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Chapter 3: Library pavilion

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However, the difference was that Ye Xiwen's whole spirit had slipped into that space last time which made him unable to feel his real body's condition at all. But now he was able to simultaneously sense his original body that was on the outside. It was like having two souls existing simultaneously.

Ye Xiwen did not waste any time and immediately began to use soul sensing to control the special space to help him in practicing "Bright Jade Power". Immediately, a myriad of information swarmed his mind while his cultivation was breaking through repeatedly in the real world.

He felt overjoyed as it seemed like his guess was not wrong.

He stopped practicing and came out from inside that mysterious space. He put aside the practicing of "Bright Jade Power" as there was now an important thing that needed to be done - this was choosing a martial art technique. Without the knowledge of a martial art technique, a warrior simply couldn't regard himself as a true warrior.

Especially when fighting with enemies, not learning martial arts simply wouldn't do. The people who only had internal power and didn't practice martial arts could only end up being oppressed by other people.

The sky was already bright. Ye Xiwen tidied up and went to his parents' courtyard to have breakfast. This was a custom that was followed by the members of Ye family. Even if the three children of Ye family had already grown into adults and moved out. It was expected of them to have three meals a day at home, together with their parents.

When Ye Xiwen arrived home, his parents and elder siblings were already present there, waiting for him.

"You did not come last night to have dinner with us, where have you been?" Ye Kongming asked. He had the appearance of a solemn and dignified middle-aged man. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"This child went to practice!" Naturally, Ye Xiwen wouldn't dare to expose the matter about the mysterious space, "I want to share good news with you, father!"

(NT: Ye Xiwen refers to himself as 'this child')

A strange look flashed through Ye Kongming's eyes as he asked: "Good news?"

"Yes, yes, tell us quickly, little brother. What is it?" Ye Xiwen's elder sister, Ye Ruxue, asked hastily. She was born with a baby-face although already over twenty years old, she looked like a fifteen or sixteen-year-old and seemed younger than Ye Xiwen.

The elder brother, Ye Feng, also got curious to hear what his little brother was going to tell and turned to look toward Ye Xiwen. Ye Feng's facial features strikingly resembled that of Ye Kongming, to the extent that he appeared like a younger version of Ye Kongming. Clothed in magnificent white garments, Ye Feng looked incomparably natural and unrestrained.

The three siblings weren't far apart as far as their ages were concerned. Growing up together since childhood, their affection for each other had always been superb.

Although Ye Xiwen's mother, Xia Chunxue, was already over forty years of age and had spent many years in bringing up children, she knew martial arts. Thanks to that, it appeared like she was only in her early twenties. Right now, she was merely looking at her family with a smile. Even if Ye Xiwen was only an adopted son, he wasn't any different from the other children in her heart.

"I want to learn martial arts!" Ye Xiwen said with a smile.

"You want to learn martial arts? Did you break through to the fourth stage?" Ye Kongming gawked at Ye Xiwen and immediately responded. He again swept a glance toward Ye Xiwen and immediately figured it out. "Not bad!"

Ye Kongming did not think too much about it, after all, Ye Xiwen had been at the late phase of Houtian third stage for a long time, so a breakthrough to the fourth stage was actually inevitable. There was nothing strange about it.

However, his father did not know that he had broken through from the late phase of third stage to the fourth stage overnight.

Xia Chunxue also smiled and nodded with satisfaction. Although he merely stepped into Houtian fourth stage, every bit of Ye Xiwen's progress made her very happy.

In fact, the entire family was extremely happy for him and wasn't suspicious at all because the progressing speeds of both Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue were faster than that of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's breakthrough would be considered very normal at his age.

"I will have another meal with everyone, right now I want to go to the library pavilion to choose a martial art." Ye Xiwen said with a smile. According to Yi Yuan School's rules, one could enter the library pavilion to choose a martial art book but only after breaking through to Houtian fourth stage. Not to forget that one could only choose a primary level martial art. The selection of martial arts was free but only for the first time. Afterward, in the case that one still wanted to learn a new martial art technique then one must exchange school credits to obtain a book from the library pavilion. All sects had such type of school credits exchange system which could be used to obtain a variety of Heavenly material treasures from the sect.

"Well, go ahead then, but you must choose a suitable martial art as now you are still at the stage of laying foundations. Hence, you must not choose too many martial art techniques at once as you will be using these them for a very long period of time." Ye Kongming stated.

It usually took more than a decade's time for an average person to learn a martial art technique from the beginning level to the Dacheng level. Even a genius would need a year or two for perfecting a primary level martial art technique.

Ye Kongming's suggestion warned Ye Xiwen against biting off more than he could chew because practicing a technique to the Dacheng level couldn't be underestimated. If one was not practicing a technique to its peak level by learning unceasingly, then it could only be treated as the example of biting off more than one can chew.

Ye Xiwen nodded and said: "This child knows!"

Ye Xiwen knew that Ye Kongming's wise words were for his own good. Not to mention, he also knew about not being greedy when it came to martial art practice.

"This child has one more thing to say." Ye Xiwen said.

"Go ahead!" Ye Kongming's face glowed with a smile as he was very glad in his heart.

"This child wants to venture into the posterior parts of the Qingfeng Mountain not only to consolidate my current state as soon as possible, but also to hone the new martial art technique that I am going to learn soon!" Ye Xiwen said as he wanted to cultivate his internal power at a quiet place. However, as far martial art practice was concerned, he would still need to gain practical fighting experience in order to progress rapidly.

Moreover, he would prefer not being seen by anyone while using that mysterious space for his martial arts practice.

"You can!" Ye Kongming nodded. Even though he was somewhat worried about Ye Xiwen's safety, he had to give permission to Ye Xiwen since both Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue had gone to the Qingfeng Mountain after reaching the fourth stage of Houtian realm. In fact, their age used to less than Ye Xiwen's at that point of time.

After the family was done having breakfast, the sky was already completely bright outside. Ye Xiwen left to visit Yi Yuan School's library pavilion.

The library pavilion was one of Yi Yuan School's most important places because the secret books stored in there were a part of its heritage. Yi Yuan School was able to survive for hundreds of years on the Qingfeng Mountain by relying on these secret books in order to ensure its unending inheritance.

It was still quite early when Ye Xiwen arrived at the library pavilion, and as usual, the doorway of the library pavilion only had one elderly blue-clothed man lying down in a rocking chair. He was leisurely reading an old book that had started to turn yellow due to age.

Ye Xiwen's predecessor often used to come to the library pavilion, after all, not only did it have secret books, but also had its first floor completely stacked with books on the geographical records of various countries. There were books on mythical legends and secret information about various happenings, and so on. In other words, there were all kinds of books in this library most of which contained unrelated content in relation to martial art practice. Ye Xiwen's predecessor used to come here quite often to borrow books on irrelevant content. After so many years of frequenting to library, Ye Xiwen's predecessor left behind a massive amount of knowledge for him to inherit. As a result of that, Ye Xiwen knew a lot about this world - to the extent that many experts of the older generation perhaps didn't know as much as he did.

When Ye Xiwen had crossed over to this world, he also frequently visited the library pavilion in order to fully understand this world's state of affairs.

Therefore, this place was actually not unfamiliar to him!



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    So what secret did he learn and what happened to his predecessor?

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