55.17% True Assassin of Round Table / Chapter 14: The Confrontation of Two Flame Emperors ( 1 )

Chapter 14: The Confrontation of Two Flame Emperors ( 1 )

Three days passed so quickly, it didn't take so long for the Floor Guardians to face Esmeralda and apologize.

After the conditions of the Floor Guardians returned to being conducive, Nash then met with Merlin to hand over a small Imp that he had previously stored in a leather bag for interrogation.

Nash just handed it over 2 days ago because he forgot to meet Merlin, so it's better to be late than never.

And on the morning of the third day, a black eagle appeared in the Nash Room's window. The black eagle is a monster summoned by Agravain to deliver a message to Nash.

As Nash approached, the eagle suddenly disappeared into the air, leaving behind a folded sheet of paper containing Agravain's report.

Nash then took the report, and he sat down again at his desk, Nash then opened the paper, and read it.

On the paper, it was written that Agravain and Zoastia had begun the conquest mission one day since Nash left Abellion Hills. But before that, Agravain first divided a separate group led by Muar.

The group was assigned to occupy the Spriggan area which had previously been conquered. And indicates that the place now belongs to Zoastia.

After that, Agravain began to mark several racial areas around the Zoastia region. Their first target was one of the races with the least and weakest population, Blader and Caben.

Because the conquest mission was relatively easy, Agravain and Vijar brought their respective groups and scattered. Agravain goes to attack Blader, while Vijar attacks Caben.

It was a very easy conquest mission, especially for a level 100 NPC like Agravain. And, using only a little intimidation, both Blader and Caben immediately submitted to Agravain.

The next day, Agravain decided not to carry out the conquest and preferred to arrange an expansion of the area which currently had border and residence problems, especially for Bladers.

However, that was not a problem for Agravain who was one of the smartest Knight in the Knights of Round Table. And as Nash had instructed him, Agravain killed as little as possible, so did Vijar.

Business management and management took two days, and the plan, on the third day, Agravain wanted to re-start the conquest.

So, he and a Navigator from the Zoastia race started direct monitoring in the field, their target this time would be a little more troublesome, a race called Snakemen.

And that's when a both troublesome and decisive meeting took place.


About 3 days after Nash left Abellion Hills. At this time Agravain was walking in the forest accompanied by someone behind him.

"I see, so there are still those who commit acts of discrimination like that, well I can't blame him, after all, a difference that has lasted for hundreds of years can't be accepted in just a few days."

"You are absolutely right, Agravain-sama. I am ashamed to see my own race doing such a thing. Though it is for the good of all the races in Abellion Hills too."

A young Zoastia who is behind Agravain today is one of many Zoastia who admire Agravain.

The average Zoastians were soldiers who followed Agravain during the Race Blader conquest.

Although they initially looked at Agravain with skepticism, and doubted his ability. After they saw Agravain ' bravely ' fighting the Bladers directly, they immediately admired the figure of Agravain's ' Heroism ', especially the ability of the sword.

'This is my chance to find out more about Agravain-sama, what kind of training he does in order to become that strong, and I will ask if I can become his disciple ...'

This young Zoastia named Manu, his body does not look big and his fighting ability is also not too special. However, he has very good eyesight.

He was seen using a one-handed sword hanging on his back, among the soldiers in Zoastia Race, maybe he was one of the youngest.

And he was very surprised and happy when he was chosen to follow Agravain in monitoring this time.

'I will definitely not burden Agravain-sama no matter what. '

After a while, Agravain and Manu arrived on a hill below which was the Snakemen settlement.

After that, Agravain began to sit and take out a piece of paper and a pen in his hand, then he began to write something like a route and some attack strategies.

Meanwhile, Manu who has good eyesight chooses to observe the condition of the village. He narrowed his eyes and realized something.

' There is something strange... '

"Agravain-sama, for some reason there isn't a single Snakemen seen in the village."

Agravain who heard Manu only answered without averting his eyes.

"Aren't they active at night because of their ophinian sense organs?"

"Well, that is indeed true."

"Then why are you so surprised if no one is seen during the day, of course they are all in their homes."

"B-but that's not what I meant, t-the village was completely empty, even when I saw one of the houses whose windows were open, I didn't see any Snakemen in it."

" What are you saying? "

Agravain then used his life detection magic and that was correct. And sure enough, there are no signs of life in it.

"This ..."

Agaravain then put the paper and pen in his hand back into the bag and said to Manu.

"Let's check the condition of the village"

Manu nodded when he heard Agravain's words. The two of them then jumped down into the Snakemen settlement.

When they entered the village, the village was completely empty, not a single Snakeman was there.

The doors of the house opened, and all the items such as clothes were still inside.

"The Snakemen disappeared, what happened."

Agravain made a serious expression, ignorance was a scary thing. For Agravain himself, he really hates the situation like now, it's because he does not have any information about what happened, he is like someone who is blind at this time.

"Agravain-sama, there's a blood stain here."

"Hmm ...?"

Agravain then approached Manu who called him. And as he said, there were bloodstains seen on the walls of a house, that was quite a lot, if the blood was only from one person, then it was certain that people who lost that much blood would die.

But the blood is not red, but blue, which is clearly the blood of the Snakemen race.

"It's still fresh, but it's starting to dry up, it looks like there was a murder here not long ago. Maybe last night."

"That's right, midnight last night."

"It's already—"

However, Agravain who heard it realized that it was not Manu's voice, but someone else's.

" Who is there!? "

Agravain then immediately turned and gripped the sword's hilt at his waist, preparing to slash if danger approached.

When Agravain and Manu turned around, they saw a man wearing an British Orange suit standing on the roof of one of Snakemen's houses.

The man wore a blue mask on his face and Agravain could clearly see that the ears of the masked man were pointy. It is clear that he is a Devil.

"So it was you who decided on the tracking magic I had buried in one of my seeds?"

Said the man, who made Agravain confused, he did not understand what the masked man was talking about breaking the tracking magic.

However, Agravain could tell that the masked man in front of him now was very strong, he was the strongest being that Agravain had seen in this world rule out the camelot occupants.

'This masked man is dangerous, his strength is almost equal to mine ...'

After seeing the masked man's ear and iron tail, Agravain then recalled Nash's words before he left Abellion Hills.

{Be careful if you meet an Archdevil named Demiurge. }

'So this person is what Nash-sama meant. No doubt, his strength is equivalent to the Knights of Round Table, no, the Floor Guardians. Do I have to fight him, or retreat. '

Agravain then realized that the appearance of Demiurge in this place was not a coincidence.

'Looks like I've been trapped in a lion's den without me knowing, yeah. Since when have I become this careless? '

The masked man then continued talking.

"I don't know what method you used to break my tracking magic, however, you know that you have done things you shouldn't have done, human."

Hearing the masked man call him human, confirmed Agravain's previous allegations. So, Agravain only said with a stoic look.

"So you are Demiurge, huh?"

The masked man was a little surprised when he heard Agravain call him Demiurge. And the reaction the man showed dispelled the doubt in Agravain's mind. There was no mistaking it, the masked devil in front of him now was Archdevil named Demiurge that Nash mentioned.

"I don't know what you mean by breaking the tracking magic, but ... if you attack me then don't expect you to return safely."

"Tck, you arrogant human, do you think you can defeat me with your strength which is only at that level."

Demiurge said that because in his view, Agravain was only at the level of normal human warriors.

Agravain can trick Demiurge's sense of sight because he uses an item that can hide his aura. Initially he used it to avoid making Zoastia especially those who have the ability to judge the strength of someone surprised when he saw it.

The item is a ring currently attached to his finger.

"Also, do you think you can run away after knowing my identity???"

Demiurge then opened his mask because he felt like hiding his identity was no longer useful. However, his face, which was originally seen as more human, turned into a demonic form with a frog's head and green wings.

His eyes are red and his black hair grows between his eyes. His form is truly disgusting to be seen.

And what most made Demiurge's figure frightening especially for Manu was, his enormous aura which made Manu breath tight.

"M-monster ..."

Manu was scared and his legs were shaking, he had never seen such a scary creature before.

Agravain who saw that clicked his tongue.

'Tck, he won't survive if he stays here. '

"Manu, go back to the village and tell everyone to be on guard."

Because Demiurge had seen Manu's form, Agravain was afraid that the frog devil in front of him would slaughter the entire Zoastia race, especially with this level of strength, defeating Vijar and Muar would only be a child's play for him.

"[Kneel down !!!]"

Deeply hearing that voice, an invisible pressure, pressed Manu to make him kneel on the ground.

The magic Demiurge had just used was called the Command Spell, Demiurge's words are empowered by this passive skill. It can instantly turn weak-minded individuals into puppets dancing on Demiurge's strings. Additionally, it allows him to give out orders to any being under level 40. It could be said it's an extremely effective skill for abducting lower status entities.

However, Demiurge was surprised because it seemed like Agravain wasn't affected at all, his body did not look shaky or shaking at all.

"Ho ~ You're pretty good human, because you have managed to hold back my magic, then I will give you a relief."

Agravain was speechless at Demiurge's words. Meanwhile, Demiurge stretched out his hand and said.

"I'll let you and the little cat there die in your own hands."

Hearing he was called a little cat, Muar did not accept and howl. Because it's not just him who was insulted, but the devil in front of him had insulted the entire Zoastia race.

After that, Manu drew his sword and tried to attack Demiurge by running towards him.

" What are you saying! "

"Oi Manu, what are you doing!"

However, it was a futile act. Then, with a look like he saw a piece of trash, Demiurge returned to using his [Command Spell].

"You stupid creature ... [Kill Yourself !!!]"

And in that instant, Manu's movements stopped, and like a puppet, he obeyed Demiurge's words and without hesitation cut his own head using the sword in his hand.

* Splash *

Red blood spurts from Manu's head that has slipped from his body. Agravain who saw that widened his eyes, then Manu's body fell to the ground and his blood flowed out towards Agravain.

Seeing that, Agravain's face returned to normal and there were no signs of anger in it, as if he did not care about Manu's life.

Well because according to Agravain, the death of a pawn can be ignored and not very impactful, but still, his pride is tarnished when someone damages his goods before his eyes.

"What's the matter? Why don't you attack me, human? Are you not angry after I killed your friend?"

Demiurge said with a grin in his mouth. wide ones. However, the response given by Agravain did not match his expectations.

"Friends? Don't talk nonsense, frog."

" What are you saying? "

The smile on Demiurge's face instantly disappeared after Agravain said that.

Meanwhile, Agravain released his hand from the hilt of the sword and gripped the ring on his finger, preparing to unleash his true strength.

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And as the ring in Agravain's hand came loose, a terrifying aura emanated from his body which made Demiurge widen his eyes in surprise.

Initially, he thought Agravain's strength was far below him, but he was wrong, the Human in front of him at this time, equal or even stronger than him.

Then Agravain's stoic face was replaced by a cruel and bloodthirsty grin, his eyes full of killing intent upon seeing Demiurge.

This is the true nature which was hidden by Agravain. He then continued what he said.

"... I will kill you, devil."

Roosemary Roosemary

There is the World Map

World Map https://imgur.com/gallery/WIorMEL

Comments (10)

  • Roosemary


    hahaha what you say is true. How can an embodiment of Good (Camelot) and Evil (Nazarick) be united? That is one of the most absurd things to happen. Especially with what Nazarick had done to the inhabitants of New World. Do you think Esmeralda will keep quiet? No. Also, as you said, Esmeralda is not the type of person to use schemes and such. That's why Agravain once thought that Nash's existence was very important to Camelot. Because where a very bright Light (Esmeralda) will surely produce a dark shadow (Nash). That is karma and law in this world.

  • WilsterPendragon


    I hope those two guilds fight, Camelot vs Ainz so that there is spice in the story. Okay if they join an alliance with other it's like it become simple. Also if I'm right about Esmeralda unique personality she's like a righteous person anyway that doesn't want schemes. I'll be honest with you author I don't like Ainz, for me he is hypocrite he is a leader but he is like a figure head. Even if they join an alliance the nazarick npc and Camelot npc will not see eye to eye. Nazarick npc are all racist and they will look down on my precious Camelot. It will spark some discontent to both side even if there loyal. Well maybe Merlin would like that but the nazarick we'll hold prejudice. That's all for now my good friend author.

  • BlacBeltSkittlz


    Idk I always saw it as them having a general distaste for humans because of their weakness and their overall xenophobia. Like how we generally have a distaste for bratty children. They think their invincible and are super annoying, while we know you could punt them into next week. Same case for the beings of Nazaric. So I just kinda hoped when they met our good ol spooky boi Nash who is literally HALF SHADOW they'd accept some help. I mean it was Momonga's wish to find other players, and he's like god to them.

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