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Chapter 2: Finale(2)

Herbert's heart sank down as he realised that he had attacked his landlady. He could tell that he had hit a sizeable chunk of flesh from the resistance of his landlady's body.

His landlady was a fat old grandma, Lam Pin Xiu. She was responsible for managing the apartments of this building, and was friendly towards her tenants. Herbert felt extremely guilty after attacking her, as he swung open the door and tried to apologise.

"Herbert? Are you okay?" A gooey monster was in front of him, with fat dripping down onto the floor. The monster also had a flame on top of its head, like a candle. Herbert has to actively hold himself down to prevent him from retching.

He also found out the reasons for his coughing earlier. A slightly grey smoke circulated around the monster, constantly irritating his nostrils. However, it seemed that the monster had not noticed him yet. He let go of the cleaver. It ignored him, and started to slide itself into his home. Herbert did not dare to obstruct its path, and quickly dodged away to the side.

"Herbert? Are you okay?" The monster sounded like a broken recorder, endlessly repeating the same voice robotically. For some reason, it could not find Herbert at all.

Herbert could tell that the monster pretending to be the landlady moved around based on some unnatural sense.

There were no light sources at all, and it did not rely on touch or sound to avoid the objects in the room. It was either taste or smell. However, both would probably give Herbert away easily enough, but it didn't seem to notice.

After the monster wandered around for a few more minutes, it gave up, and slid back into the corridor. The rattling sound came back again, albeit from another locked door this time.

Herbert, who had been holding his breath the whole time, breathed out heavily. He had scurried around the apartment while the monster was searching every corner of it.

Should I close the door? Herbert could still see the slimy fat trail all around his apartment. The door's lock had already began to bend, a testament to the power that the monster possessed.

Since he could not stop the monsters, he could just pretend that he was eaten by that monster from earlier. He had already lost his weapon, and he probably couldn't defeat them even with a weapon, so it was probably the only viable option. He went inside his room, and hid under his table.

"Eat this, monster!" A deep voice suddenly said, as a loud screech that sounded like the landlady rang out. Afterwards, there were only the screeches of the landlady, but no articulate words were said again.

Herbert's heart shook once more. That was his neighbour, Xiao Qin. She worked as a retail worker in the local supermarket. He could not mistake that deep voice of hers.

"Xiao Qin is actually fighting back against that monster?" Herbert was so surprised that he blurted out what he was thinking. How could anyone face off against a monster with its power, let alone Xiao Qin?

However, Herbert still did not dare to wander out. Who knows if the person fighting the monster was still normal? He doubted that any modern appliance would be able to fight the candle like monster off.

Herbert breathed normally as he heard the screeches of the landlady monster halt. It was presumably defeated by the other person or monster, which meant that he should be wary of that unknown being, since it could likely see him, unlike the other monster.

Then, he heard a slurping sound, which made him slightly gag. He had a vague idea of what was going on after the monster had died. The other monster was actually drinking the fats left behind by the landlady monster!

Herbert's suspicions had not been unfounded after all. Why would a normal person drink the fats left behind by a disgusting monster? Only monsters could fight each other! That would mean that... the Xiao Qin he had heard was also a monster?

If this was true, things might not have been as simple as he thought. What if the monsters behind the disaster in this area were the humans all along? That would certainly be chilling to think about.

However, he was still perfectly fine. There were no signs of him transforming into a monster, so the theory shouldn't be true. That was unless he had already mutated already, but didn't notice anything.

Herbert rubbed his hands all over his sweaty body, but could not find any noticeable change. He still had his conscious mind that was fully alert, so no problems on that aspect either.

"Could I have mutated to become invisible?" Herbert thought about this. So far, the landlady monster did not notice him, so he might have unknowingly became invisible.

"Why did I retain my rationality though?" Herbert could not figure out how he had managed to remain intelligent through his transformation into a monster. However, he must be a monster too, since he had successfully evaded the other monster.

"Since I'm invisible, I should be able to go outside safely, right?" Herbert wanted to see what had happened to the other tenants of the building to confirm his suspicions.

However, there were no sources of light to guide him around. He could only wait until something wandered inside his apartment before he could truly confirm his theory!

First, he needed to check the streets using the window. He wanted to see if the more terrifying monsters downstairs were still there. Herbert walked using his normal stride, reaching the small window within a few seconds.

"Blazing memories of the pyramid!" Herbert heard someone shout at a high volume, before his window exploded towards his direction. He did not have time to react, so numerous shards of glass lodged inside his body.

"I can't believe I died such a stupid death." That was all that Herbert had to say, before fainting from the pain caused by the glass. A warm pool of blood formed underneath his body.


Meanwhile, the person who had activated the ability smiled in glee. She had obliterated all the active Horned Tyrants on the street with one of the Illuminati cult's secret technique.

As she reached out to grab the horns that were buried in the ashes, Brightest Sun felt a living being breath. It was not common for a monster to have a breath, so she headed towards Herbert's direction.

As the agents of Illuminati had been blessed with high strength, she easily crushed the wall that obstructed her. Brightest Sun could not believe what she was seeing. It was actually a humanoid lying on the ground.

The humanoid looked like one of the previous inhabitants of the world. It had skin, it had muscles, it looked exactly like a human! Brightest Sun put her cold hand onto the left side of his chest. It was still beating, but was losing function first.

"What an anomaly. This doesn't seem to be a monster at all. Could the Thirteen Celestials have made a mistake?" Brightest Sun was pleasantly surprised by this discovery.

The higher ups would reward anyone who discovered something important to finding out the secret of the Thirteen Celestials with more secret techniques. After all, even though they had predicted this event, they did not know what was coming next.

Brightest Sun took out a stamp from the backpack she was carrying, and stamped in on Herbert's shoulder. This was the Illuminati stamp created by the higher ups to inform them of high value targets. It also had the added benefit of the target being more susceptible to Illuminati powers.

"Grand Suppression!" Brightest Sun chanted, as the stamp glowed brightly. Glass inside Herbert's body flew out, while the wounds were sealed up by a golden light.

Brightest Sun carried Herbert on her shoulder, as she was already carrying a backpack. She headed for the local Illuminati headquarters in Hong Kong, leaping away to her destination.

Shifty_DaoistMage Shifty_DaoistMage

Things start to get a little interesting. Comment if you think that this is not interesting

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