100% Incomplete without you... / Chapter 11: 10. Peace of mind..

Chapter 11: 10. Peace of mind..

Meixiu started her crocodile tears, but she didn't knew that both Hai and Wei were there since the starting of this scene, they both saw how Meixiu bullied their personal driver.

Hai, see what Daiyu did to me (sob..sob), Meixiu said while bringing him near Daiyu.

Should I be scared, Daiyu said.

Sir...Ah...I am sorry...said the driver when he saw his boss (Hai).

Hai nodded to the driver which signaled as "it's fine."

She even twisted my hand, Meixiu said while showing her hand to Hai and Wei.

Let me see, ch..ch...so sad, don't worry MEIXIU, it was the taste of your own medicine, so it's fine, Wei said to her teasingly.

Daiyu smiled when she heard, how Wei responded to Meixiu's poor acting.

Mam thank you, for helping me, said the driver.

Daiyu faced towards him, what's your name?, asked Daiyu.

Daniel, he replied.

Daniel, its Daiyu to you, no need to use formal words and there is no need to thank me, you see there isn't a single person on this planet who is entitled to treat you like shit, remember that.

Boss, not to be rude to you but your company do have a lot of bullies, she said to Hai.

And you Meixiu, this is second time you have did this, didn't you get it what I said that day when we first met, if not than let me elaborate on it, if you want you can take it as a serious life tip, it may help you in the future,

Even the nicest people have their limits. Don't push them too far and don't try to reach those limits, because the nicest people can also be the scariest a**holes once they have had enough.

Whatever...Meixiu said while ignoring her words.

Daiyu saw the people watching the show, and decided to give them some peace of mind,

You all did you enjoyed the show than please give a round of applause than, CLAP, why... why aren't you all clapping, clap, if you turn and face the otherway when someone is being bullied, you might as well be the bully too. If you see someone being bullied, make it stop. Why is that so hard for us to do?? huh..she said to all of them.

Anyways, Daniel do you have work right now, she asked Daniel.

Hmm.. no ...not now, why?, he replied.

Than have a lunch with me,

Chef uncle, one meal and 1 coffee please.

Sure, Miss Daiyu.

Come, she took him to her table, where she was sitting before.

How old are you Daniel ???, she asked him.

19, he answered.

As I guessed, you are younger than me, she said.

Sit here, I'll bring the lunch, she told him.

( Daniel saw that she only bought one meal)

Aren't you eating, Daniel asked her.

No you have it, I am not hungry, I am fine with my coffee.

The lunch time was almost over, so Daiyu went to pay for the meal and coffee

Mam, wait I'll pay, Daniel requested.

It's on me, next time you do it, and I said you earlier right it's Daiyu for you don't use Mam and all.

Than can I call you sister, if you don't mind.

Huh, I won't mind you can...she rubbed his hair, while smiling.

Daiyu than saw his shirt collar which was wrinkled due to Meixiu's action.

Wait, she said, than folded down his shirt collar and smoothed out the wrinkles.

He than hugged her as a little brother would do to his elder sister.

After that they all went to their respective departments.

Daiyu completed the last sketch, she then went to Hai's cabin and submitted it, where Wei and Hai were discussing on their new project.

Sir, do I have anything else to do, she aked Hai.

No, nothing more, Hai replied

Mm..than if you allow may I leave.

Yes, you may.

Thank you, sir.

Wait, Daiyu I am leaving too, I'll drop you on the way.

No it's fine.

Come on, I won't ask for the fare.

I know you won't...stupid (she murmured)

I heard that, Wei teased her.

Hai, I am taking these sketches with me bring the remaining one's we'll discuss about it tonight.

I'll be outside, Daiyu said to Wei.

Hmm..ok I'll be there, Bro I am off than.

Daiyu and Wei stood there for their car, a second later Daniel came with a Maybach.

Wei opened the door for Daiyu, like a gentlemen. Daniel started driving the car.

Sir where to?? Daniel asked Wei.

Daiyu where should I drop you?? asked Wei.

Old age home...she replied.

Okay, Daniel said.

Huh....old age home..does someone related to you stays there.

Yeah, you can say it.

By the way thank you for helping our Daniel, from that Miss fakeness.

Don't mention it, by miss fakeness you mean Meixiu right??

Ofcourse, who else would be so fake, he said.

Why do you irritate her so much ??, Daiyu asked.

I don't like her and her attitude, you see just because Huang's and Yang's are working on a project together, she thinks she owns our company and just because her father insisted us, we have chosen her as the model "face" of our company.

After this, on their way to the old age home Daiyu kept looking outside the window, but she sensed that Wei is looking towards her.

Don't study me you won't graduate,she said to Wei.

Huh..I wasn't , startled Wei said.

I was just thinking something.

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Don't take it in a wrong way, I mean, why are you..

Don't ask me, I was always like this, she said while cutting down his words.

Sir, we have arrived.

Thank you for dropping me, I'll be leaving than, bye Daniel.

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