47.04% Trafford's Trading Club / Chapter 215: This was Exactly the Martial Artist's Style!

Chapter 215: This was Exactly the Martial Artist's Style!

Translator: AlfredoPoutineSoup Editor: DesTheSloth

Ice cubes were added to the cold water. Small ice cubes collided with each other in the glass and the club boss was lying on the deck chair in front of the French window, listening to the rainstorm quietly.

The rainstorm from the seaside was definitely different from that in cities.

"Dragon Tiger Mountain?"

You Ye stood by Luo Qiu, replying her master, "Basically, I seldom touched the circles of Eastern Taoists, so I knew little about the regional division of this area. But I’ve heard of Dragon Tiger Mountain, which is famous in this circle."

Luo Qiu shook the ice cubes in the glass, saying in a low voice, "I’ve heard some anecdotes about catching ghosts and yielding demons by Dragon Tiger Mountain. Dragon Tiger Mountain Taoist Master must be such name."

You Ye who didn’t care about it too much said, "It’ll be OK as long as this Momo doesn’t do anything pointless."

The servant girl took up Luo Qiu’s cellphone--- that weird song that they heard before kept repeating.

She said softly, "Even the recording of it could permeate one’s soul. The singer sings with soul… Sea Monster. I don’t know exactly what it is, because in western legends, there are some kinds of Sea Monsters that posses beautiful voices."

Luo Qiu showed his curiosity, "Have you seen a sea monster before?"

You Ye smiled, "I’ve met a Siren in Barents Sea. But that ethnic line almost came to an end… If that Siren is still alive, it must be very old."

Luo Qiu asked, "Does this song seem like it is sung by a Siren?"

You Ye shook her head, "Sirens normally won’t sing such sad songs…"

She shut her eyes closed, feeling the song to understand what it wanted to pour out. She said suddenly, "But if it concentrates on something, it might sing those."

The servant girl always took ‘replying her master’ as her priority, "This weather is good for sea monsters to catch some air. Master, You Ye will go to the nearby sea bank now, I’ll probably get some harvest."

Luo Qiu put down the glass with his hand stayed in the air, seemingly contemplating about something. He waved his hand then, "No… let it appear in front of us freely. Or we’ll lose the fun of exploring."

To the recent Luo Qiu, if it was not necessary, he didn’t want to spend part of his lifespan to improve the ability to gather information because he had almost mastered it.

The club boss grabbed You Ye’s hand and played a soft melody on his phone and said, "Since we came, let’s be tourists and enjoy the holiday."

You Ye laughed faintly.

Her gaze swept over the door but didn’t disturb that pair of eyes hiding behind the door gap.

Subeditor Ren’s eyes.

And at this moment, looking at the two swaying with the music, Ren Ziling felt relieved while standing on her tiptoes and stepping back.

"This brat is pretty romantic… Oh! I forgot to finish the manuscript!"

It was a quick rainstorm. When everyone woke up in the very next morning, the sky had already turned bright and the blue sky stretched over the horizon.

Lui Yiyun said that the guest who came yesterday just stayed for one night. He checked out and left in the morning.

The girl didn’t look happy with the temporary business. Instead, her face revealed a worried look.

Because the boss, Lui Hai, hadn’t come back since he left yesterday afternoon.

She tried to call him but his cellphone was turned off.

"Your father always leaves for several days every time after quarreling. Humph, never come back! Worthless wretch! So that I won’t get angry!" Luo Aiyu swore, as if she hadn’t calmed down… meanwhile, it was the first sentence Luo Qiu’s group heard since they came out of the room.

Seeing those ‘honored guest’ had woke up, the landlady faked a smile, "Ms. Ren, you woke up! I’m going to prepare the breakfast for you guys."

Ren Ziling said, "No, thanks. We planned to have a look at other places."

Luo Aiyu seemed not too satisfied, "Ms. Ren, shouldn’t you continue to…"

Before she finished her words, Ren Ziling interrupted, "Landlady, if you want people to visit this place, you must let them know what the touristic spots are apart from the accommodation, right? If you don’t give an introduction to the surroundings, why do they have to come here rather than living in a hotel?"

Luo Aiyu explained hurriedly, "You’re right… Oh well, let my daughter lead the way for you! It’s better to follow her to go around this unfamiliar area."

Ren Ziling thought about it, then nodded.

Luo Aiyu pulled her daughter aside, ordering, "Keep an eye on them. If they just play there rather than working, then tell me… we can’t waste the expensive advertisement fee!"

The daughter had to listen silently to her mother’s instruction and nodded… although Luo Aiyu always showed such features, the girl never thought her as Mother Liu or Old Biddy Wei mentioned in the textbook①.

"Mum, I’m going out. Grandpa hasn’t eaten his breakfast yet…"

"Fine, fine. I’ll get that ready. I won’t have him starve to death." Luo Aiyu interrupted her with impatience.

The girl had gotten used to her attitude after these years.

The girl felt stressful being among those people from the city… especially the woman with good culinary skills and who was much more beautiful than the famous stars on the TV.

Lui Yiyun felt like she was an ugly duckling.

"Oh, you have it tough. Your mum must have asked you keep an eye on us and see if we will play instead of work hum?"

Ren Ziling suddenly threw such sentence at her while driving.

The shy Lui Yiyun didn’t even know what to respond upon hearing this, "No, no, my mum is afraid that you don’t know the way, and probably get into some trouble, so…"

"Forget it." Ren Ziling shook her head, "We received your money, so we’ll work carefully. I will neither flatter you nor defame you intentionally. I’ll write the truth."

"Thanks! Ms. Ren!"

She was no match for Ren Ziling… this innocent girl was probably easily bullied by everyone else.

Luo Qiu didn’t want to see her being embarrassed, so he asked, "Is there any scenic spots?"

Lui Yiyun felt excited with his question, "There’s no main one, but I know several small spots… one is in front, called Hearing-The-Sea Cliff, let me take you there!"

Momo, who had blonde hair and dressed up trendily, was quite dazzling walking in Lui Village.

But his appearance couldn’t be compared to the smart style that used to be popular in the village, so villagers wouldn’t pay more attention to him.

But what about the tourists?

All the families of Lui Village were running resorts!

"Sir, do you need somewhere to live? We have a package service! You know it!"

"Are you the boss here? Local?"

"Yes! Don’t worry! It is absolutely safe here." The middle-aged businessman was slovenly but smiled brilliantly… because his mouth was full of yellow teeth.

Momo thought for a while, "OK, only if you can help me to find a senior."

"A senior?" The middle-aged boss gaped, sizing up Momo with a weird look… then he hesitated, "You really want a senior? How old? I may not find one if it is too old."

Momo said coolly, "Of course the oldest one. I don’t mind that as long as she can talk and have a good memory."

The businessman swallowed his saliva, "Well… the oldest woman here is over 70, but I don’t know if she will or not."

Momo frowned, tossing out a wad of bills, laughing chicly, "That’s OK. if you do well, I’ll pay much more."

He learned this forthright attitude after walking down from the mountain.

This was exactly the martial artist’s style!

Attention ① : Aunt Liu and Old Biddy Wei were the characters of the composition "Wish" from Lu Xun.

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