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Chapter 5: Rushing Thunder Nine Echoes

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Ye Xiwen took out all his possessions in the courtyard. A total of ten low-grade spirit stones made up all of his possessions at the moment. After absorbing the Lingqi (Spiritual Qi) from the spirit stones, he transformed it into his own Zhen Qi. After that, he held his breath to concentrate and appeared in that special space once again. Ye Xiwen continued to hold his breath until he realized that he really went inside that space in one fell swoop.

Ye Xiwen did not waste time and straightaway used the soul sensing method to telepathically control the special space into helping him deduce the essence of Rushing Thunder Hand. Suddenly, a myriad of information swarmed into his mind!

Ye Xiwen immediately felt a rush of joy in his heart as it seemed like his guess was not incorrect. Not only the internal power could be practiced here, even the martial arts practice was no exception.

Deconstructing the Rushing Thunder Hand's essence over and over again and that too absent-mindedly was similar to the moving clouds and flowing water, coming and going as one desired.

Ye Xiwen began to train in various moves of Rushing Thunder Hand technique such as: Pass like Thunder and move like the Wind, Lightning and Thunder, Ghostly Thunder Axe and the Leveling Storm Four Strokes. Although there were only a few moves of this technique, it was actually easy to learn them at first but difficult to master later on. Not to mention it was extremely difficult to practice this technique to the peak level.


Ye Xiwen shot his palm again and again and continued to practice his new technique.

Ye Xiwen was practicing the Rushing Thunder Hand non-stop and suddenly found the related insights welling up in his mind. If his speed of gaining insights previously was at the speed of a small brook, then in contrast to that it was gushing ceaselessly right now like the Yangtze River or the Yellow River.




It was hard to determine for how long he continued to thrust his palms forward unceasingly with each of his shots producing thunderous noise. It was apparent that he had successfully practiced the Rushing Thunder Hand to a certain extent.

"Pass like Thunder and move like the Wind!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly and it seemed as if his right hand was enveloped in lightning. His palm produced a muffled sound as it was pounded on a hard quartzite rock. In the blink of an eye, more than half of this rock directly turned into powder.

Ye Xiwen had an incredible look in his eyes as he looked at his own hands and said: "I never thought that I would actually be able to issue two echoes and that too only after comprehending a small part of Rushing Thunder Hand's essence. If I continue to deduce like this, there's a possibility that I might be able to issue nine echoes in a month's time."

One must know that this set of moves inherent to Rushing Thunder Hand was quite easy to learn but difficult to master. However in such a short interval of time, he was actually able have a series of breakthroughs and was finally able to release two echoes; all this thanks to the special space.

Rushing Thunder Hand was indeed difficult to master and it would generally take more than a year for an experienced expert to produce two echoes. It would take a lifetime of practice for a lot of people to go as far as issuing out the ninth echo.

Some kind of crackling and rattling sounds came from Ye Xiwen's body as a small amount of black impurities oozed out along with his sweat. After discharging these impurities, his body had now become even more pure.

Ye Xiwen discovered that after reaching the second echo of Rushing Thunder Hand, his own strength had increased by a few notches.

He was delighted and immediately threw a punch which caused the air to explode with a crackling sound.

His strength had actually risen from the initial mark of 570 Jin to 630 Jin; a total increment of 60 Jin. He didn't expect that the gap between each of the Rushing Thunder Hand's echoes would be this much.

(NT: 1 Jin = 0.5 Kg)

The fourth stage of Houtian realm was considered the first watershed. After reaching the Houtian fourth stage, one's strength reached 500 Jin which was also equivalent to the overwhelming strength of a ferocious tiger.

However after reaching Houtian fifth stage, one's strength rapidly rose all the way up to 1000 Jin, which was equivalent to the strength of two tigers.

He never expected that his strength would rise this much after reaching the second echo of Rushing Thunder Hand.

Most people's cultivation would not have such a big effect because they have breakthroughs from one layer to another over a stretched period of time. However, Ye Xiwen's case was different since he had an overnight breakthrough. Thus, the increase in his strength was particularly evident.


"Bang Boom!"

The sky was slightly bright as the sun was slowly rising. Ye Xiwen was in his small courtyard and continuously training while completely ignoring any signs of weariness. In fact, he had been ceaselessly practicing all night.

Ye Xiwen's palm technique had become perfectly smooth like the unhindered flow of a river. His palm cultivation method was quite natural and unimpeded, just like the passing clouds and flowing water; this was all thanks to the special space.

Ye Xiwen was meticulously practicing the Rushing Thunder Hand; the sounds of thunderclap were resounding throughout the courtyard. Yet another Rushing Thunder Hand was issued downwards as his whole body was drenched with sweat. There was steam rising from his body and seemed to be forming mist all around him.

Each time Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand, Zhen Qi ran throughout his body. His qi and blood were now even more vigorous than earlier, thereby enhancing his strength several folds.

At first, the effect was extremely obvious and almost each display of Rushing Thunder Hand would increase his strength by 1 Jin. The effect got weaker and weaker afterward as now it took ten displays for an increment of 1 Jin of strength.

Three days later, Ye Xiwen's strength had already increased by 200 Jin, reaching 870 Jin!

"Lightning and Thunder!" Ye Xiwen roared and his palm produced a loud sound of thunderstorm which echoed four times. In other words, he had managed to attain two more echoes in just three days.

That immensely loud sound of thunderstorm sounded no differently inside the special space.




Fourth echo!

Ye Xiwen easily issued the fourth echo. The initial barrier that used to hinder his progress as if did not exist anymore.

Under normal circumstances, it should be extremely difficult to gain even a little bit of insights while practicing Rushing Thunder Hand. However, Ye Xiwen experienced the sudden emergence of a great amount of insights and information in his mind while practicing inside the special space. In fact, even the deduction speed was a hundred times faster than normal.

However the only disadvantage was the fast rate of consumption of spirit stones. Practicing the Rushing Thunder Hand to the fourth echo used up ten spirit stones which had been collected by Ye Xiwen with great difficulty over a long period of time.

Without a doubt, the final outcome was exceptionally good, so he would never give up.

Now he was in dire need of spirit stones as his stock of spirit stones was completely used up. Although Ye Kongming should have a lot of spirit stones, after all they were considered Zhen Wu Jie's hard currency. Not only could these spirit stones be used for cultivation, they could also be treated as currency.

However there was nothing he could do since Ye Kongming had already explained once that it was impossible to use up so many spirit stones in a short period of time.

Ye Xiwen had no choice but to stop practicing. All of his spirit stones had turned into a pile of white powder while helping him in comprehending the essence of Rushing Thunder Hand.

Ye Xiwen soon made a decision to go to the backside of the Qingfeng Mountain and hone his skills. Yi Yuan School was situated on the Qingfeng Mountain, which was home to some very fierce demon beasts. All of these demon beasts were vicious and possessed magical powers.

And most importantly, if he wanted to deduce the essence of all sorts of martial art techniques, then he would also need to hunt down demon beasts to get crystal stones in exchange. That special space inside his mind greatly consumed the crystal stones. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


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