68.08% Douluo Dalu : Frozen Heaven Spear Lord / Chapter 64: Douluo Dalu : FHSL - 64 The Parting

Chapter 64: Douluo Dalu : FHSL - 64 The Parting

Qin Ming drew a long breath.

"I really didn't expect that Grandmaster unexpectedly was Tianheng uncle."

Flender expression very quickly recovered to normal, saying to the Shrek Nine Devils.

"You're certainly very baffled about why Qin Ming would come here. It's actually very simple, he was also once like you, a person of the Shrek Academy. Furthermore he was still once our most outstanding student. Shrek Academy's first graduate. Xiaotian already know about him, as for Mubai, Xiantian little San, Xiao Wu, not long ago you reduced the 30-rank speed record that was set by just Qin Ming."

Qin Ming smiled faintly to the Shrek Nine Devils, saying.

"Hello all juniors. Teacher Flender, it seems our Shrek Academy's growth is even better than before."

Bai Xiaotian looked at Qin Ming with strange expression while on side, Zhao Wuji to the side somewhat helplessly said.

"What better, these children are the Academy's last batch of students."

Qin Ming was inwardly alarmed, subconsciously saying.

"Don't tell me the Academy financial problems still haven't been settled?"

Once the words were out he became conscious of his mistake, looking toward Flender with a somewhat embarrassed expression.

Flender sighed.

"It's a fact, we're not hiding it. Furthermore, we're also tired. Along with the advancement of age, we no longer have the impulses of youth. After waiting for these children to graduate, I think, we can also go to something classified as our own lives. Qin Ming, you teach those students well, they can all be regarded as elites."

Qin Ming smiled wryly.

"It's not that I teach well, rather that those children possess superb talent and background on their own. I also don't have the attraction capable of teaching them, rather our Academy has enough things to attract them."

"Eh? Saying this, you're an Academy teacher?"

Flender somewhat astonished looked at him.

Qin Ming nodded, saying.

"Teacher Flender, right now I'm teaching at the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. These seven children of Emperor Team are all the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy most outstanding disciples."

Flender chuckled, saying.

"With one look at you, I was reassured about this spirit fight. Fine, here is no place to be talking, come with us to a wine shop. So many years without seeing each other, we will chat."

Qin Ming delightedly nodded agreement, his gaze sweeping over the Shrek Nine Devils one by one, his thoughts secretly moving.

He had clearly heard what Flender said, he also very clearly knew what kind of record he had held at the Shrek Academy, and unexpectedly five of these nine children's had already broken his record, it was obvious their present age shouldn't be high.

Flender turned to the Shrek Seven Devils, saying.

"Well, you go settle your points first. Afterwards return at once. Wuji, Qin Ming, we will leave."

while other's speaking which other, Bai Xiaotian looked at Yue Xiantian and frowned he feels something not right today, when he wanted to ask her what problem someone come.

it was manager Ao he already took the initiative to come to them, asking the seven to come to a high level Spirit Master area specially dedicated to calculate points.

Manager Ao face was currently flushed with success, Shrek Nine Devils prevailed over Emperor Team, not only averting losses for Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, but furthermore making the Great Spirit Arena a large profit. To these outstanding Spirit Masters, Suotuo Great Spirit Arena naturally wouldn't be stingy.

Manager Ao handed over a black card to ShrekNine Devils team captain Dai Mubai.

"This is the agreed upon sum of ten thousand gold spirit coins, mister team captain. This black card is usable at any bank on the Continent, and can be directly converted into the corresponding amount."

Dai Mubai also wasn't polite, directly taking the black card and placing it in his chest.

"Manager Ao, could you calculate our points now. We're still tired, hoping to return early to rest."

"Of course, of course."

Manager Ao was exceptionally polite, hastily gesturing for a staff member to the side to calculate this past month's points for the Shrek Nine Devils.

The calculation results appeared very quickly. The staff member held out a calculation form.

after results come The One with highest points was Bai Xiaotian, after him come Tang San. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Taking the heavy gold spirit fighter badge Bai Xiaotian surprising didn't care about it, only Tang San smiled because his effort didn't gone waste.

Bai Xiaotian feel someone grasping his hand, Yue Xiantian looked at him and began to walk to outside without making a sound.

he began to run after her.

Dai Mubai saw Bai Xiaotian running to outside in fast speed.

"Senior Brother Bai Where are you going."

But Bai Xiaotian ignored him and left after Yue Xiantian.

Ning Rongrong feeling something wrong, because she can't see Yue Xiantian with them.

"what going on?"

Oscar thought a little.

"maybe something happen between the two?"

Ning Rongrong snorted after hearing Oscar Words.

"Do You Think Senior Brother Bai Like You?"

Zhu Zhuqing nodded her head.

"he unlike some people."

Dai Mubai give a hollow laugh at her remark.

Xiao Wu began to worry.

"Brother, what you think has happen?"

Tang San Shook has head, unlike other's he saw When Yue Xiantian leaves and how Bai Xiaotian began to running after her without caring.

he feels something going to happen, not only him even the other's feeling same thing.

While Flender who drinking with Qin Ming and Zhao Wuji, he dropped his Drink.

Zhao Wuji looked at him strangely.

"are you alright Old Man?"

Flender return to his mind after hearing Zhao Wuji voice, he didn't know why but he feel's something going to happen this day.

he get up quickly and left the Bar.


Bai Xiaotian running crazily after Yue Xiantian, he feel's if he was late, she will gone.

"huff, huff."

He Already leaved Suotuo City, he run in very fast speed, he already can smell her scent.

he reached a open field not far from Suotuo city, he saw in front of him Pink Haired Young Girl Looking at him with smile, but tears dropping from her eyes.

"you come."

Bai Xiaotian looked at her tearing smiling face and feels pain from his heart.

"Xiantian where are you going."

Yue Xiantian looked at him silently, then she said while looking at Dark Sky Above.

"i'm happy, i so happy, because i managed to see, stay with you, and meeting with other's, i'm so glad i can meet you in my live, Xiaotian."

Bai Xiaotian feel's something wrong with her words, although he somewhat understand the meaning of her words, but he didn't want to believe it.

"what are speaking about, don't speak like you are leaving."

Yue Xiantian said with sad tone.

"Yes, it's the time for me to return to my Clan."

Bai Xiaotian feels like a sword piercing his heart after hearing her words, even though he guessed it but he didn't want her to leave him, he know that's was selfish wish from him.

"why?, why you must leave now."

Yue Xiantian smiled bitterly.

"didn't you hear Grandmaster words about my Clan, i'm the princess of this generation, Yue Clan Royal Family Princess, my bloodlines, my talent, i'm since thousands years best talent. there a whole clan in my back, even though i managed leave clan for few months, but in the end i must return."

Bai Xiaotian take a large steps and grasp her shoulders.

"but why now, too little, the time we spend together is very short, and now you want to leave why?, do you know from that's day before six years, you has been in my head every time, i can't forget you, and now you come again but you want to leave me like this?"

Yue Xiantian lowered her heads after hearing Bai Xiaotian words.

"yes, wasn't i'm like you?, i can't forget you, you promised to become my knight and protect me, the time we spend together made me can't bear leaving you, but i must leave."

She Looked at him with determined look in her eyes.

Bai Xiaotian closed his eyes, he know no matter what he did, she will leave today.

He Opened His Eyes and looked at her, he moved his hands from her shoulder's to his nick, he grasped a nickle has been around his nick for long time.

He Grasped Yue Xiantian Right Arm and Open her Palm and he put This Nickle in her palm;

Yue Xiantian looked at the Nickle , this nickle was very ordinary not anything special, but there a name writing in this nickle.

Bai Xiaotian.

She looked at Bai Xiaotian who has turned around and began to walk away , she too turned and began to walk in her way.

Neither one of them turn their head to look to back, because if they do....


after walking to a few kilometers, a black shadows appeared before Yue Xiantian and kneel's before her.

one of shadows said to her.

"Princess Is the Time To Return, The Clan Head and Madam has been worry about you!"

Yue Xiantian nodded her head, but this time there no tears no smile, only a cold face, but on her inside her palm she grasped the nickle tightly like it was the most important thing for her.

"let's go."

while in other side Bai Xiaotian setting in ground while lowering his head.


a middle aged man come from sky landed in front of him, it was flender.

Bai Xiaotian didn't raise his head and didn't said anything like he was a statue.

Flender looked at Bai Xiaotian worriedly.

"Xiaotian what happen?, where Xiantian."

hearing Xiantian name, Bai Xiaotian body trembled a little, he said to Flender.

"she gone."

Flender Frowned after hearing his voice, although it was same voice, but there something different.

"what do you mean by this?."

Bai Xiaotian said coldly.

"She Return to her Family."

Flender become silent after hearing Bai Xiaotian words, then he smiled at Bai Xiaotian.

"what are sad about?, it's not like she gone forever."

Bai Xiaotian Raised his head at Flender.

Flender frozen in his place after seeing Bai Xiaotian face, it was same face, but there tears dropping from his eyes, but his face was extremely cold, no it was like there no emotions. it Was First Time Flender Saw Bai Xiaotian like thi.

Bai Xiaotian said to him emotionless.

"i want to return to my Home."

after saying this he get up and began to walk, he didn't ask About Flender approval, he just began to walk in his way to home,

he just wanted to rest in his home with Grandma for few days.

Flender Frozen in his place, he can't say in word to Xiaotian.

He returned to the academy after long time, when other's Returned to Academy, Tang San and other's thought Bai Xiaotian and Yue Xiantian has gone to sleep and didn't feel anything wrong.

Inside Dean Office.

Grandmaster frowned after seeing Flender state now.

"you saying, Yue Xiantian returned to her Clan, and Bai Xiaotian return to his village?"

Zhao Wuji now feels extreme rage at flender.

"why you didn't stop him, no this is not good i must bring that's kid back."

when he about to leave Flender said.

"let him, maybe he need some rest, he has been always stubborn when he wanted to do something."

Zhao Wuji grinned his teeth after hearing Flender Words, and punch the wall.


Grandmaster saw Flender looking empty and has blank look, he know this time his Friend was sad.

Flender said emotionless.

"why i feel like he will not return after today?"

Zhao Wuji shouted at him.

"what are talking about, he will return of course, here is his home too!"

Grandmaster didn't said anything.

but they don't know everything will change after this night.


when Bai Xiaotian reached Sunset Flower Village he saw a scene will not forget to rest of his live.

his village now become ruins, all House now was destroyed complete, even can see villager's corpses in ground. his body began to shiver and began to walk, he looking around him.

The Sunset Flower Village was a Small Village, so he know everyone here, he see's those who he lived before now dead and there blood dropping from them, there even who lost their head.

"everyone..... is dead."

seeing this he shivered, all those who he know, the kid, the parents and old villager's now dead, all dead, my Grandma, what happen to My Grandma.

he began to run with all his might to his Grandma House but all he saw was A ruined small house.

Bai Xiaotian fall on his knees after seeing this and feel's like world around him become blank.



[End of The Second Volume : Shrek Devils]

Pan_Musa Pan_Musa

The Second Volume has ended.

i hope you like it, Bai Xiaotian journey with Shrek Academy will come to end now, and a new journey will began.

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