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Chapter 20: Private Class

After lunch, Liu Yang and Liu Xia went to the training room. Not to leave Xiao Mei alone, they also invited her, Liu Xia was aware of Xiao Mei's feelings for Liu Yang, she has noticed this for a long time, but has not commented on it. And as Liu Yang also knew, she decided to let him think about it.

Xiao Mei was happy to be invited by the couple, but at the same time, she was a little sad. She knew this would not last long, Liu Yang and Liu Xia were already engaged, eventually, he and Liu Xia would get married, and Xiao Mei would have to go her own way. But for now, Xiao Mei has decided to try to spend as much time as possible with Liu Yang.

This time no one blocked the way of Liu Yang and the two girls, they managed to enter the building where the training rooms were located without any problem.

The building was already noisy with many students pacing around looking for a training room. The school did not have training rooms for all students, so many had to join the groups to train together, this was to increase interaction between students.

Liu Yang's group attracted a lot of attention from the other students, as rumors about the couple were quite recent.

"Big sister, do we need to reserve a room before use?" Liu Yang and Liu Xia didn't know how the school's room system worked yet, they didn't read the instructions on how the school worked.

"Didn't you two read the information that was passed?" Xiao Mei was surprised to hear these words, she found it funny that the couple didn't read about the basic information of the school.

"We both don't read" They both agreed at the same time.

"To use a training room, first, you should reserve and register how many students will use. The system will reserve the room adapted for this amount of students. But as I am a student representative, I already have a room reserved for me, although it is small, it is still possible for four students to use it. Liu Xia, that other benefit of accepting to be a class representative. "Xiao Mei was trying to show Liu Xia the benefits of accepting to be the class representative.

"Big sister, no matter how many benefits there are, if I can't be with my darling, I won't accept it." Liu Xia spoke decisively.

"Liu Yang, how did you get this girl to be so obedient and glued to you?" Xiao Mei already knew Liu Xia's answer, she just asked the question casually and ironically.

"I have my ways..." Liu Yang just answered vaguely.

The trio was talking while wandering the school corridors, within minutes they reached the intended, Xiao Mei's private training room. On the door was a sign that read "Xiao Mei - 2B", she was a sophomore in high school and class B.

"Here we are, this is my private training room inside the school, it's not very big, but it's enough for us to train comfortably. Let's go in. "Xiao Mei opened the common door, but it needed to be known that the door could only be opened by the owner, otherwise an alarm would sound and a protective spell would be activated, this was to prevent other students from trying to break into the room belonged to others students.

The door had no lock or anything, the only way to open it was by injecting the magic power into the door and the spell would do the recognition to see if it was owned or not.

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A small noise sounded, and the door began to open automatically, the trio entered and the door closed again.

The interior of the room did not look like Xiao Mei's description, the room was not small, but large as a large room of ten square meters empty. The room was decorated with white tiles and black lines, the owner can change its color at will.

"What do you want to do this time?" Xiao Mei asked yesterday was a complete disaster for her. Worst of all was that Liu Yang could see her breasts despite being covered by a bra, one good thing was that she managed to attract Liu Yang's warm glances. Despite being embarrassed, Xiao Mei was happy with this situation.

"Big sister, can you show me your control of the elements this time? No need to use the two spells you have, just the two elements you have is enough. "Liu Xia asked, she wanted to see Xiao Mei's control skills.

When a mage has the first awakens his powers, he can awaken one or more elements. When the base-level mage advances to the intermediate level, he gains a new elemental awakening, if he is lucky, the magician may awaken more than one element again, but this is rare to happen.

"Liu Xia, how do you know I have only two elements? I may have woken up more than once, you know that. "Xiao Mei was surprised to hear Liu Xia's words, she didn't realize Liu Xia could figure it out just by looking at her.

"Big sister, it didn't take much effort, what I did was just look at the things that happened yesterday during your training with Liu Yang. When you realized that your clothes were torn, you became desperate and your mind must have been chaos, it caused your powers to be out of control, and some of your magical powers were released, even a little. " Liu Xia explained a bit about why she found out about the elements of Xiao Mei.

"I see ..." Xiao Mei declined to comment much, as yesterday's scene appeared in her mind a slight blush appeared on her face.

"Big sister, can you start?" Liu Xia noticed that the mood got a little weird after the things she said. And decided to change the subject.

"Yes, I just need to try to control my element, which one do you want to see?" Xiao Mei wasn't feeling embarrassed about showing her magic control to the couple, she knew she was inferior in that regard. As a child, Xiao Mei was taught to train the power of primary magic rather than the control of the elements. Because of that, her control was a little weak.

"It could be the wind so we can help the big sister" Liu Xia was not only trying to help Xiao Mei, but it was also a thank you, the couple was very grateful to her for the things Xiao Mei did for them.

Also, the couple has had a good conversation about this subject, the subject related to Xiao Mei and Liu Yang.

"Can I start?"


After hearing Liu Xia's confirmation, Xiao Mei went to the center of the room and activated her magical powers. To focus, she had to close her eyes, Xiao Mei was not like Liu Yang and Liu Xia, she had not so much control over the element like them.

Despite having passed the sophomore year, Xiao Mei still didn't have enough control to control how she wanted her element. What she learned throughout the year in the practical control class and her daily training, no, that was not enough for her to become proficient in controlling the element.

And because the school gave more credit to magical power and the advance of a mage in cultivation, ninety-nine percent of the students neglected control of the elements.

A green light began to cover her body and the particles of magical energy began to circle Xiao Mei's body, the wind appeared and began to circle her body. She looked like a forest fairy controlling the wind.

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