2% Martial God Space / Chapter 13: Disaster of Dongyin

Chapter 13: Disaster of Dongyin

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One day later, Ye Xiwen was sitting cross-legged on the branch of a gigantic tree and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief. The wounds on his body had almost recovered because the healing effect of 'Bright Jade Power' was really amazing. If such injury had happened on the Earth, it might have taken several months to heal up completely. But here, it took just one day and his physical condition had already returned to its original state. The martial powers were indeed miraculous.

He had been hiding here and there so far, because more and more people of Zhang family had been joining the quest to hunt him down. Moreover, the disciples of Zhang family used to train their bodies in this region. Although they did not know the appearance of Ye Xiwen because each and every person who had come across him had already been wiped out by him, this still did not prevent them from pursuing him. So, those who looked suspicious at first glance were immediately being captured and killed by the members of Zhang family.

Actually they had already slaughtered 3000 suspects so far without letting off even a single one!

Having chased for a day, they still did not have the slightest degree of thought to stop this hunt. Since two young masters of the Zhang family had been slaughtered by Ye Xiwen, so Zhang family couldn't possibly be more furious than this. Moreover, more and more experts continued to join the quest as the time went by. In this way, each of the teams got strengthened quite a lots by the admission of several formidable figures.

Now, Ye Xiwen must think of a way to get rid of them, or to break their backbone in some manner.

"Roar!" Suddenly, an uninterrupted sound of a beast's roar rang out. It sounded as if an ape or a monkey was howling, but this roar appeared to have been magnified several folds.

Figuring out the number of those violent apes just by listening to their reverberating roars wasn't possible for anyone, since the dissonance was resounding throughout the sky.

Ye Xiwen immediately stood up and leapt onto another gigantic tree. Then, he started jumping from tree to tree and rapidly advanced towards the source of that roaring sound.

From a far distance, he saw a group of more than one hundred gigantic apes. They were coated with silvery-white hair all over their bodies and were roughly more than two meters tall with fierce fangs protruding out of their mouths. All these features made them appear extremely ferocious.

A troop of Iron-back Silver Apes!

Ape-class demon beasts were not rare in the Qingfeng Mountain, since they had several communities. However, these ape-class demon beasts were the most famous amongst them all. Every single one of these violent apes was excessively powerful while the fully grown Iron-back Silver Apes could actually possess the strength of more than four tigers. In other words, they were as strong as Houtian fifth stage warriors. They could easily rip apart tigers and leopards with their claws. Because of fairly sturdy and robust steel-like body that they possessed, even swords or spears found it difficult to pierce through it.

Within this gigantic troop of silvery-white apes, a golden ape loftily stood above the treetop. It was nearly three meters tall and was much taller compared to other giant silver apes.

It was the king of the Iron-back Silver Apes; its imposing manner was extremely frightful. According to the ranking system of human beings, it had definitely surpassed the strength level of Houtian eighth stage. Indeed, it was extraordinarily strong.

It was certainly not a small group, considering the fact that there were a total of 100 silver apes in this group.

When Ye Xiwen's eyes fell on this group, he was instantly struck by an idea, and that was to direct the warriors of Zhang family towards this group of silver apes. The Iron-back Silver Apes were a kind of living creatures which were unusually sensitive about their domain. So, in case any living being attempted to approach their domain, it was immediately regarded as a provocation by them and as a consequence, the intruders were instantly eliminated.

At this time, Ye Xiwen decided to fish in troubled waters to escape the crisis he was in currently. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

(NT: to fish in troubled waters (idiom); to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain)

Having made up his mind, he turned around and walked towards the people of Zhang family.


On the other side, inside the forest, a group of Zhang family's warriors was still carefully searching for his traces everywhere, continuously trying to find out anything. Now, even the high level warriors had been dispatched to capture and kill Ye Xiwen by all means.

Suddenly, a shadow leapt up on top of a tree. 'Bang', a rumbling sound of thunderstorm burst out, accompanied with a big hand which was shot down from above.

"Bang!" One of the warriors was ruthlessly killed on the spot.

"This fellow is the murderer who killed several people of our Zhang family, capture him!" Immediately, a warrior shouted loudly as he had already recognized Ye Xiwen.

However, right after killing one person, Ye Xiwen turned around and ran away, making the warriors of Zhang family to immediately chase after him.

After several jumps, he finally submerged into the woods. However the experts of Zhang family were still behind him; there were dozens of powerful people among the pursuers.

"Pursue him, today we must catch up with him!"

"Kill him, slice him into pieces, he has dare to kill so many of our people, we cannot let him escape!"

"Avenge the young masters!"

"Brat, you will have to die!" Suddenly at this moment, an exploding roar burst out. It was that middle-aged man from before who had a scar on his face; he had also joined the pursuit to hunt down Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen could sense the breaths (auras) of many formidable people who were pursuing him; he could also sense their killing intentions. However, this brought a sneer on his face as he thought that the more people would come, the more opportunity he would get to fish in troubled waters.

The pursuers were getting closer while at the same time, the territory of the Iron-back Silver Ape was also approaching. At this instant, Ye Xiwen grabbed a big stone from the ground and threw it towards a Silver Ape headlong.

Then immediately after this, he dived downwards and fled into the grove. He crawled on the ground and quickly concealed himself.

"Bang!" That big stone directly pounded on that Silver Ape's head and it fainted right away. Ye Xiwen's strength was simply incredible! It was quite remarkable and had already reached 1000 Jin. Furthermore, the bones of these silver apes were as strong as iron. If this stone had hit an ordinary demon beast, then the ferocious smash could have already split open its head.




This action suddenly triggered the wrath of the silver apes and they started blazing with fury. Someone had actually dared to invade their territory and attack their community. One after another, they raised their faces and bellowed while indignantly drumming their chests with both hands. Vicious qi seemed to be overflowing the sky.

This troop of Iron-back Silver Apes, led by the Ape King, rushed in Ye Xiwen's direction at an incredible speed. The speed of these muscular big fellows was extremely quick on the trees. They were swinging from one branch to another and covering dozens of meters in each leap.

Finally at this time, the pursuing troops of Zhang family also arrived here. They were crazily shouting and causing ruckus with ample murderous spirit.

Both sides were caught somewhat unprepared. In the forest, their line of sight was badly obstructed, not to mention that both sides were sprinting extremely fast towards each other, as if two mighty currents had fiercely hit each other.

A Houtian fourth stage warrior of Zhang family hurtled ahead and directly bumped into one of the silver apes. Consequently, he was forcefully thrown downwards and got knocked down on the ground, and died only a moment later.

These Silver Apes ran at an incredibly high speed, just like a typhoon of flesh tanks. Indeed they were supernaturally brave and invincible.

"F*ck! How can this place have so many Iron-back Silver Apes?" That middle-aged man gloomily cursed out loud as he used his blade to chop down one of the silver apes into two halves. The group of the silver apes was not an affable community on the Qingfeng Mountain. Zhang family was although insolent, but still did not dare to negligently provoke such group. Based on their training and experience, they would only choose a left-alone demon beast but would never dare to poke the whole community.

Not to mention, these silver apes belonged to an extremely powerful community.

The two formidable currents ruthlessly bumped into each other. In an instant, lots of warriors of Zhang Family were wiped out by these silver apes and suffered a crushing defeat. However, plenty of silver apes were also slaughtered and beheaded by these warriors simultaneously.

"Roar!" Suddenly, the golden-haired King of the silver apes bellowed loudly which sent shockwaves throughout the sky. Afterward, he jumped down from the top of the tree.

"Bang!" This direct pressure released by the impact not only exploded a warrior, but also shook the earth as it started trembling.

"Bang!" A warrior's blade struck down but to his surprise, it was caught bare handedly by the Silver Ape king and in a fraction of a second, that fine steel-blade was folded directly into a sheet of iron. Right after that, the warrior was fiercely punched to death by the Silver Ape king.

This fierce punch surprisingly turned out to be a Fist technique. Ye Xiwen was greatly stunned at the sight, this demon beast was actually able to use some kind of fist technique, it must be the so-called Monkey Fist!


  • Noire


    ...Wow, I feel like I'm a stupid person, with how the author writes the story. Repeated and redundant information, hope I can endure this. I feel so bad for the author, I can feel his desperation for word count xD

  • NeoKorp


    They killed 3k and non of those are important people? I can BS on this one.

  • SilverThiec


    How the **** was he recognized?

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