15.78% Ascension or journey from world to world / Chapter 2: New world or hello Harry Potter

Chapter 2: New world or hello Harry Potter

The beautiful meadow was far from civilization and people.  But if you look closely, you will notice a white spot lying on the grass.  This is none other than Ray Holiday. Little 8 year old Ray Holiday.

Ray: [Ugh, again I lost consciousness.  So this is a world of sorcery, magic, and white-bearded propagandists of the common good.  Yes, for the first world it's a pretty good choice, despite all the dirt happening in this world, of course you could immediately choose the world of xianxia meditation adherents, for example Martial Movement Upheaval, but the level of such worlds is really high and not to mention the higher worlds.  There are many useful treasures in such worlds, but there is also danger at every turn, and if you don't have plot armor and super powers of Shounen manga characters, then this is really not reasonable. An old god said he would send me to Peverell Castle.]

Ray: {Great Sage are you here?}

Great Sage: {Yes Ray, I'm here.}

Ray: {Start collecting information about this world and this place, I'll check the castle for now.}

Great Sage: {As you will}

Ray looked around, but did not see in the immediate vicinity anything resembling a castle.

Ray: [Most likely the castle is hidden by spells, like fidelius, I need to try to call the house elf]

Ray: "House-elf of the Peverell family, come at the call of your master!"

With the sound of *pop*, a small creature appeared with big ears and eyes like a cat from the cartoon Shrek.

House-elf: "Mr. Wizard, did you call Pinky?"

Ray: "Really Pinky, I called you. My name is Ray, Ray Peverell. Take me to the castle entrance."

But house-elf did not pay attention, but only looked stunned at the red-eyed child.  And not expected, he began to cry and scream.

Pinky: "Master! The Oldest and most noble family of Peverell has a master."

Ray: "Pull yourself together and take me to the castle."

Pinky: "Yes master, sir, Pinky will take the master to the castle."

At the click of his fingers, Ray was faced with massive gates, magic was felt from this place, even for Ray first encountered her.  Looking at the gate, Ray decided to sprinkle it with his blood. Having bitten his hand, he realized that he had fangs, not as massive as those of vampires, but still ... Having sprinkled blood on the gates, they shuddered, and many words and runes began to appear on them.  Ray did not know this language, and how could he know it. With a noise, the giant gates opened and a view of the castle opened in front of Ray. The castle was magnificent and reminiscent of the Victorian style, although during the birth of the Peverell family this style was not yet born, but this suggests that in terms of architecture, wizards were ahead of the Muggles.  The castle was surrounded by a garden that was overgrown with weeds during the conservation period, but surprisingly, the castle was not affected by time. Interesting enchantment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Ray: "Tell me Pinky, how many elf's are left in the castle, and are there any other properties belonging to the Peverells?"

Pinky: "Owner, there are only 3 house elf's with Pinky, the Oldest and most noble house of Peverell has no other real estate, only this island."

Ray: [So this is an island, that's why the smell of the sea is felt, at the very beginning I thought that the castle is located on the coast or is standing on a cliff.  It is not surprising that there is no other property if there is an entire island hidden from the eyes of strangers.]

Ray: "Listen to me Pinky, I want you to wake up the rest of the elves and tell them to put everything in order. Also tell me if there are living portraits in the castle?"

Pinky: "The owner of the castle has no portraits, in order to wake up the rest of the elves, the owner needs to awaken the core of the castle, then the castle and the houses will wake up."

Ray: "Take me well to this core, just don't teleport me, I want to see where the core is."

Walking along the long, richly decorated corridors, the elf led her master to the heart of the castle, its core.  After about 10 minutes of walking, they went down to the basement and approached an inconspicuous wall, but Ray felt that the core was there, touching the wall he felt the heat spreading from his hand and passing through his body, magic flowed through Ray's veins.  The wall disappeared from where it was. Ray saw a round hall, 100 meters in diameter, the hall was like those rooms where rituals are performed, and he is not mistaken, this place is the heart of the Peverell castle, as well as a ritual room. In the middle stood an altar black as night, its size was sufficient  for the body of an adult man. Approaching the altar, Ray ran a hand over it, feeling smooth and cold, it was surprising that there was not a gram of dust on the altar. Ray bit his hand again and dripped blood on the altar. Thinking to myself.

Ray: [Damn wizards and their blood fetish, you need to be careful if what you wrote in books and fanfiction is true, then you can put a huge amount of curses on the blood, from tracking to the blood curse.  Although the blood of the original dragon flows in me, I doubt that anyone will be able to use my blood without my permission. ]

While Ray was in his thoughts, the altar and the whole castle began to shake, Ray woke up and felt a surge of magic that surged across the altar.  With the sound of a *pop* in front of Ray and Pinky, little houses elf's appeared, dressed in clean white robes with the coat of arms of Peverell, which represents the 3 deathly hallows.  Bowing the little elf's said.

Elf. 1: "Master, what can Tinky do for you?"

Elf. 2: "Master, how can Dinky serve you?"

Ray: "Okay, Tinky, I want you to check the food, and the stasis spell, if the spell was not active, activate them and fill the storages with food. Dinky, I want you to check the potions lab and check the ingredients warehouse. You can do it.  "

Bowing, the little houses disappeared with the sound of popping.  Ray turned and looked at Pinky.

Ray: "Pinky, take me to the library"

Pinky: "Good Master, follow Pinky."

Great sage: {Master, I finished collecting information, now July 31, 1988, exactly 8 years have passed since the birth of Harry Potter, the spirit of Tom Riddle is now in the forests of Albania, in the summer of 1991 he will meet Quirrell.  Everything else is the same as in the canon.}

Ray: {Well, tell me about Bellatrix Lestrange, since the last world I was wondering how she became, that same crazy lady who killed Sirius Black.  Also protect knowledge from my past world and my meeting with God.}

Great sage: {Master, God sealed your knowledge and your meeting on your own, only someone stronger than him can break the seal and see your memories.  Bellatrix Lestrange, nee Black was born 1951 from the union of Signus Black and Druella Rosier. Wand: Walnut with a heart dragon core 12.75 inches. She studied at the same time with Lucius Malfoy.  She is the eldest of three sisters. An incredibly talented witch, with great potential equal to Morgan Le Fey herself, her father and mother wanted her to marry Rodolfus Lestrange, while the middle of the Andromeda sisters should marry Rabastan Lestrange.  While studying at Hogwarts, she was looking for a way to break the marriage, but could not find anything. Bellatrix is ​​a very strong woman and she would never have obeyed such a wizard as Rodolfus. For disobedience, Druell and Walburg tightened the contract, because of which she becomes a slave, who is obliged to carry out almost all the orders of her husband.  Bellatrix was forced to sign the document in blood. After the marriage, she disappeared and no one saw her, including her sisters, who were very worried about her. After that, cheerful with her sisters, but cold in public, Narcissa began to wear the mask of the ice queen everywhere. Andromeda, she realized that a disaster had happened and ran away from home, after which she began to live with the muggle-born wizard Ted Tonks.  For this, she was expelled from the Black family. When Bellatrix appeared again in public, she was with a dark mark. And she was the most ardent servant of the dark Lord Voldemort. On October 31, 1981, after Tom Riddle fell victim to a sacrifice spell and created a crucifix from Harry Potter, Rodolfus, Rabastan, and Bellatrix attacked Longbottom Manor, where, with the help of the spell, the cruciatus destroyed the minds of Frank and Alice Longbottoms.  Although Bellatrix herself did not use the curse. After some time, the Auror Alastor Moody, caught her and put her in Azkaban. Now in Azkaban.}

Ray: {So this is the world where Bella is a victim, interesting, very interesting.  If I can free her and clear her mind by removing all mental blocks, then I will get a valuable assistant with knowledge of dark magic, as well as access to the Lestrange repository in which one of the horcrux is located, these artifacts are really interesting, and since I'm going to  travel across different worlds ... I will collect books, herbs, ores, artifacts and other interesting things. All the same, I have a whole world in which I am a god, I had to ask for all the abilities of Gilgamesh.}

Pinky: "Master, Pinky brought you to the library."

Ray: "You can be free Pinky, I'll call you if I need you."

Great Sage: {Master, you can use the Gates of Babylon, but instead the treasury that you collect in your world will be used.}

Ray: {And what about the treasures that I take from the world, they will disappear?  Or Will of the World restore it?}

Great Sage: {You need not worry when you reach the peak power of the world in question and if your actions are positive.  This world will consider you its master, and then it will supply you with appropriate energy. But even if the world does not recognize you, all artifacts that play key roles will appear again, maybe in a different form, but the properties will be similar.  For example, if you decide to take the Harry Potter invisibility cloak in your first year at Hogwarts, then after a while some artifact will be able to create an artifact similar to this, it may be an invisible hat or an invisibility ring.}

Ray: {God really didn't tell me about this.  Well, regardless of this, I would still collect artifacts.  Great Sage, I want you to study all the books in this library, and pick me up books on the basics of magic, ways to increase mana and classify magic cores, a book on occlumency and legilimency.}

Great Sage: {There are 1578 different books in the library, processing takes 267 seconds.}

After exactly 267 seconds, Ray felt that different information was flowing directly into his brain.  He was glad that he did not need to read all these books. The information he received turned out to be very useful.  Occlumency is the creation of a defense for the mind against mental attacks, but it turned out to be the tip of the iceberg.  With the help of occlumency, the wizard cleans his mind, sorts his entire memory, creates defensive blocks and shields against mental attacks.  This can be compared to meditation. If you become a master in this direction of magic, you can learn to fully control your emotions, which is very useful in battle.  It is also possible that occlumency can resist genjutsu sharingan and other mental attacks, such as the basilisk's gaze. Due to occlumency, concentration and understanding also become an order of magnitude higher.  Legilimency, in turn, is a mental attack on the mind, and if the target has a weak will or the target does not possess occlumency, the legilimency master can read minds simply by having eye contact. But Ray's theory is this: if the user has a strong soul, then he can use legilimency as kotoamatsukami, in other words, you can brainwash or burn the brain, thereby turning the victim into an empty shell.

The classification of magic cores is as follows: in childhood, magic awakens, which responds to emotions, after which magic begins to gather in one place in the form of fog, usually this happens by the age of 11, which is why magic schools begin their education from this age, by the end of the 5th year  the fog begins to turn into liquid, so you can complete your training after passing the exams at the end of the 5th course, then, if the wizard continues to develop, his core from the liquid becomes solid. Only really powerful wizards such as Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape, Filius Flitwick, Alastor Moody have a solid core.  However, in people like Dumbledore and Voldemort, the core has reached the crystallization stage. The shape of the core affects the power of magic, if with the help of the Waddivazi spell a 3rd year student can throw knives, a 5th-7th year student can throw swords, at the same time Filius Flivik can throw several swords, Dumbledore is able to throw large stones.  This is what can be observed by the Harry Potter Expelliarmus. The core also acts as a muscle, that is, the more often it is depleted, the more it is able to accumulate mana. Therefore, Harry Potter was able to call on Patronus in the 3rd year due to constant beatings in his childhood, Harry's magic worked constantly and woke up early in order to treat him, just do not forget about the parasite located in his forehead all this and gave him such huge  mana reserves. This is also the reason why Dumbledore cannot defeat Voldemort outside the castle, despite the fact that both of them have reached the crystallization stage, Tom's core is larger than Dumbledore's, Dumbledore is only able to fight him because he has an older wand, which Itself has a core, but in a long duel, the dark lord will undoubtedly win.

Ray: "Well, thanks to this information, I now know where to start, I will regularly, deplete the core, and engage in occlumency. There are 3 years left before Hogwarts, I need my core to become solid over the next 2 years, then I can think out a plan  to save Belatrix. But for this I need to find a way to remove her mental blocks, and a way to break the marriage contract. Getting into Azkaban will not be a big problem, the problem will be to keep her escape secret. I remember that there is a ritual to create a homunculus, okay,  need more information now since it is not so important. "

Pinky: "Master Ray, Tinky and Dinky have prepared dinner in a small banquet room, please come with me."

* Rumbling stomach *

Ray: "I'm too carried away, thanks for telling Pinky to me."

Pinky: "Master Ray does not need to thank, Pinky is glad to serve the master."

Pinky took Ray to the living room, which was in light blue and yellow colors, surprisingly for a family of hereditary necromancers and dark magicians.  There, a completely covered table was waiting for him, house elves were obviously overdoing it, there was food for at least 10 people. Dinner consisted of some kind of mushroom soup, stewed potatoes with meat, various salads, desserts and grape juice.  But everything was in large quantities. After Ray had eaten, he mentally noticed.

Ray: [You will definitely need to visit the world of Shokugeki no soma and learn how to cook.]

Ray: "Thanks for  lunch,Tinky , Dinky. But next time, please cook less."

Tinky: "Master Ray didn't like what Tinky and Dinky cooked, if the owner didn't like it, Tinky will surely punish himself."

* Sigh * [These house elves ...]

Ray: "No, I liked the dinner, you don't need to punish yourself, just cook less servings, I can't eat all this."

Tinky: "Tinky will do, master, don't worry."

Dinky: "Dinky will comply with the owner's order."

Ray: [How hard it is to talk with these house elves, I have not been in this world for more than a day, and it is already hard for me to talk with them.]

Pinky: "Master Ray, you should go into the head office and take the ring of the head of the Peverell family, the ring is a reusable port key, also a poison and potion detector, and an occlumency barrier."

Ray: "Alright, take me to the office."

After some time, Pinky led Ray to the wooden door.  Opening the door, Ray saw an office like the big bosses of these corporations, a large wooden table, behind which there is an armchair that looks very soft and comfortable, shelves with various books, and a huge French window overlooking the castle's backyard, there were paintings on the walls  three men in gold plated frames. These were Antiochus, Cadmus and Ignotus, the three brothers of Peverell. Holders of the Deathly Hallows. Going to the table, Ray saw an ink can, a pen stand, and a box on which was depicted the coat of arms of the family and the symbol of the deathly hallows.  Opening the box, Ray saw a massive black ring with a famous coat of arms. Taking the ring and putting it on his finger, Ray felt an injection, after which he felt the magic gather around him, as if checking the heir. As if to say "worthy," magic spilled over Ray's entire body and he sensed the whole of Peverell Castle.  Long live Lord Peverell, the lord of the oldest and most noble house of Peverell, this is exactly what Ray heard in his mind. Also at the moment when the ring recognized Ray as the new Lord Peverell, in a certain castle located in Scotland in the director's office. An old man in a funny outfit with stars and a long beard sat and tried to feed a bird with red feathers with his favorite delicacy - lemon slices, when he suddenly felt his left heel combing.  The old man got up, went to the window and began to look somewhere far into the distance.

Dumbledore: "This is not good, Fawkes, oh not good, the last time I had this feeling was when Tom turned away from the light and became dark. This is also a prophecy. I wonder how little Harry lives with his aunt, he probably grows in love  without knowing anything about magic.Do not worry Harry, my boy, it's all for you, glory is a very bad thing. Living in our society you would become too arrogant and turn into darkness. However, living with your Muggle relatives you are safe from  servants of the dark lord, as well as being in a loving family where t You're surrounded by love. Love, Harry, protected you, it was your mother's Love that saved you from Tom's spell. And with the same Love, We will defeat the dark lord and raise our society. All for the common good. "

Phoenix Fawkes looked skeptically at his master and thought.

Fawkes: [And why only did I become his familiar ... Well, at least lemon slices do not force-feed ...]

But not Dumbledore, not Fawkes did not notice how his wand, the elder wand, vibrates.  One of the deathly hallows, and the strongest of the known wands. She clearly felt her master, Lord Peverell, the Master of Death, the Lord of the Deathly Hallows, the strongest of the artifacts known to the magical world.

While all this was happening, unusual events occurred with the Dementors of Azkaban.  At one point, all the dementors looked one way and bowed. Centuries passed, but they recognized their Lord, they recognized the owner of the island of Azkaban, Lord Peverell.  Wizards of Britain forgot that the island of Azkaban is the property of the oldest and most noble house of Peverell. And that they only rent it, at the expense of the royal family treasury.  Only goblins remember this, but we know that they will never tell the Ministry of Magic. When this information becomes available, it will be too late and it will shake the magic of Britain, and then the whole magical world.  But let's go back to Azkaban, there in a dark cell, for especially dangerous criminals, the crazy assassin, the most faithful follower of Voldemort, suddenly glanced up. Looking at the ceiling, as if trying to see the sky, a lonely tear flowed from the woman. If someone had seen her now, then in life she would not have believed that THIS MONSTER is capable of crying.  This woman, of course, was Bellatrix Lestrange, being under the influence of dementors for many years, mental marks and blocks, from time to time allow the woman to regain a pure mind. At such moments, tears pour from her eyes. But Bella does not know that soon the one who is destined for her will come to her, the one who will free her as a hero from children's fairy tales, the one who will return life to her eyes.  But now, even the hero himself does not know about it, in truth, he did not even think about it. However, the Dementors feel this, and from that day on they will feed Bella with the magic that they kidnap from other prisoners and guards (Aurors). It will not take long for Ray to find out that he owns Azkaban. All the same, he has the greatest assistant - the Great Sage.

But back to our main character.  After Ray put on the ring, the volume of his magic increased 3 times, because of his legacy, he did not feel the difference or pain.  Also now Ray doesn't need to ask the houses every time to show him this or that room, with the help of the ring Ray learned the plan of the castle.  Ray felt a look at himself and looked around. Seeing the house elves kneeling in front of them, Ray sighed: [You really need to get used to it all.]

"Stand up," Ray said with a wave of his hand.

The little houses elf's with tears in their eyes got up and started shouting: "Long live Lord Peverell, Long live."

Ignoring Ray, he went toward the master bedroom, deciding to speak with the Great Sage along the way: {Great Sage, what needs to be done to go to another world?}

Great Sage: {The master must destroy at least 4 Dark Lord's Horcruxes.  I recommend taking into account: the bowl of Hufflepuff, a medallion of Slytherin, Ravenclaw diadem, the Ring of Mrax, which was bestowed upon him by the Peverell family and the diary of Voldemort.  If you plan to pick up the ring, I advise you to leave it in its place. Otherwise, you have to kill Dumbledore with your own hands.}

Ray: [So that's how things are.  I did not want to get into the war of these wizards.  The reason why I chose this world first is that: I considered occlumency and legilimency useful skills for future travels, because their strength depends solely on personal strength, which means that even in higher worlds these abilities can be used.  The enchantment of expanding space is also an amazing thing. A tent in which you can place a whole house, a suitcase with a small world. Time-turner and arch of death, although I do not plan to use these two things. It is foolish to use artifacts that interfere with time, having no idea about the time itself.  Also, the arch of death, is nothing more than a portal in which there is an entrance, but it is not known whether there is an exit. ]

Ray: {Great Sage, make a plan for the time before the start of Hogwarts.}

Great Sage: {Master, you should start rocking your core so that in your 1st year you can easily defeat wizards of the level of Severus Snape.  Learn all the available spells, they will be useful in other worlds, especially the unforgivable. Do not pay attention to potions, this is a useless science.  It is better to do alchemy, alchemy is different in that you use a special cauldron, and directly with the help of magic fire you create potions and pills. In this world it is impossible to start practicing it, due to the fact that every year magic becomes less and less, most of the plants have lost their basic properties, even if you plant them in your world and cover them with a barrier with the acceleration of time.  There are no worthy artifacts left in this world with which to replenish the collection, so do not focus on their collection. Once your core is solid, you can go to Azkaban with your ring.}

Having lost his composure, Ray quickly asked: {Wait, wait, wait!  What do you mean that potions are useless? But what about the potion of luck?  And what do you mean by saying that in this world there are no worthy artifacts, what about the mantle of death and the resurrecting stone.  How the hell can I go to Azkaban using the ring ???}

Great Sage: {Master, the potion of fortune concentrates all the luck you have over the next 10 years in 1 day.  The potion was created by an ancient wizard when really powerful creatures inhabited this world. But even he created it by accident, and it is too harmful.  Over the past 10 centuries, wizards have weakened very much, and have not produced powerful artifacts for a long time, which is why no one knows what the Death Arch is, and how to create time-turners.  A lot of knowledge was lost. The mantle of death is an ordinary low-level artifact that will not be able to perform its functions in other worlds. A resurrecting stone cannot resurrect the dead, or invoke their souls.  He collects information left to death, and calls an ordinary clone, but even then, if the wizard was above a certain level, his copy cannot be called up. The prison and the island of Azkaban belong to you as Lord Peverell.}

Having calmed down, Ray began to ponder the information received.  The great Sage did not distract his master from his thoughts. After 10 minutes, Ray finally asked: {You are talking about powerful beings, do you really mean the era of the gods?  }

Great Sage: {This is true, only there were no gods in this world, they were replaced by very powerful wizards.  For example, Poseidon, could flood the whole city.}

Ray: {I see, so you will offer me the Great Sage?}

Great Sage: {I recommend destroying the Horcruxes by the end of the 4th year, before the 3rd stage of the three wizards' tournament.  You do not have to kill Voldemort personally, destroy 4 horcruxs and this will be enough to move to the next world. I also advise you not to take action to improve this world.  Magic will completely disappear in the next 100 years and in order to prevent this, it is necessary to destroy the entire non-magical population and their civilization. Then the magic will recover and eventually fill the world, but it will take 1000 years.  After the complete disappearance of magic, it will not take long for the world to enter its new cycle. All life will perish, and a new one will be born from the ashes.}

At this point, Ray reached the master bedroom.  * Opening the door * He saw the spectacle of a truly royal bedroom, the area of ​​one room was more than the apartment in which he lived in the previous world.  Going up to the king-size bed, Ray lay on his back and began to look at the ceiling, thinking at the same time: [This was not what I expected when choosing the world of Harry Potter, although I'm not very upset.  But I expected to collect all the artifacts, books, and gold before setting off for another world.]

Sighing and turning over into his pillow, Ray fell into a dream.

While Ray fell asleep.  Somewhere far beyond the world of Harry Potter, the god who reincarnated Ray sat on the tatami and drank tea.  "You are mistaken, my son, this world will give you a lot. In the future you will remember this more than once with a smile."

PerfyX PerfyX

Here is the first chapter. I took the time to edit, so I hope that there will not be too many errors. What can I say ... the next chapter will cover the events of 3 years before the start of Hogwarts. In the first chapters, I will try to reveal the character of mc so that you can form your impression of him. Most likely I will publish it in the next 2-3 days. Have a nice day.

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