100% Tenno Mercy / Chapter 5: 5- Dressed for the ocasion

Chapter 5: 5- Dressed for the ocasion

On our way to the church, I gave Thonsaka a special glove made with my biomass, it will hide her comand seals without anyone realizing she's wearing any glove at all.

Thonsaka: "What about you?"

I show her the back of my hand, and she got astonished seeing the comand seals move on my sleave until they stop near where my heart would be, her jaw droped even lower when the seals sank into my shirt and chest.

Thonsaka: "How-?"

Me: "I can control my biology at will, and since comand seals are atached to ones nervous system, I can move them arround my body."

Thonsaka: "Cool, but that doesen't explain how it went up your clothes."

Me: "They are part of my body, if they get damaged for exemple, they would regenerate."

I bite off a piece of my collar to show her. A bit of blood drops, but the wound starts to heal right away.

Thonsaka: "That sure is usefull."

She stares at my clothes for a second.

Thonsaka: "But if they are a part of your body, dosen't that mean tha-?"

She turns crimson and frezes. The next moment, she turns arround to avoid looking at me. Saber does the same, almost sincronizing with Thonsaka.

I roll my eyes.

Me: "It's like fur for animals, you guys can look at me like normal." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

They try to go back to normal, but there is still a bit of blood on their cheecks and they constantly avert their gazes.

Oh well, I'm sure they'll get used to it.

At least any weirdness from my part falls on the excuse of me beeing from another dimension and having diferent customs then them.

Who woulden't abuse the hell ot of this situation this? Hehehe.


The chat with the fake priest was a bit disapointing, it seemes I overestimated the complexity of the war, but I got some new intel nonethanless:

First: Thonsaka doesen't have a wish for the Grail, second: The Servants have their wish granted as well if their master wins the war. Discovering this, I stroke a deal with Thonsaka: We will ask our Servants wishes, and whoever of us wins, will wish for what the other's Servant want. So both Archer's and Saber's wishes are the ones that will be granted, regardless of whitch one of us ends as the 'oficial' winner.

Why won't I use the Grail for myself?

Well, what can I even ask?!

Immortality? Been there, done that.

An utopia? Both boring (I belive we have good moments just because we have to face bad ones) and valid for just one world. The System told me I'll dimension hop a lot in this new life of mine.

Knowlage? I can just go to a library. Beefed up brain and all of that.

Power? I already have a lot, and asking for more would give me another mockery Greed Achievment from the System. I rather avoid those.

Fame? With my powers, I don't need more help to achieve it if I ever feel like doing it.

Woman? Lemme sort my new life before I share it with someone else, prety please.

Money? I can just manipulate the carbon in my body and spew up a massive diamond right here and now!

Beauty? I'm a bloody shapeshifter! My face is what I what it to be! I'm just wearing Shirou's face right now cause it is more confortable.

Lastly, Thonsaka doesen't want to kill the other masters off, but says she won't force me to do the same, even if she would prefer for me to follow her exemple.

This info was a jackpot for me! If I decide to kill a master and spare another, I can simply say I wanted to fufill her request every time, but sometimes I feel that leaving an enemy master alive would bring to much truble in the future. And this gives me a logical excuse for not eating humans as well, I can use the pretext that I don't want to go against her morals.

Anyway, there is reason why I visited the priest other then refreshing my memory, and I'm staring at it right now.

Yup, it's the encounter with Berserker.

I can't realy wait for the guy at my house, he would trash the place!

Illya: "Good evening, oni-chan. This is the second time we've met like this."

Me: "If you mean me, we've never met before. You're mistaking me with this face's previous owner. It's a comon mistake."

It seems that she diden't buy it (can't realy blame her on that one).

Illya: "Is that so? Then..."

She does a curtsy wile playing along. How polite of her.

Illya: "...It's nice to meet you, oni-chan, Rin. I'm Illya. Illyasviel von Einzbern. You know the name Einzbern, don't you?"

Thonsaka: "Einzbern..."

Even tho Tonsaka is the one who talked, Saber is the one who grabs my atention.

Me: "Saber, what's with the pained expression?"

Saber: "It's nothing master."

Me: "Realy? It looks like guilt to me. It would be normal considering she's a kid, but your look turned that way when hearing her name, instead of first seeing her. So my suspicion is that your problem isen't with fighting a child master, it is with her identity. So lemme ask again, and as your master, I expect the truth: What's wrong?"

Saber takes a second to answer.

Saber: "She's the daughter of my former master."


I diden't know that.

Thonsaka also seems surprised, but decides to focus in the oncoming battle first and ask questions later. Her eyes glow for a second, analizing the oponent.

Thonsaka:" I'm astonished. In terms of raw strenght, that thing is surpasses Saber."

Me: "Interesting..."

A grin form on my face.

Me: "Thonsaka, you and Archer go after the Einzbern kid, capture her and, for Saber's sake, try not to injure her to much, OK? Me and Saber will handle Berserker."

Thonsaka: " Are you realy sure you can handle that monster?"

Me: "It'll be a fun workout."

Saber: " Master, I know it is rude of me, but your safety is my priority and the enemy is to strong, so please let me fight this battle solo so I can keep you safe!"

Me: " Request denyed! I'm immortal, I'll be the one shielding you! Hold still for a sec."

I give saber a hug and start shapehifting and covering her with my biomass.

Saber: "Wha-!"

I don't settle for just covering her: I go throught her nostrils and into her lungs. I go throught the pores of her skin and get into her bloodstream. I got into her organs, between her tissues, and prety much everywere I could.

This is an ironic power the System gave me: In Warframe you wore the pilot of the powerful and deadly suits of armor know as warframes. I transmigrated without any sort of gear, including a warframe suit! So the System made use of my Prototype biology and gave me the ability to kindof reverse the roles.

Yup, I can turn myself into someone's warframe.

Well... warframe-ish.

Is something between a normal armor, the Nidus warframe, a half way Prototype 'consume' of the host, etc. etc.

I'll make some exemples here so it's easier to understand the basic idea:

The biomass I have between Saber's muscle fibers, is acting as adictional muscle fibers, and with this, boosting her strenght (by quite a lot since those muscle fibers are Protoype grade).

My nervous system is conected to hers, so she benefits from my enhanced senses.

If we're somehow cut in half, I can stich us back together before her tissues start to die, and after a wile, her body's natural regeneration would fix her and she would be good as new.

If one of her organs fail, I can just perform its functions manualy wile I work on repairing it.

I can sapeshift the biomass that covers her skin into adictional limbs, such as extra arms, wings and weapons.

The fun part is that I can do this to anyone, not just my Servant. Heck, I can even pull this stunt with animals!

I'm prety muck a Venom knock-off (Autor Note: A super-vilan from Marvel, he is a symbiotic life- form that primaraly uses human hosts)!

The drawback is that it requires a LOT of focus and energy, but I'm not planing on draging the fight anyway.

Saber: 'This feels... weird.'

Me: ' Yeah, it feels a bit weird for me as well.'

Saber: 'Why do I hear music?'

Me: 'Oh, it's just my phone, wanted to have some blood pumping. I can change it or even turn it off if you'd like.'

Saber: 'No need, I quite liked it.'

I'm glad she aproves of my musical taste.(Autor Note: What music do you guys think would suit this ocasion? Leave it in the coments :D ) We get in her stance and ready ourselves for combat.

Me: "Let's get this party started, shall we?"

ferferfer2 ferferfer2

I'll be onest here.

I have 0 clue of WTF to do with Illya!

Do I capture her and turn her into MCs ally? Do I capture her and later let her go her own way? Do I capture her and turn her into MCs prisioner? Do I make her escape and never be mentioned again? Do I kill her? Do I make her escape and later seek revenge?Do I do something else? Do I do all of the above?

I realy need you guys opinion for this one. Please leave your thoughts in the coments.

Comments (5)

  • Architman


    Capture and befriend

  • Daijena


    Well I could recommend "party party party" and "get ready to die" if you're not taking it that seriously with the mood (was just remembering Hellsing abridged) And if you want it seriously then how about: "soul of cinder" from dark souls? Slightly epic but also sad and calm or "slave knight Gael"? (I'm sorry I'm just really in the mood for some dark souls and I could imagine Arthurian liking some old fashioned music, you should probably take something with calm and strong singing or with powerful instruments for her) :p

  • BattleKing10000


    Capture, Ally

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