79.16% Dragon's Hope / Chapter 38: Arrested?

Chapter 38: Arrested?

They were still a number of hours from reaching the capital and while it was almost night they decide to continue onwards and see if they could find accommodation outside the main city if they could. If not then the girls would just sleep in the wagon while the lads would sleep under it. So the wagon continued on as darkness fell. Rose continued to sleep curled up next to Alex arms wrapped around him. slowly she returned to conciseness, she felt warm and safe and like something was missing, she thought about what it was. It was like her heart was no longer burdened after being weighed down for such a long time, she remembered what had happened before she slept joy spreading through he that she had finally found a group of people who accepted her, didn't care about her past or her quirks and then there was him, the man who had garnered so much of her curiosity and attention he was an enigma to her, so kind warm and caring with those he considered friends, so strong at such a young age, if he had been a mage of Arcvien he would have had his nose so far in the wait people wouldn't be able to see it, yet he would treat everyone with the same degree of respect that he received and would treat hostility towards him or his friends with brutal deadly force.

As she ruminated to herself Alex watched the whole process play across her face as her face would switch from adorable scrunched up frown to happy little smile. Feeling it was time for her to get up as they would be reaching the city quite soon he gave her a gentle squeeze and gently asked if she was awake. It was only at this point did Rose realize she was wrapped around Alex and he had one arm around her and much to her shock she didn't care, she wanted to bury herself in the safety of his embrace screw what people thought about her so she just snuggled into him and mumbled, "Just five more minutes".

Given Rose's past behaviour this amused and surprised Alex it looks like something had changed in the woman after the storm of crying.

"Ok but don't blame me when you're still like this when we arrive at the city", Alex grinned at her.

Rose looked up at him, "Don't care" and poked her tongue out before burying her head back into him. Now that really surprised Alex and confirmed she really had changed and quite drastically at that he just hoped this was a good thing for the emotionally burdened woman.

They reached the city entrance a few hours later around midnight, as they reached the guard post on the road leading in the wagon was suddenly surrounded by soldiers, and a voice called out

"Halt your wagon you are all under arrest for the murder of a group of royal guard!".

Alex brought the wagon to stop and flicked a look at Vale who nodded her head and started to get a read on the people around them while Alex called out.

"May I ask why we are being accused of such a thing?".

A large bear kin stepped out, "The group scout saw you maliciously approach the troop in good faith and launch a surprise attack wiping them out".

Alex cursed internally so one of them had been nearby not joining the main group to act as a scout. He looked at Vale.

"They are being genuine", she responded, "I sense no alternative intentions from them".

Looking back to the bear kin Alex nodded, very well we will not resist on two conditions, no one is to touch the women and you will send an urgent message to the King and Lady Melliandra advising them that Alex has arrived and has been arrested".

"What do you think even gives you the right to state terms on your capture", demanded the bear kin.

"The fact that should you truly force me into action half the city will be levelled in the following altercation and all of you here will die", Alex released some of his imposing aura to back up his words.

"The bear kin suddenly felt like a mountain was pressing down on him and broke out in a cold sweat, the young man wasn't bluffing he truly believed what he said which left only two possibilities either he was a moron or he had the capability to do so. Not wanting to make the wrong choice he opted to take the safer of the two.

"Very well I agree to the terms follow us to the jail", turning to his second in command he told him to relay the message to the King and Lady Melliandra

The group climbed down from the wagon, as he got a good look at them the bear kin noticed there was even a beast kin among them as well as a dark elf, what a curious group, in all honesty he was dubious about the scouts report as there were all sorts of nasty rumours about the troop be belonged to. He still had to do his duty and if this allowed him to do so without blood shed then that was fine by him.

The group was surrounded and they were led to the holding cells and placed in the largest cell together.

Alex grinned, "Accommodation for the night found". And he promptly settled down to fall asleep sitting on the floor propped up against the wall, seeing him do so Rose quickly claimed a place next to him, the, Vale took other and Kayla sat in between his legs, seeing there was no room for them Anna and Lily both pouted a bit, Alex just leaned forward a bit brining vale and Rose forward as well as he transformed into his demi dragon form and extended his wings out so that the sisters could snuggle into them. This was the first time Rose had seen this form and she stared at him in fascination. Once Anna and Lily were wrapped by his wings as they leaned in on Rose and Vale respectively. The remaining four people in the cell looked on incredulous at the pile of woman around Alex and decided some sleep was a good plan so they settled down with their respective partner and soon the cell was filled with sounds of sleep.

The sun had krept above the horizon bathing the land in light once more a large group of troops was approaching the holding cells, they were all hardened warriors elites of the beast tribe they entered the compound their commander calling out to se the captain, the bear kin appeared his face paled slightly seeing the commander of the troops and thanked his ancestors that he had apparently made the correct decision last night. The commander demanded the person who had accused the group be brought here immediately and that someone should show them where they were being held. Issuing the order to bring in the scout he personally led the commander to the holding cell.

They were both surprised at the sight that greeted them, the boy they both knew as Alex had grown a pair of horns and wings and his hand were claw like and scaled up to his elbows. The commander seeing Kayla wrapped in his embrace a content look on her face elicited a slight smile from her usually stoic face, the bear kin gave a loud cough to politely wake up the group. Alex stirred and yawned blinking blearily, his movements stirred the others awake Kayla forgetting the situation she was in instinctively started the usual morning routine and turned her body around in his arms and proceeded to give Alex a good morning kiss when she abruptly heard a very familiar voice speak up.

"Ahem could you perhaps wait until we get you out of the holding cell before you start something?".

Startled at the voice Kayla spun around and looked at the two people standing outside the cell, "Mom!?" she called out blushing, this brought everyone snapping awake.

Alex looked over at the two figures standing there, "Hi aunt Melli, long time no see", he grinned.

"Alex is that really you?", asked Melliandra.

The girls all got up and Alex retracted his wings reverting back into his human form as he stood up.

"You sure got tall".

"Well I was twelve when you last saw me", he grinned.

"So what's this I hear about you being arrested for murdering a troop of royal guardsmen?". Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Murder is harsh term for it, more like killed in self-defence", his face serious as this wasn't something to joke about.

"So you did kill them?", frown the bear kin captain.

Kayla interjected, "Alex faced them in an honest and forthright way and battled them with steel and skill even though they attacked as a group".

The bear kin captain's eyes widened at that, "You mean to tell me he fought and killed fifteen trained men of the royal guard single handed with pure marital skill".

"That's my disciple for you, good to hear you haven't let your skills rust", said Melliandra.

The bear kin captain gulped, "He is your disciple Lady Melliandra?".

Melliandra stoic as usual nodded, "At the age of twelve he could spar with me for up to ten minutes before losing, I'm looking forward to sparring with him to see how much he has improved".

Suddenly a commotion could be heard outside and a positively huge beast kin stepped into the holding cells.

"I see you beat me here Melli", he said in a amicable fashion.

"Of course I had to come find out why my daughter and son in law had been arrested".

The huge beast kin chuckled and looked at Alex. To Alex it felt like he was being evaluated and everything was seen through. The Huge beast kin nodded in appreciation.

"He certainly seems capable from what I can see", smiling at Alex he continued, "Well seeing you call Melli aunt you may as well call me uncle Rakkar".

He motioned to the captain, "Let them out won't you?".

At once your majesty, the bear kin captain unlocked the door and allowed them out.

Sangnz Sangnz

Bit later than usual, mainly thanks to sitting up gaming so I slept in :P


Comments (2)

  • SilentWatcher


    Lol only if the bear knew! If you're having fun gaming I have no problem. I'm a 1st person shooter or strategy person.

  • WolfLord


    Thanks for the chapter on a good story

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