86.54% Dimensional Paradise / Chapter 146: The Fate of the Phoenix (1)

Chapter 146: The Fate of the Phoenix (1)

"Good morning, Mr. Aleen." The gray-haired woman bowed slightly when Aleen opened the door.

Aleen was startled. He did not think that the person who was going to visit them would be Leona.

But he quickly recovered. With a nod, he invited Leona inside. "I never thought miss Leona would visit personally."

"I'm your representative after all. Moreover, I'm in charge of the administration of this world." Leona replied.

Aleen nodded and guided Leona to the living room. Claire and Aya were surprised when they saw her.

"Miss Claire, miss Aya." Leona bowed again and sat on the sofa. It took a second for the two girls to react and return the greeting.

Aleen and the girls then sat near Leona. They looked at her with tense expressions, wondering what was the reason because Leona came personally to speak with them.

Leona noticed their expressions and cleared her throat. She looked at the three of them fixedly and then spoke.

"Firstly, congratulations again for surviving the last game. Actually, that game was way above your level, and you were not supposed to participate there. But fortunately, none of you died.

"Why was Claire summoned then?" Aleen wrinkled his brows and asked with a displeased expression. "I find it strange that you commit mistakes like that."

"It was not a mistake, instead, it was something intentional." Leona nodded without a change in her expression. "Don't worry, I'll explain everything clearly. That is the reason that I'm here."

Aleen and the others could only nod.

Leona then looked at Claire. "Actually, the main reason it happened was due to miss Claire. You probably already noticed, but there is something very powerful living inside her."

"Yes, we learned about it not long ago." Aleen said.

"What miss Claire has inside her is something called Eternal Flame. It's a living being formed by pure energy and laws condensed under miraculous circumstances, with the capacity to push someone to level-six with a certain probability.

"When we learned that there is an Eternal Flame on earth, we immediately tried to locate it, but someone else located it before us. He was a level-six named Kdon Srive.

"Mr. Kdon knew he could not take the Eternal Flame on Earth, or we would have noticed. So, he manipulated a game so miss Claire and two of his men participate at the same time. He then ordered his men to kill miss Claire and take the Eternal Flame. As for the rest, you know it." Leona finished explaining.

Aleen and the others' expression changed. To think that it even involved a level-six.

But after astonishment, Aleen felt rage. He felt angry that someone plotted to kill his sister like that, simply because he wanted something on her.

"What happened to the level-six?" Aleen asked, trying to control his emotions.

"Nothing yet. Maybe he will be admonished later, but nothing serious." Leona said in a business-like tone.

"What do you mean? We three almost died due to it and you are telling me that you will do nothing about him!?"

Leona wrinkled her brows hearing it. She looked at Aleen and put an ice-cold expression, and then, a powerful pressure radiated from her, suppressing the group.

"Mr. Aleen, it looks like you are misunderstanding something. Do you know what Dimensional Paradise thinks about you? Nothing. Maybe you think you are something important now that you have a skill, but actually, the administrators did not care if you live or die.

"Do you know how many level-two like you are there? Tens of Billions! The number is uncountable! As for level-six? there are not even 4000 in more than ten thousand dimensions. Do you think that the council or the administrator will punish a level-six just for three pitiful level-two? Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Have you never wondered why the administrator did not care about the deaths of so many low-level supers in the game? It's because they are disposable! Even if ten thousand level-two die in a game, the administrators will not care. They can get more level-two simply by recruiting from the many dimensions. Maybe Dimensional Paradise is not the best way to produce level-six, but it's the cheapest and the quickest!

"To be honest, the only reason because the administration will admonish the level-six this time is due to the Eternal Flame. Without the Eternal Flame, nobody would have cared if you live or die."

Aleen and the others fell completely silent hearing that. Hearing Leona saying that they were disposable was a huge blow for them. Moreover, the fact that someone else could play with their lives without consequences saddened and enraged them.

Leona understood their thoughts seeing their expressions. She sighed and put on a complicated expression. "Do you understand now? Although the United Dimensions looks like a fair organization, the truth is that it's only fair for the powerful. If you don't want to lose your life one day due to a whim of another, then you must become strong. Strength is the universal law that governs over everything."

Aleen and the others looked at Leona and finally nodded.

Strength is, after all, a universal law.

Seeing that they understood her words, Leona returned to her business-like expression and looked at Claire. "Now that I explained everything, it's time for me to ask something to miss Claire."

"What is it?" Claire asked.

"As I said before, an Eternal Flame is something very precious, and Dimensional Paradise definitively wants it. But, although we desire it, we don't think getting it out of miss Claire's body is the best option."

"How so?" Aleen asked.

Leona stayed silent for a moment thinking about her words. She then stared at Claire's chest and opened her lips. "If the Eternal Flame chose miss Claire as its host, it means that miss Claire's compatibility with it is very high. In other words, her chances of getting to level-six are higher than any other possible host."

The group eyes' widened. "Do you mean I can become a level six!?" Claire asked excitedly.

"it's just a possibility, around five percent. But it's much better than the one percent of other hosts. However, although it looks good, there is a piece of bad news. It's related to miss Claire's illness."

"What is the problem?" Aleen asked quickly.

"The cause of miss Claire's illness is her high compatibility with the fire laws. It's so high that it causes harm to her body. Normally, she can solution it by becoming a level-three or going through the appropriate treatment.

"But with the Eternal Flame, the situation is completely different. If miss Claire decides to become the host of the Eternal Flame, then, if you did not become a level-five in two years, you will die." Leona said with a grave expression.

Aleen and Claire's faces paled hearing it.

It was the first time that Aleen heard about the cause of Claire's illness, moreover, he got clues about how to heal it. But immediately after, he learned that Claire only has two years of life.

"If you want to continue being the owner of the flame, Dimensional Paradise will support you." Leona continued speaking. "We'll give you the best treatment and make everything in our power to take you to level-five before two years, but the probability of you dying will be very high.

"But if you don't want, we can retrieve the Eternal Flame from your body. We assure you that nothing wrong will happen to you, and we also will cure your illness so you can live a normal life after it. But as a consequence, you will lose your current skill and probably, never reach level-five."

Claire fell silent. Aleen wanted to say something, but he did not know what to say.

For a moment, nobody said anything in the room.

But finally, Leona broke the silent.

"Miss Claire doesn't have to decide now. You can think about it today and give me the answer tomorrow. But I can't give you more time than that. An Eternal Flame is more important than you think, so we can't afford to leave it unattended for too long." Once she said it, Leona stood up.

Before Aleen or the others could say something, miss Leona bowed to the group. "Then, I'm leaving."

In the next instant, a portal swallowed her.

The group could only look at the place where she was just a moment ago, unable to say anything.

At this moment, they finally understood the meaning behind Alice's words.

Sunfall Sunfall

Long chapter...

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Comments (6)

  • CosmicVictor


    @Sunfall, dear author I have been binging your novel and I like it , I hope claire doesnt give up her powers, if she does I will have to abandon this novel since I wish to see her succeed so much . I want to see claire, Aya and Aleen form a team so badly after all

  • CosmicVictor


    So she will leave her own brother !? :thinking: I hope she doesnt become distant with him and still sticks with him

  • Kenrio


    But from what I understand if she choose to remain with the Phoenix she will have leave Allen because she will be trained by the organization of dimensional paradise

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