide laps, it seemed that the golem grew annoyed of chasing them so it sat down and watched the carriage run in circles.. it's head was spinning like an owls in a cartoon.

Intalru began working right away after making sure they were safe. "Looks like it doesn't know magic otherwise we would have been caught by now.." Something shiny in the dirt caught his eye as they made another lap. As the carriage circled around the golem Intalru kept his eyes on the 'shiny' "Velma slow them down a little and bring us to the right by about three foot!" Intalru willed an opening in the floor just infront of him and leaned through it just enough so that his claws could scrape the dirt. "Haha!" Intalru jumped back up while holding a clear crystal "Ooh that's pretty.. what is it?" Amanda asked while staring at the rock in Intalru's hand.. claw. "It's a quartz and we're gonna use it to make fire.. 'Stone Shape'!! Suddenly the Quartz split in two, one was shaped like a large arrow head and the other was flattened into a disk. "Umm Intalru I think your plan worked.. kinda.. the uh yeast thing grew like crazy but it started dying off."

Amanda reported sheepishly worried she did something wrong. "Perfect! start using haste on the rest of the barrels and let me know when all the yeast is dead." Intalru said before he ran to the front of the wagon. "Hey Velma can you attach this to the tip of one of your javelins?" Intalru said as he handed her the 'Arrow head'. "I don't think this is gonna cut the golem but sure.." Velma grasped the quartz Intalru held out and placed it at the top of the javelin before willing it to split into four points and grasping the gem tightly. "It doesn't have to stab the golem it just has to pierce a barrel." Intalru replied then he ran back to Amanda. "How far is it?" "The last of the yeast just died.." Amanda replied "Great! now let me get that." Intalru grasped a 'Barrel pitcher' and made his way back up to Velma. He placed the quartz disk on the side of the barrel, he willed it to grasp the disk before willing open a small hole in the top. pssshhh! Pressure was relieved instantly and all you could smell was crude alcohol. "Shape Water" Intalru pulled the water out of the barrel and left it floating in the air behind him while leaving the alcohol inside. He then forced his Mana into the plant and slowly the barrel began to shrink until it was the size of a mini keg. "Amanda take the reigns again! Velma follow me." Intalru shouted before willing the leaf canopy on top of the wagon to harden so that it could support his and Velma's weight. "Bring us a little closer Amanda!" Intalru shouted as he willed his 'Keg of doom' to grow a few vines.. As they passed the golem this time it realized they were close enough to catch.. but before the giant stone man could stand Intalru chucked the barrel at its face. Suddenly the vines came to life as they wrapped around the golems head blocking it's view, it didn't have to worry about that for long though.. suddenly the bottom of the barrel opened up and drenched the golem with it's contents. "Hit the disk!" "Got it!" Velma tossed the javelin and it felt like time stopped for a moment.. suddenly the golem was ablaze!! It began groaning as the fire covered it's body. Just before the flames went out... Thump! Woooosh! Intalru chucked another barrel that proceeded to latch on to the golem then release its contents exactly like the first.. this continued until Intalru ran out of 'Booze' After the flames finally died down the golem was so hot you could see heat radiating from it's body.. "Let's cool you off big guy!" Pshhh! Intalru blasted the golem with all the left over water, cooling it instantly before Crack! a large split formed in the golems chest and a bright yellow glow escaped the crevice.. "Think you can handle this?" Intalru turned to Velma who had quite the wicked look in her eyes " I'd love to." She tossed the javelin with finesse and the tip slid right in.. before it grew into a small tree breaking the golems upper body into tiny pieces.

The roots of the tree had surrounded the core keeping the golem from reconstructing itself. "Do you want the honors or shall I?" Velma asked as she morphed the javelin she was holding into a mallet. "I'd like to try something first.. if it doesn't work out he's all yours." Intalru replied before placing his hand on the core. Intalru wanted to see if a golems core could be absorbed like Mana stone. Suddenly he felt the earth element inside of the core slip into his soul.. before their eyes the golems core began shrinking drastically and with the sound of a popping lightbulb it disappeared. Ding! Attunement with the earth element has reached 43% you now comprehend how to use 'Earth Move' and 'Conjure Elemental (Earth)'.

Ding! Congratulations for reaching level 14! due to your equiped title you have been awarded 10 attribute points. Ding! Congratulations for reaching level 15! due to your equiped title you have been awarded 10 attribute points. would you like to allocate your points now? hmm let's put 2 in wisdom, 10 in intelligence, and 8 in dexterity.. "Status"


Name: Intalru (Meaning: Bad idea)

Race: Draconian (Swamp variant)

Sex: Male

Level: 15

Age: 4 months

Class: Druid





Intelligence:25 (+10 past life bonus)=35


Charisma:6 Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

(unused Attribute points:0)

Elemental attunement:



Title(s): Prodigy, Dragon prince, Bahumat's messenger, Tiamat's envoy, Ignorant hero, Idiot, Indoctrinator, Lucky B*st*ard, Ungrateful. (Tiamat's envoy equiped)


Ding! You may now pick a subclass, due to special actions, titles, and lineage you have been awarded with unique options.

Sum12hate Sum12hate

Thank you for reading so far. after chapter 25 I am going to post a detailed stats and skills page for Intalru and co.

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